The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 933

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 933

Ryleigh came in with a bouquet. scratched her head, and smiled. “Teehee, isn’t it obvious that I’m here to visit Helios?”

She then walked to the cabinet beside the bed, placed the bouquet on it, turned to look at Helios, and winked.

Helios squinted his eyes and said nothing.

Ryleigh turned around and walked to Christina’s side. “Aunty. I can stay with Helios for a while if you’re busy.”

Christina wondered for a bit. “But I’m not busy at all.”

“Mother, you’ve been with me for one whole night. You should go back and take a rest. Let Ryleigh accompany me. I haven’t seen her for a long time, so I’ll talk to this girl while she’s here.

Christina looked at Helios and opened her mouth but did not say anything. She then stood up. “Okay, just so that you won’t think of me as an annoying person, I’ll let Ryleigh accompany you. Remember to call me if anything happens.”

Ryleigh waved at Christina as she watched her leave. “Don’t worry, aunty. I’ll take good care of Helios.”

After Christina left the ward, Helios lowered his eyes and smiled. “You deliberately direct your aunt away from us.

What the hell do you have in mind now?”

Ryleigh approached the bed and sat down.” What the hell do I have in mind? I’m here only because of you.”

After saying so she leaned beside him and whispered, “Barbara is worried about you. s Ryleigh then walked out of the ward. Barbara was standing outside the corridor. Ryleigh just could not understand what was there to hide as she had already arrived in Coralia.

o she’s come with me.

She placed her hands on Barbara’s shoulders and pushed her into the ward.” What are you waiting for?”

Barbara wanted to say something, but Ryleigh had already closed the door behind her.

Barbara stood still at the entrance for a moment and took some time to muster the courage to enter the ward.

She was stunned when she saw the plaster cast on Helios’ leg, and her lips moved slightly. “Are you hurt so badly?”

Helios glanced at her. “It’s not as severe as

you think it is.”

He paused for a second and continued. “You seem to have lost weight.”

Barbara was astounded for a split second.

‘It’s true that I really didn’t have much of an appetite recently, but he actually realized that I’ve lost some weight?’

She looked away and casually said, “I’ve been on a diet recently.”

He smiled. “Are you fat?”

Barbara whispered. “I’m not thin either.”

Helios looked at her. “You look good just the way you are.”

Barbara, who was being stared at by him, felt uncomfortable from head to toe.

Especially when she remembered what had happened that night, she felt inexplicably awkward, not knowing what to do in the room.

He started the conversation with a question, “Why haven’t you contacted me?”

Barbara did not hesitate before answering,” You didn’t contact me either.”

Helios was caught off guard and responded with a wry smile, “I sent you a text.”

She glanced at him. When was that?”

He replied immediately. “A few days ago.”

Barbara opened her mouth for a bit and lowered her gaze. “I lost my cell phone, it’s been a few days.”

Seeing that Helios did not say anything, she bit the bullet and explained. “I’m not lying to you. I really don’t have my phone on me now.”

He paused for a moment and then laughed.

“I didn’t say that I don’t believe you.” Barbara stood there and did not utter a single word while Helios adjusted his sitting posture slightly . “Aren’t you going to take a seat?”

She glanced around the room walked to one of the chairs in the ward, and sat down.

Seeing that she was usually quite courageous but seemed so well-behaved and reserved at this time, Helios laughed again. “Why are you sitting so far away?” Barbara took a deep breath and moved the chair to his bedside. “It’s not that far.” Helios stretched out his hand and placed it on her cold cheek. “Is it cold?” The warmth of his palm instantly melted her cheek, which had been exposed to the cold wind for the whole time.

She was astonished and stared into his gaze. Those tender and affectionate almond eyes looked like two setting suns that were melting the snow, revealing the whole scenery that had been concealed throughout the whole winter.

Barbara pursed her lips and wanted to open her mouth, but the door was suddenly pushed open. “Nels…”


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