The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 934

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 934

Nina stood still as she saw something before she could say anything, while Barbara quickly distanced herself from Helios and sat down. Helios also withdrew his hand. “What’s the matter?” Nina shook her head as she returned to her senses and replied embarrassedly, “Oh… That’s right, Michelle wants to thank you personally because you saved her.”

Thank God I didn’t bring Michelle in directly. Otherwise, this would definitely be another bombshell tomorrow if that girl were to see this.’ Helios frowned slightly. “It’s only a trivial matter. Just tell her that no thank-yous are necessary.”

“But she’s already waiting outside.” Nina continued. “You got injured when you were rescuing her, and this matter has already made it onto a lot of headlines. If you refuse her appreciation at this time, you won’t know what the media will say about you when this gets into their ears.”

Helios rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Then let her in.”

“Then I’ll go out first.” Barbara wanted to get up.

However, Helios looked at her and said, “No. you can stay right here.” Barbara was stunned for a moment, but a young girl had already entered the ward through the door before she could recover from the trance. Nina went back to the door, took a look around the corridor, made sure no one else was following them, and Michelle was caught off guard when she saw Barbara, but she did not think much about it. She had a vacuum flask full of chicken broth in her hand and said with a shy smile, “Mr. Boucher, about that day, thank you for saving me. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry that I’ve caused you to get hurt. I’ve cooked this myself, thank you very much.”

then closed the door.

She handed over the chicken broth with both hands, and her head lowered as if she was afraid of being rejected.

This was a token of appreciation from someone else, so Helios had no reason to refuse her gift. “Thank you for your broth. Put it on the


Seeing Helios had accepted it, Michelle gave off an innocent smile. She put the chicken broth on the table and glanced at

Helios nervously. “Mr. Boucher, how’s your injury?”

He smiled. “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

Michelle did not expect that a celebrity like Helios would not only save her but also smile at her.

Helios is a tender and forgiving gentleman, as rumor has it.’

After all, she was only an unknown actress, and all the celebrities that she had worked with had never even bothered to get to know her. “I’m glad to know that you’re safe. I was worried that I hurt your reputation.” Michelle acted and spoke very cautiously.

Helios was helpless. “Don’t overthink. I’ll save whoever it is whenever such an incident happens.”

Michelle’s heart trembled slightly upon hearing Helios’s comforting words as she felt the warmth coming from him. She suddenly looked at Barbara and asked with a smile, “Mr. Boucher, is this your sister? She looks stunning.”

The smile that was originally hanging on Barbara’s face froze after listening to what Michelle said, and even Nina was dumbfounded.

Helios choked and coughed repetitively, and at the moment when the atmosphere:n the ward was awkward, Barbara put on another smile and replied stiffly. “Yes, I’m his sister.”

As Barbara said that, she glanced at Helios and smiled. “The chicken broth has been delivered, She has thanked you, and you, my brother. still need to rest.” Although Michelle was reluctant to leave so quickly. Helios’ sister had already spoken, so it was not appropriate for her to stay back longer.

When Nina sent her away, Helios could not help but burst into laughter.

Barbara glared at him expressionlessly.” Was that funny? Brother.”

‘D*mn it! She actually said that I’m Helios’ sister. But I’m not even as old as Helios is. Dol look that old?’

Helios could not stop laughing-he laughed so vigorously that his abdomen started aching.

Barbara stood up and was about to leave, but Helios pulled her, and that was when she suppressed her emotions.

“Are you angry?” Barbara furiously pulled her hands out of his grasp and sat back with her arms crossed. “Can I not feel angry? She actually said that I’m old.”


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