The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 937

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 937

Daisie walked out of the building and poked her head out from behind a wall when she saw someone leaving suspiciously. She ran to the flowerbed, squatted down, and saw that person walking toward a car parked in the school compound and standing by the car.

Daisie looked out. The window was rolled down, and she saw a woman inside but couldn’t see her face.

Suddenly, a hand came from behind and covered her mouth. She wanted to scream, but the person shushed her. “It’s me.”

Daisie paused and turned around. Noilace was standing behind her.

“Nolly, you- Ouch!” Daisie’s mouth was covered up again while he put one finger in front of his lips. “Don’t make a sound.”

Daisie nodded.

He let her go, and they both turned back to look.

The man said something to the woman in the car and got in on the passenger side.

The women looked out the window, and Noilace pressed Daisie’s head down. He stared while the car drove away from them, looking puzzled.

“Nolly,” Daisie whispered. He didn’t reply but walked out of the flowerbed after confirming that the people had left. Daisie followed along. “Nolly, they were the ones who tried to hurt Colton, right?”

That sneaky person must have been related to Colton’s incident.

Nollace stood there quietly before turning to look at her. “No.” After pausing for a few seconds, he looked away. “They were trying to hurt me.”

Daisie looked shocked and walked in front of him. “Why would they want to hurt you? Did you do something to them?”

Nollance looked at her, unsure what to say. However, when he saw how serious she looked, he put out a hand, patted her head, and turned around. “Let’s go see how your brother is.”

Daisie pouted. Nollace must have been hiding something from her, but she followed along.

In the breakroom…

The vice-principal didn’t know how to resolve the tense atmosphere with the parents. The incident was related to Mr. Goldmann’s son, no less.

Nolan sat on the couch, looking still, obviously angered by the situation. Quincy came with some people. “Mr. Goldmann.”

Nolan’s fingers were crossed and placed on his thighs. He looked up with his cold eyes. “Did you find anything?”

Quincy replied, “Yes, there’s no problem with the circuit backstage. There was no tripping. Someone shut the system down.”

Nolan’s eyes were cold and piercing. “What about surveillance?”

Quincy brought the crew over, and that person said nervously, “There’s no surveillance on the second floor of the stage. All the cameras would blackout once the main circuit was switched off, so nothing was captured.

The vice-principal walked over. “Mr.

Goldmann, none of the teachers or crew would have done this. The school is open to the public for Christmas, so maybe… Maybe someone snuck in.”

The principal agreed. “Yes, all the teachers and the few crew members have been investigated. Every crew member on the second floor would vouch for one another that no one left mid-way.”

Nolan frowned.

The school was open to the public during Christmas, so if someone had snuck in, they would have to check all the parents and outsiders . That would be finding a needle in a haystack.

“Dad!” Daisy suddenly appeared in the breakroom. She ran over. “Dad, it’s not someone from our school. I saw them.”


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