The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 938

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 938

Nolan was surprised. “What did you say?” “I saw a man run out suspiciously, so I followed. They left in a car.” Nolan’s face dropped when Daisie said that, and he barked after a long time,” Daisie Vanderbilt! Who said you could do that!?’

Daisie was stunned because her father had never raised his voice nor questioned her before.

She bit her lip and frowned. “I can’t just let people try to hurt Colton, even… Even though that person wasn’t really trying to hurt him.” She didn’t dare look up at her father because she knew he was angry. Nolan took a deep breath and asked the principal and vice-principal to leave. Once they did, only a few people were left in the breakroom. Daisie’s head was still hung low, pressing her lips together. Nolan rubbed his nose bridge. “Daisie, if something like this ever happens again, tell me. Children shouldn’t be deciding, okay?” “Okay,” she quietly answered. Quincy looked at Nolan. “Mr. Goldmann, Daisie said that the person didn’t want to hurt Colton?”

Nolan frowned.

Daisie looked up at Quincy. “They were planning to hurt Nolly, but Nolly switched characters with Colton.”

Quincy was surprised. Nolan looked at Daisie and then at

Nollance, who was standing at the doorway. He then said to Quincy, “Bring Daisie out.”

Quincy held Daisie’s hand and led her out. She watched Noilace walk in and turned around. When she was at the door, she pulled her hand back. “Uncle Quincy, do you think Dad will scold Nolly?”

Quincy smiled. “Don’t worry, he won’t.”

“I don’t believe you. Dad is definitely going to blame Nolly. No, I won’t leave.” Daisie leaned on the door.

Quincy put his hand on his forehead-this young lady was going to torment him.

In the breakroom, only one adult and a child were left.

They kept eye contact for a long time before Nolan squinted. “You knew they wanted to harm you?”

Nollace didn’t dodge the question. “Yes.”

Nolan leaned back on the chair, his eyes piercing cold. “Did you use Colton by switching characters with him?”

Just 8 years old yet unpredictable.’ Nolan couldn’t help but suspect him. If Nollace had been aware that those people would attack him during Christmas and switched characters with Colton, then this child wasn’t innocent. He could no longer stay at their home.

Nollace didn’t answer.

Nolan stood up, walked toward the boy, and looked down at him. “I’ll get Tristan to take you home.” When he walked to the door and opened it, Daisie fell in, but she caught her footing. She looked up at her father’s dark eyes and smiled. “Dad”

Nolan looked annoyed. “Who taught you to listen in on people?”

Daisie looked down and didn’t say a word. Quincy walked forward. “Mr. Goldmann, she was just worried that you would do something to Young Master Knowles,” It was better before he explained because

Nolan looked even more upset once he did. “He’ll move out tomorrow. You’re not allowed to speak to him anymore.”

If he didn’t take matters into his own hands, his daughter might just run away with this boy. He walked away upon saying that.

Daisie was frozen on the spot. ‘What did Dad mean by moving out? Is he throwing

Nolly out?’

She turned around to look at Noilace, who seemed lonely and sad under the light.


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