The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 939

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 939

Nollace turned sideways, looked into Daisie’s eyes, and then smiled sadly. Daisie bit her lip, turned around, and ran out.

Nolan informed Tristan to bring Nollace away after the incident with Colton.

Tristan knew what it was about and remained silent before sending someone to fetch Nollace.

Nollace and Colton didn’t show up at school after a few days.

Daisie looked at the two empty desks, and her fingers tightened around the pencil she was holding.

At the Goldman mansion…

Maisie walked past the study and looked in through the half-closed door. She saw Nolan standing in front of the window. Maisie crossed her arms and leaned at the doorway. “Did you send the child away because you think he set up Colton?” Nolan slowly turned to look at Maisie. After a long pause, he said, “That child has a complicated past. It’s best not to have our children spend too much time with him.”

Maisie looked down. “You’re hiding something from me.”

Nolan frowned. Maisie walked in front of him. “You didn’t tell me about the child, and why did Daisie say the people were trying to harm him?”

She knew that Tristan wanted to let

Noilace stay with them for a while so that Nolan could protect the child.

But she had definitely been shocked because of what happened on Christmas. Nolan walked around the desk and took a seat on the soft chair. “The person who would want to get rid of the heir of the Knowles would be Tristan’s mother.”

Maisie was shocked. “Why?” Nolan told her that Tristan’s mother was the second wife of Elder Master Knowles. Tristan and his brother, Sam, were halfbrothers.

Elder Master Knowles had had Tristan at an old age, so Tristan was only eight years older than Sam’s son, Rick Knowles.

After Elder Master Knowles’ passing, Sam was the one who took over, but Tristan’s mother took over the Knowles two years ago because Sam had fallen sick.

She wanted to get rid of Sam and Rick, and Noilace had been kidnapped two years ago. After going through something, Sam probably knew that it was probably related to Tristan’s mother, so he got people to take Nollace away to protect him.

Maisie couldn’t understand. “Since Tristan’s mother wants to get rid of that child, why doesn’t she let Tristan take over the family affairs


Nolan looked down. “Tristan doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother. From what I know, she never took care of him since

giving birth, and his father and brother brought Tristan up.”

Maisie pressed her lips together. She would never have guessed that was Tristan’s past, that his mother had never taken care of him.

But if Madam Knowles didn’t care about her child, why did she keep him? Colton, who was hiding outside, looked surprised. He didn’t know that Noilace had gone through so much and had even been kidnapped before.

He pouted, turned, and walked away,

In the study, Maisie suddenly asked after a long silence, “They’ve found him all the way here. I guess they already know that he’s in Bassburgh now. Do you think he’s in danger?”

Nolan looked at her but was silent. Maisie walked to the window. “You know that mothers would not want to see children put in danger. Noilace is just an 8-year-old boy. His living condition would decide how he grows up. Even if that child isn’t innocent, he saved Colton.”

Colton had told her that Noilace had saved him before. If not for him, Colton would have been in a worse situation than what happened on Christmas.


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