The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 940

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 940

If saving Colton was part of that Noilace’s plan, then putting Colton in danger in his place after saving him made Nollace pretty scary.

Such mindfulness and careful planning shouldn’t be something an 8-year-old child could do.

Thus, Maisie didn’t believe that Nollace saved Colton as part of his plan because no one could control or predict the future. Even more unlikely for a child.

Nolan got up, walked around the desk, and stopped in front of her. “I know you don’t have the heart to put a child in danger, but I have no choice. We have three children, and I can’t put them in harm’s way.”

Maisie looked around while deep in


Nolan returned to Blackgold, and soon after he got to his office, Quincy knocked, entered, and gave the details from the investigation to him. “Mr. Goldmann, this was the suspicious car we spotted near the school during Christmas.”

Nolan took the file and frowned. “That’s a number plate from a different state.”

Nolan nodded. “Yes, that’s a plate from Octavia, and I’ve sent someone to find out who the owner is. I should get the results back in a day.”

At Coralia, in the hospital…

Barbara walked out of the elevator with food in her hand but bumped into Michelle and her assistant.

Michelle smiled and greeted her. “Are you here to visit Helios?” Barbara didn’t really want to interact with her, but she smiled and nodded out of respect. “Yes.” Michelle held her arm as a friendly gesture, “I’m here to see him too. Let’s go together.” Barbara raised her eyebrows. She didn’t like to pretend to be close to strangers.

She pulled her arm back and smiled, “Let’s.”

She walked in front. Michelle pouted and followed after. When Helios saw Michelle showing up behind Barbara, he frowned.

Michelle walked toward him with a smile.” Helios, I came to see you with Barbara.”

Barbara placed the food on the table with a stoic expression. That girl used her.

Helios noticed that and smiled. Michelle thought that he was happy she visited him and took the food over from her assistant.” Helios, brought lunch for you.”

“There’s no need for that,” Helios took the food that Barbara brought.

Michele was surprised and looked a little awkward as if she was going to start crying. “Helios, do you… not like it? I’m sorry, I just want to thank you.”

Helios looked calm. “I can see your sincerity. Saving you was just an instinctive response. I wasn’t expecting anything in return. I hope you understand.”

Michelle’s assistant was worried that she offended Helios and explained, “Mr.

Boucher, that wasn’t what Shelly meant. She was just feeling guilty because you got hurt while saving her.” “This isn’t anything serious, don’t worry about it. I don’t want the media speculating that I only saved someone for a reason. You should understand.” Michelle’s assistant could hear the warning in Helios’ statement.

Her expression changed, and she immediately tugged at Michelle’s sleeve-“Alright, we should let Mr. Boucher rest.

Let’s go.”

Michelle bit her lip and looked back when she was leaving with her assistant. The gentle smile on Helios’ face toward Babara surprised her.


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