The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 942

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 942

Maisie smiled.

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, both of them were engaged three years ago. Originally, I wanted them to get married as soon as possible, but I was worried that Louis didn’t like Ryleigh at all. Since they’ve been bonding with each other for three years, I guess it’s time to consider their wedding.” Larissa said.

She looked at Maisie and continued. “If you two want to wait for them, then let’s do it together next year. I’m sure it’s going to be very lively.”

Maisie chuckled and said, “Maybe it’s three families.” Before Larrisa could understand what she was talking about, she received a call from

Christina. She picked it up and said,” Christina?”

Maisie did not know what Christina had said. She saw that Larrisa froze for a moment before replying in a surprised voice, “Really!?”

Both of them chatted for nearly a minute. After that, Larissa laughed and hung up the call. “Seems like a good thing is about to happen to the Bouchers as well Helios has found himself a girlfriend too.”

Maisie picked up the cup and said, “You’re talking about Ms. Chase, right?” “How did you know about it?” Larissa asked. She smiled and replied, “Ryleigh and I have known about it a long time ago.”

“I see!” Larrisa laughed happily. “That’s what you were talking about just now. This is great. We can have three weddings at the

same time.

After Maisie and Larrisa had finished their meals, both of them came out of the restaurant. Maisie hade Larrisa goodbye and watched as she went away in her car.

She walked toward her car, and when she turned her head around, she saw a car with the number plate of Octavia parked not far away from her. It was rare to see a car from Octavia in Bassburgh, so she took a few more glances at it.

Suddenly, a woman appeared from the car. Maisie had seen her before during the banquet with Tristan last time, and her name was


Zeta noticed Maisie as well. She recognized her and waved her hand at her with a warm smile on her face. “What a coincidence.”

Maisie responded with a smile and replied, “Yeah. What a coincidence. Are you here for lunch, Ms. Yanev?”

“Yeah,” Zeta replied, smiling at Maisie.” Tristan told me that the food here is good, so I thought I should come and try it. What about you

Maisie looked at her and replied, “Yeah, I just finished my meal. The food here is good indeed.” She then looked at the car that was leaving and continued. “Didn’t Mr. Knowles come with you?”

Zeta was stunned. However, she soon came around to her ‘senses and replied with a grin, “Well, he’s busy, so I came here with a few of my friends.”

Maisie nodded. “I see.”

Zeta lowered her head to look at her watch.

“I’m going in first. I can’t let my friends wait for too long.” Maisie nodded. Meanwhile, at the Blackgold Group… Quincy came into the office and put his findings on the desk. “Mr. Goldmann, here’s the identity of the car owner.” Nolan flipped the document and glanced through it. “Jackie Clifford? The Cliffords from Octavia?” Quincy nodded. “The Cliffords monopolized the real estate industry in Octavia back then to become the leader, and its status is comparable to that of the king of casinos,” he said before hissing in wonder. “I don’t understand how he would meddle in the affairs of the knowle’s either.”

“Jackie studied in Yarammor before, so maybe that was when he came in touch with the Knowles,” Nolan said as he put the document down. “Have someone to keep a tab on them, but don’t alarm them.” “Roger,” Quincy replied before exiting the office.

Nolan looked at the document on his table for a while and fell deep in thought. Then, he pulled out his phone and made a call.

Tristan was currently enjoying a hot spring in a bathhouse, surrounded by many pretty women. The bathhouse room was foggy, and the decoration was antique.


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