The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 943

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 943

The servant led Nolan inside. “Mr. Knowles, your guest is here.”

Tristan waved his hand to dismiss them. He then poured a glass of red wine and said, ” Seems like you’ve found something regarding the thing that happened on Christmas.”

Nolan undid the buttons on his sleeves slowly and replied, “Can you show me your sincerity?” Tristan’s hand froze in the air. He lifted his head to look at Nolan and smiled. “What kind of sincerity are you talking about?”

Nolan stood in front of the pool and said,” You’re hiding something from me.”

Tristan put the glass on the side and came

out of the pool. He put on the bathrobe, and while he was tying the belt, he asked,” What have you found?”

Nolan turned his head around to look at him. “The things that your mother did to that kid.”

Tristan threw himself on the couch. He pulled a cigar out of a box and took a sniff.” Do you think it’s an accident?” ,

He played with the lighter with his hand, and the fire lit up half of his face. He took a drag from it, causing some sparkles to jump into the air from the cigar. “The affairs regarding the Knowles aren’t as simple as the outsiders think they are. Do you think that woman would only do something like that to a kid? Regardless of who you are, as long as you’re one of the Knowles, she would never go easy on you.”

Even though they were talking about his mother, there was a smile on Tristan’s face, and it looked as if he was talking about someone who was not related to him.

Nolan frowned.

Tristan looked at him through the thick white smoke and continued. The environment that I grew up in was different from you people. You can have whatever you want since you were kids, but I can only fight for, it myself. My mother hates me and never takes care of m e. My father was very old when I was born, and he passed away after a few years, leaving me to my elder brother and sister-in-law’s


After he finished talking, he shook off the ash and laughed. “When she adopted your mother, she treated her better than me, her own son . She would rather exploit your mother than spare a glance at me.” Nolan looked at him and asked, “That boy isn’t your only reason that you come to Zlokovia to cooperate with Mr. Topaz on a project, right?”

Tristan smiled and replied, “Noilace is my elder brother’s grandson. I’m indebted to my brother, so of course, I’m here for him.”

Nolan walked to the couch on the opposite side and sat down. “Those people couldn’t find him even though he had been in Bassburgh for so long. You asked me to look after Noilace for you, but those people showed up before us on Christmas.”

He looked at Tristan meaningfully and continued. “You took advantage of me to shelter his safety, used him to draw out those people, but in the end, it was my son who got hurt. You’re certain that I would investigate the matter, and when I did it, you would get rid of those people through my hands.”

Without waiting for Tristan to say anything, Nolan added calmly, “There are only two reasons why they managed to find out the school that the kid attended. One is that you told them. Second is that you suspect there are spies around you, and you want to find them out.” Nolan squinted his eyes and tapped his finger on the table rhythmically. “There’s no way an 8-year-old child could have predicted the coming danger. No matter why my son changed his role with him, you all have included me in your plan. This is because you knew I’d be there that day, and I wouldn’t stand by and watch my son get into an accident.”

After he finished speaking, Tristan snubbed out the cigar in the glass of wine and said, “As expected of someone from the Goldmanns. It seems your father was right to let you step into the business world early to hone your skills.”

Nolan’s expression turned cold as he said,” You weren’t going to tell me the truth from the beginning. Not only that, but you also included me in your plan. If anything really had happened to my son, I wouldn’t let any of you off.”


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