The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 944

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 944

Tristan chuckled. “Do you think I’d do it if I weren’t sure about it? If I hadn’t cut the power, it would have been more than just broken wires.”

Nolan frowned, “It wasn’t them who cut the power?”

Tristan smiled and replied, “What they wanted was to create an accident, so why would they shut out the lights? The people who could reach the wires had to make at least sure that there would be no accidents before they carried out their plan. Since you’re so smart, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the answer yourself, Mr. Goldmann.”.

Nolan fell silent

After a short while, his phone rang. He pulled his phone out to take a look. It was

from the school

Nolan answered the call and put the phone near his ear. Nobody knew what they were talking about, but Nolan’s face suddenly turned cold.

When he hung up the call, Tristan said, ” Seems like they have found the reason the wires snapped?”

Nolan rose to his feet and turned around. Just when he was about to leave, he thought of something and stopped in his tracks. Without turning his head, he asked, “What kind of role do the Cliffords play in this incident?”

Tristan was stunned. He stared at the cigar inside the glass of wine and replied, “I’m still investigating it.”

Nolan glanced at him for one last time before he resumed walking and left the bathhouse. Quincy was waiting for Nolan inside the car. When Nolan got in the car, Quincy asked, “Did you manage to get

anything out of his mouth

“Things are more complicated than we thought,” Nolan said as he buttoned up the buttons. “Let’s go to school first.”

Quincy started the engine, stepped on the accelerator, and headed to the school.

The principal sat in his office looking incredulously at the broken wires as well as a kind of weapon that resembled the short arrow of a crossbow.

When Nolan appeared outside of his office, the principal rose from his chair and greeted, “Here you are, Mr. Goldmann.” After they had come into the office, Quincy noticed the items on the desk and was stunned. “What is this?”

The principal did not know what it was either. He said, “This thing was found at the crane when my people took down the wires. It was stuck there, and my people felt suspicious, so they brought it back.”

Quincy picked up the short arrow and took a look. The tip of the short arrow was sharp, and it resembled a hidden weapon that was fired from a crossbow.

He turned around to Nolan and said, “Mr. Goldmann, please have a look at this.”

Nolan took the short arrow from Quincy. He squinted and glanced at the broken wires.

He took the broken wires from the desk and studied them. There were jagged teeth at the end of the wires. It seemed to him that they had been cut by something sharp. They couldn’t bear the weight of two kids, so they would slowly deconstruct until they finally snapped.

After all, they were micro climbing wires. They were very sturdy, and normally, an accident like this would not happen.

Nolan gave the short arrow back to Quincy and ordered, “Go find out who has bought this cold weapon before.” Quincy took the short arrow and studied it once again. He nodded and said, “Roger. I’ll go check right now.”

Nolan then focused on the broken wires again. The things that Tristan said to him surfaced in his mind again. If the purpose of creating an accident and putting out the lights was to deceive the crowd, then the wires wouldn’t be the target of the short arrow.

Darkness was to throw everyone into confusion.

In the evening, at the Goldmann mansion…

Colton and Daisie were having their meals on the table, but both of them did not have any appetite.

When Maisie noticed their condition, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Daisie lifted her eyes to look at her and asked, “Mom, is it true that we can’t play with Nolly anymore?”

Maisie was taken aback.

It seemed to her that Daisie was really upset at the fact that she couldn’t have fun with Noilace anymore. Maisie pressed her lips thin

and popped a shrimp, which was Daisie’s favorite, into her plate and said,” Your father didn’t say you can’t have fun with Noilace anymore. It’s just that you can’t play with him now.”


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