The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 946

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 946

Maisie put the ledger on the desk and looked at Lucy. “I’ve thought about it. Let’s purchase two more shop lots.”

Lucy was startled. “Are you planning to make Soul Jewelry a chain brand?”

Maisie nodded. “I’m turning it into a national chain. We’ll then go global after the brand has stabilized in the country.”

‘My original idea was to make Soul one of the top contenders in the jewelry industry and go international, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m not only aiming to propel Soul’s reputation into the global market. The brand will also be picking up a piece of the pie in the international jewelry industry.’

“I believe that it’ll be successful.” Lucy smiled and gave herself a pep talk. “I’ll stay

in Soul Jewelry and witness the development of our brand. No one will ever get to say that we’re a small company in the future.” Maisie laughed and breathed a sigh of reassurance. “I finally know why Uncle Kennedy would choose you as his assistant. It would be great if everyone could be as energetic and enthusiastic as you.”

Lucy scratched her head in embarrassment and smiled.

At noon, Maisie asked Madam Nera out for some tea and snacks at a dim-sum restaurant and told Madam Nera about her plan.

When Madam Nera heard this, she laughed. “I thought you’d forgotten what you promised me in the past once Soul stabilized its market in the country.” Maisie smiled in embarrassment. “How would I dare to forget about that? I promised you to make Soul a top gun in the industry and then bring it into the

international market. If things hadn’t gone sideways three years ago, all those promises would have been actualized by now.”

Madam Nera put her teacup down. “It’s great to have such ambitions and beliefs. I have high hopes for you, however…”

Madam Nera paused for a bit and then continued. “If you want to expand the company, you won’t make the cut with only one designer, The same monotonous design concept won’t build you a brand. When a jewelry company is trying to expand, its design concept has to be different, and there have to be many styles.

Most customers get tired of old designs and take a fancy to new designs rather quickly, so other new design styles will always overshadow the design style of a jewelry company. This happens among those socialites and rich ladies who love to own a jewelry collection. Their pursuit of jewelry will never be satisfied by only one design language.”

Maisie understood what Madam Nera meant.

‘If Soul wants to go international and become a larger brand, it has to cater to different customers’ preferences and tastes. I really won’t be able to achieve that as the company’s sole designer,

I’ve long been a famous designer, and I’ve been a jewelry brand owner for quite a long time. My design concepts and styles have become rather well-known to the public over time.

‘But if I want to make Soul into a luxury chain brand, or even more than that, it’s only natural for me to run into the need of recruiting some new blood to give the company a fresh breath of creativity.

‘A huge brand should always come up with more design styles continuously. It should also aim to become a culture vessel where new talents are cultivated and form a mutual win-win relationship with its designers. That’s how a company develops further.

‘That’s how Taylor and Luxella developed into the companies they currently are now, isn’t it?’

Maisie humbly accepted Madam Nera’s advice. “I understand that. Godmother.

Thank you.” “And you’re still trying to be that polite with me.” Madam Nera waved her hand, smiled, and added, “I suffered a lot and ran into quite a handful of failures when I tried to start a company around your age, and all those setbacks made me almost want to give up. I was almost 40 years old when Taylor Jewelry was successfully established and when I became famous.” Maisie wrapped her arm around Madam Nera’s. “That’s why you’re the role model for all working women. I can, at most… be seen as someone fortunate enough to have encountered a huge wave and ridden along with it. Frankly speaking, my success is mostly due to you and Nolan.”


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