A Man Like None Other Chapter 2976

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2976-Suddenly, five beams of golden light shot out from within the bronze mirror, heading straight for the five vortices.

As the golden light reached the vortices, an unexpected reaction occurred. The vortices began to emit their own beams of light, but all of those lights converged in mid-air.

Before long, at the point where these lights converged, a gradually expanding light portal materialized.

“Quick! Let’s go!” Jared shouted. He ascended into the air, heading directly for the newly formed portal of light. “Mr. Chance…” Kaison could not help but feel concerned when he saw Jared leap into the portal of light.

After all, those cultivators had met a gruesome end, and the horrifying images were still vivid in his mind. If anything were to happen to Jared, the Tall family would be at a disadvantage in this treasure hunt.

“Follow him.” Cloud reacted swiftly and followed Jared into the portal. Sunny, Konce, and Lofton leaped into the portal as well, ready to face life-and-death situations alongside Jared. They had complete trust in Jared, believing that he would never do anything to harm them.

Seeing that, Kaison waved his hand, and with the rest of the Tall family members, they leaped into the air, heading straight for the portal. As Jared and the others passed through the portal, the rest stood there, still trying to grasp the situation.

“Could this be the exit from this space? Were those five vortices all dead ends?” Cameron appeared somewhat astonished.

Even the Five Slayers, upon witnessing the emerging light portal, were utterly shocked. Without Jared, they would have never realized that beyond the five vortices, there was another way out.

“Dad, look, the vortices are disappearing, and the portal of light is slowly disappearing.” Chev noticed that the vortices as well as the portal were vanishing.

“Let’s go. Hurry!” Cameron knew that they would be permanently trapped in that place if they did not make use of the portal.

The crowd rushed toward the portal of light, each one eager to be the first to go through it. At the last moment, they all managed to make it through.

After Jared charged through the portal, he looked back and noticed that only Cloud, Sunny, Konce, and Lofton had followed him.

“Where’s Kaison?” Jared asked Cloud. “We have no idea. We followed you after you came in. He should be right behind us,” Cloud replied. At the portal, more and more wandering cultivators arrived, yet there was still no sign of Kaison and his men.

Cameron, leading some of the Nessers through the portal, was among the last to make it through. Shortly afterward, the portal behind. them disappeared completely.

Once they made it and regained their composure, they realized many people who had been with them were now missing.

“Chev? Chev?” Cameron noticed that his son was nowhere to be found. “Did you see my son?”

They had all entered the portal of light together, but now, Chev was missing.

“Mr. Nesser, we followed him through the portal, but when a sudden white light flashed. before our eyes, we found ourselves here. We have no idea where he ended up,” several subordinates from the Nasser family said.

Cameron grew anxious, concerned that something might have happened to Chev during their passage through the portal.

Many wandering cultivators also took a sidelong glance and realized several people had gone missing. It was as if they had not passed through the portal at all.

Even Typhon, one of the Five Slayers who had entered the portal, came to the stark realization that he was the only one who had made it through.

He could not sense the presence of his companions even when he extended his spiritual sense. This sent him into a state of panic. Jared, observing the anxious crowd, knitted his brows tightly.

It appeared that many individuals had gone missing, leaving them with only a dozen or so cultivators remaining. The others had vanished, and their whereabouts remained a mystery.


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