Billionaire God of War Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211

His men immediately stopped when they heard Harrison shouting and didn’t dare to move an inch.

“You probably know nothing about this casino’s background,” said Harrison as he gnashed his teeth viciously. “Even if you can walk out of the casino alive today, your days are numbered. I suggest you behave…AHHH!”

Winston lost his patience before Harrison could finish his piece.

He pulled Harrison by the collar and slapped him so hard a few times that his entire mouth was filled with blood!

“How dare you threaten my Big Boss?”

Although Harrison’s men wanted to charge over, they didn’t dare to.

They could only stand by and watch as Harrison was slapped viciously.

The sound of footsteps coming from outside became denser and denser. It was evident that many people had surrounded the office on the second floor.

The gamblers downstairs in the main hall sensed something amiss. They didn’t expect such a commotion on the second floor.

After gambling here for a long time, many knew that nobody who went upstairs would come out as the winner.

No one bothered you for small winnings at the casino, but the moment you raked in a pile, it was impossible to walk out with it!

Either give up your money or your life!

All these years, it seemed like no one succeeded in leaving the casino in one piece with billions of dollars.

Even the God of Gambling lost to the casino.

“You can win money, but you won’t live to spend it.”

“Those people know nothing about the rules. They must have gotten greedy and couldn’t stop and won too much!”

“Exactly, just win a little and don’t make it hard for the casino.”

Many people shook their heads. They sighed at the loss of an expert gambler who could actually win money from this casino but was going to end up dead. Some people gloated over their misfortune purely out of jealousy.

Everyone knew the formidable Kings Sect backed most of the larger casinos. This casino in particular, had the support of the most powerful Ox sub-sect.

So they were always arrogant and had no regard for anyone else.

But Ethan and the others had the gall to win so much money from them. It was like placing a target on their backs with their own hands.

More and more bouncers kept going upstairs. The crowd could almost envision Ethan’s corpse getting dragged downstairs like a dead dog.


On the second floor.

Harrison’s legs went limp as Winston held his throat. He was completely immobile.

Dozens of men circled Ethan and the others until it was impenetrable.

“Mr Ford, you were the one who said we have to follow the rules,” said Ethan calmly. “Are you going to admit you lost?”

Harrison opened his mouth. But before he said a word, Winston threatened him viciously, “You better think twice before you speak! You have only one chance!”

Winston gradually grabbed his neck harder, and Harrison’s face instantly flushed red!

An intense sense of suffocation made him feel as though he was going to die at any moment!

“I admit…that we lost,” said Harrison as he gritted his teeth.

Harrison stared at Ethan hard, as if Ethan was a corpse.

No one had ever walked away with a few hundred million from here!

And no one dared to provoke the Ox sub-sect from Kings Sect!

“Change their chips!” said Harrison immediately.

Very quickly, someone ran over and cautiously tallied Ethan’s chips. They were worried that any miscalculation might send Harrison to his death.

“It’s a total of US$532 million,” said the accountant after checking thrice.

The four elderly men almost wanted to cry. Although they were loaded, they still felt devastated by it.

More importantly, it was a complete embarrassment for them.

“Change them,” said Ethan calmly.

After Ethan gave his International Bank Alliance private card number, the accountant instantly transferred the money over.

Ethan stood up without even looking at them. Then he walked over to Harrison and reached his hand out to pat him on the face.

“As you said, we have to follow the rules.”


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