Billionaire God of War Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212

Ethan turned to leave and Will followed behind him immediately.

He made a name for himself in the city with his gambling today.

Will won against these four opponents and even saw through their plans with Harrison. He was too incredible!

Will’s name was going to spread through Las Vegas quickly without a doubt.

Ethan came out of the room on the second floor.

The bouncers standing on the side immediately made way without daring to fight him.

Ethan didn’t even look at them. He didn’t care about them at all as he walked down the stairs with Will and Winston behind him.

Winston had Harrison by the neck with a vicious look on his face and gave all the gamblers in the main hall a huge shock.

These men…were actually still alive?!

They were alive and even held the manager, Harrison, hostage.

“This casino can’t afford to lose,” said Ethan loudly. “They only want to win and are sore losers. I’m sorry, but I don’t indulge such acts!”

Some of the gamblers in the main hall couldn’t help nodding secretly.

This casino was far too ungracious.

It was such a huge casino, but it was such a disgrace as well.

Harrison looked a little upset when he saw those people’s expressions, but he didn’t dare to say a word. His mouth was filled with blood and reeking with its scent, so Harrison was worried he would vomit the minute he spoke.

Everyone gave way to Ethan so that he could walk straight to the door.

Several of the casino’s bouncers followed them to the door.

“Alright now, Mr Ford can send us off on his own. You’ve all been too kind,” said Ethan as he stood at the door and turned to glance at those bouncers before looking at Harrison.

Harrison shook his head, so everyone stopped without daring to go closer.

Ethan stopped a car, and Winston dragged Harrison into the car immediately. Then the engine roared, and the car zipped off. No one dared to give chase at all.

After going for over 100 meters, the car suddenly stopped. The car door was opened, and Harrison was kicked out by Winston. Then the car engine started again, and whizzed off into the distance.

“Brother Harrison! Brother Harrison!” shouted his men as they hurriedly ran over to help Harrison up.

“Find them now! Find them!” shouted Harrison with his face swollen. “You’re all useless! What are you standing around for? Chase them!”

Harrison trembled in anger. His voice became shrill while his face was severely distorted and terrifyingly ferocious.

“I will kill you all! Kill you all!”

Harrison had never suffered such humiliation in all the years he managed this casino. When had anyone pressed his face on the ground to rub dirt on it so publicly?

There were so many people watching. What were they going to say about him tomorrow?

Harrison was furious, but his subordinates couldn’t do anything to appease him.

They only knew that one of their surnames was Hunt and knew nothing about their identities or backgrounds. How could they investigate them?

Harrison was so furious that they didn’t dare to speak.

Inside the taxi, Winston was exhilarated.

“Trying to swindle us? I just want to smash their casino to smithereens!”

Will appeared like there was fear lingering in his heart. It was too exciting to work for Ethan and Winston.

Ethan was nonchalant even when he was surrounded by nearly a hundred men and didn’t seem nervous at all!

Will felt as though they weren’t surrounded by those men, but Ethan was the one who had surrounded them!

“Big Boss, where to now?” asked Winston excitedly. Winston didn’t feel much when they won over 500 million dollars, but it was thrilling when he could beat up Harrison!

“Of course, we will gamble until Will becomes completely famous,” said Ethan as he glanced at Will. “Let’s go to the next casino.”


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