Billionaire God of War Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214

The burly man sitting in front of Harrison was brandishing a metal rod with great ferocity!

After some time, the metal rod came smashing onto the ground with a clang. It was so loud that it made everyone’s eardrums hurt.

That metal staff was over 50 kilograms!

“Mr Lear,” greeted Harrison as he gritted his teeth and looked at Maxwell Lear. “I failed you.”

Harrison fell to his knees with a thud.

Maxwell Lear didn’t look at him. He took a towel to wipe his sweat as he took a couple of sips of water. He let Harrison kneel on the icy cold ground as some blood oozed from his knees.

“How much did we lose?” asked Maxwell Lear after some time as he glanced at Harrison.

“The four old geezers lost more. They lost US$400 million. We didn’t do as badly,” said Harrison hesitantly. Then he looked up at Maxwell to see that he still seemed calm before he continued, “We only lost about US$30 million.”

Ethan took off with over $500 million, mostly from those gamblers. The casino only lost about $30 million, so it was a lot better than those old geezers in comparison.

Maxwell chuckled when he heard Harrison’s report. Then he walked up to Harrison, and his face suddenly grew serious as he said, “I don’t like hearing this number.”

Harrison’s heart immediately sank.

“Mr Lear! I couldn’t do anything about it!”

“Only 30 million? Is this considered a trivial amount to you?”

Maxwell Lear’s voice suddenly became louder and sounded like muffled thunder. It was so strong that it hurt Harrison’s eardrums as he said, “No one has ever managed to take money from me! Never! Useless fool! Is losing 30 million something to be proud of?”

“Spare me, Mr Lear!” begged Harrison as he kowtowed to Maxwell by banging his head loudly onto the slate ground and his head started bleeding immediately.

“Did I say anything about killing you?”

Maxwell wasn’t that stupid.

Harrison was good at making money. Harrison had managed Maxwell’s casino for years and made him a lot of money. But Maxwell was equally angry at the loss that Harrison incurred.

“You must get that money back!” yelled Maxwell angrily as he stared at Harrison murderously. “Other than the money, I want them dead too!”

“Yes, Mr Lear!” replied Harrison as he hurriedly nodded. “I’ve already found out their whereabouts, so I will definitely get that money back. Don’t worry, Mr Lear!”

It didn’t occur to Harrison that Ethan and the others wouldn’t take off immediately after cashing in all the money. Instead, they blatantly visited other casinos and raked in over US$2 billion without any restraint!

Since the other casinos belonged to Kings Sect as well, the other sub-sect leaders also wanted to find them, kill them, and take back their money!

“Our men have already located them,” said Harrison furiously with his eyes bloodshot as he gnashed his teeth. “Those scoundrels are too arrogant! After winning our money, they had the audacity to go Chinatown for a bath and massage. Do they really think that we won’t dare to do anything to them?”

Maxwell furrowed his brows slightly when he heard these words.

They were far too arrogant!

How dare they parade around in public after offending several Kings Sect sub-sects?

The corner of Maxwell’s eyes twitched. Then he stared at Harrison and asked, “What’s their background?”

“I don’t know,” replied Harrison uneasily. Harrison was worried that Maxwell would blow up again if he told him and couldn’t be sure whether Maxwell would kill him then. “I only know that they are loaded, and one of them is a Hunt…”

“Is his surname Hunt?” asked Maxwell as his voice suddenly became loud.

“Yes, it’s Hunt,” replied Harrison as his heart thumped nervously.

“Ethan!” roared Maxwell, “It must be him! I didn’t think that he would dare to come abroad! He’s really got a death wish!”


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