Billionaire God of War Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220

They glanced at each other with ulterior motives of their own in their hearts.

They both knew there could only be one chairman, but they had to cooperate before they had it in the grips of their hands.

Both of them knew this well. Since neither of them was stupid, they wouldn’t kick each other aside easily before they had outlived their use.

“Tell me, what should we do now?” asked Cody.

“Ethan hasn’t made any other moves. There was no other news about him after the Ox sub-sect was destroyed,” replied Milton Bonin as he paced about and pinched his fingers like he was in deep thought.

“Destroying the Oxen was probably the best Ethan could do. He is overseas now and away from home. Even if he has great strategies, it’s hard for him to execute them well here!” said Milton.

Milton Bonin’s eyes were filled with murder. “I don’t care whether Ethan makes a move or not. I’m going to make him bear the crime of killing the Chairman of Kings Sect!”

Cody instantly understood what Milton wanted to do.

He remained silent for a long time without saying a word.

After a long time, Cody stared at Milton and said, “You are truly vicious!”

Cody already made plans in his heart. Initially, he wanted to kill Milton the moment they had the position in the grip of their hands.

Or else he would die instead.

But now Cody felt that Milton had probably made plans long ago and he wasn’t Milton’s match.

“It’s time for Kings Sect to change family names,” said Cody as he suggested. “It should belong to the Bonins.

They looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

Milton knew that his viciousness made Cody realize that he couldn’t outdo him. Even if he could only be the deputy chairman, he would only be reporting to one person, and it was still a vast improvement from what he had now.

Humans shouldn’t be greedy unless they are powerful enough. Otherwise, it was wiser to be more down to earth.

Neither of them wasted any time and started immediately.

Milton already made plans long ago.

Very quickly, the leader of the Chickens, Chuck Foyer, the Dogs, Louie Deming, and the Pigs, Shane Pan, had all died!

They died tragically!

Many people could testify that the one who killed these men was Ethan.

Kings Sect instantly surged with fury.

Before they could figure out what had transpired, the leader of the Horses, Dan Downs, and the Goats, Jon Patterson, both perished too. Even their trusted subordinates had all been killed.

In just two days, the leader of the Oxen, Maxwell, was the first one to die, then five more leaders perished one after another…

The blame all fell on Ethan because many people had witnessed Ethan killing Maxwell when the first death took place.

Moreover, Ethan and Kings Sect had a vendetta to begin with. There was a reason for Ethan to have a conflict with their leaders.

Kings Sect went into chaos internally and became even more furious!

They were utterly furious!

Ethan was simply behaving too audaciously!

He had humiliated the time and again within China. Now that he was abroad, he had become even bolder. How dare he assassinate the sub-sect leaders of Kings Sect?

It was intolerable!

If this kept going on, Kings Sect was done for!

The sub-sect leaders sat together yet again. Even though there was a recent conflict between the leaders of the Monkeys, Edward, and the Snakes, Meredith, they put aside their personal feud to come together.

If they kept fighting internally, they would probably all perish!

“Kings Sect is in danger!” said Milton sternly as he slammed the table. “Six leaders have died one after another. Who’s going to be next? Is it you?”

Milton pointed at Edward before pointing at himself, “Or is it going to be me?”

“In any case, I think it won’t be Dalton for sure since he is hiding at home and doesn’t dare to show his face!”


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