Billionaire God of War Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256

Evan wouldn’t have turned up for no reason or even know that Ethan possessed the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

Ethan made guesses in his heart. If His Lordship didn’t plan this, then who did?

But wouldn’t His Lordship be worried that Ethan might end up killing Evan if he sent him here?

Perhaps he was hoping Ethan would kill Evan.

“Enough. I have my men following him, so we don’t have to care about him,” said Ethan. “The brat is merely young and competitive. He still has some brains and seems to be good at heart, so there’s no need to worry about him.”

Ivan nodded.

If Evan were truly up to no good, Ivan would be the first to take care of him!

Even if Evan had the support of this mysterious Drake family, Ivan wouldn’t hesitate!

“Please take care of the academy, Elder Tanner. Since we already set it up, we must do our best to promote traditional Chinese martial arts and make it as meaningful as possible.”

Ethan clearly meant that he was going to be a laissez-faire boss.

He didn’t like managing the academy, and he didn’t have the time to do it.

Since Evan was the only person listed as his disciple, and Evan even refused to acknowledge the fact.

“Don’t worry. We don’t have much else to do now that we are old, and this is the only thing we want to do. We hope to leave a legacy behind for the youth.”

Ivan sighed. Although Ivan didn’t think Ethan would take a laissez-faire attitude about the academy, he wasn’t counting on Ethan to help out either.

These old men were best suited to take care of such trivial matters.

“If you need anything, look for Tom Foster. He will take care of it, be it funding or manpower,” said Ethan as he stood up. “Elder Tanner, just go ahead and work with peace of mind. Don’t worry about the money. Diane and I will work hard to earn money, so don’t worry.”

Ivan looked at Ethan’s face. Then he nodded.

“Kind souls like you who do charitable work will have good fortune.”

Ethan smiled without saying a word. If the likes of Ethan could be considered charitable, then there would be no evil people in the world.

But Diane was undoubtedly a kind soul.

Ivan was wholly tasked to take care of the academy and keep an eye on the martial arts circle. Ethan continued to focus his energies on Diane and Palmer Group.

Execution of their plans for overseas development had commenced.

Harold had opened the doors for Palmer Group by using L’Oreal’s channel. Now he just had to put Palmer Group’s products out there.

Palmer Group had now unfolded itself completely, so cosmetics was just one branch of its business. Ethan’s vision for Palmer Group was to achieve a huge global impact on business in all industries!

At Palmer Group’s head office.

It was Harold’s first time here, and he was already shocked by its working atmosphere.

It didn’t cross Harold’s mind that a company could have so many employees who treated the business’ goals as their own and considered its achievement their career.

He would never have believed it if he heard this in the past.

But now that he was a part of the company, he felt such a strong sense of pride that he couldn’t suppress it!

“I’ve already contacted the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Although L’Oreal offered this channel, it’s clear that they are up to no good.”

There were no friends to be made in the business world and only profit. Harold was a savvy businessman who had spent years carving his career in the trade, so he knew this best.

Especially since L’Oreal only till recently still opposed Palmer Group like fire and water!

“Mr. Hunt, we must be wary of L’Oreal!”


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