Billionaire God of War Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273

It wasn’t Diane’s first time attending such a cocktail party.

With Ethan’s connections, he could always purge the environment and pave the way for Diane no matter where Palmer Group went.

Of course, Diane was aware of this.

If she didn’t have Ethan’s support, she would have to struggle a lot harder before she reached this height.

Perhaps no amount of effort would pay off even.

But so what?

Ethan was her man, and she had chosen to spend her life with him. Since Ethan pampered her, she wouldn’t reject him since that would make Ethan upset.

Diane was now far more adept at socializing.

Ethan groomed her to be an all-rounder, and she was already quite the master.

Diane was happily chatting with some southeastern businessmen.

Since Palmer Group had a lot of impact in the southeastern region, those people had already heard about it. They knew it was only a matter of time before Palmer Group expanded abroad.

“Miss Palmer is so young and capable. When I was your age, I was still just an employee. I can’t compare to you.”

“These days, youngsters are more driven than we were. I only expanded abroad when I was 50 years old. Palmer Group has such a bright future!”

“Miss Palmer, I think we can work together. You can swing by my place for a chat when you have the time!”


Those people were particularly enthusiastic.

For one, Diane was very pretty, so it was very pleasant just to look at her.

It was also a good idea to get acquainted with her, given Palmer Group and Diane’s future status.

“I just ventured abroad, so there’s still a lot I’m unsure of, and I still need you to share your experience with me,” said Diane politely as she smiled. “I hope you will graciously teach me when the time comes.”

They were complimenting each other for a while when they spotted Malcolm walking out from the VIP room.

One of the guests pulled Diane aside immediately and said softly, “Miss Palmer, if you want to do business abroad, that gentleman over there is very important.”

Diane instantly followed his glance and turned around.

“The Chinese Chamber of Commerce specializes in supporting Chinese businesses with operations abroad. With their help, we can develop more safely,” explained the man quickly. Then he stopped speaking as he raised his wine glass and headed over to Malcolm.

“Young Master Merlyn!”

“Young Master Merlyn is here!”

“Long time no see! Allow me to offer you a toast, Young Master Merlyn!”

A bunch of people circled over with smiles and they all sounded respectful.

Malcolm only nodded calmly. He wasn’t interested in these Chinese businessmen.

These people were all partners of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. All of them came abroad to develop their businesses and paid members’ fees to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Their minimum requirement was 20% of their annual profit!

Those who refused to hand over the fees would be incapable of finding a foothold overseas.

Troublemakers often came to disrupt their work. Or else peers would suppress them and make them lose the chance to compete.

Without the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, chances of overseas business development were futile.

“It’s a rare opportunity for us to get together, so do chat freely,” said Malcolm as he held up his wine glass and gestured for them to drink without drinking himself. After saying these simple words, Malcolm indicated for them to go on with the party.

He glanced around, and his eyes landed on Ethan and Diane, who didn’t come over to greet him the entire time.


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