Billionaire God of War Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275

“What did you just say?”

Malcolm thought he misheard Ethan.

The wine glass in his hand even moved gently.

A nasty look flashed in his eyes when he looked at Ethan.

Malcolm didn’t like it when people rejected him, especially when he was doing them a favor!

“I said, we aren’t interested in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce or the Merlyn family,” said Ethan calmly. “The membership fees are 20% of our annual profit. Are you crazy about money or what?”

Malcolm started to look angry now.

“We did Amelia a favor by coming. She said you didn’t have a lot of friends and was pitiful, so we came to chat with you out of sympathy,” sighed Ethan. “But I didn’t think that you would be delusional.”

Ethan’s eyes were filled with so much pity that it made Malcolm suddenly inhale deeply. A wave of fury instantly surged into Malcolm’s heart.

“Did you say I was delusional?” asked Malcolm as he stepped forward. He was less than a meter away from Ethan.

“Brat, do you have any idea who I am? If I want to do charity, it’s not up to you to reject me!”

“Then I’m not interested, “said Ethan casually without the slightest change in his expression.

“You…” said Malcolm as his expression darkened.

But he wasn’t mad enough from the embarrassment to fight with Ethan here.

Malcolm scoffed coldly and turned to look at Diane.

“Miss Palmer, is this his personal opinion, or does Palmer Group agree?”

Diane glanced at Ethan.

“We don’t want to join the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

She had never heard of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce before.

Neither had she ever heard about paying member’s fees to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce before they could run their business abroad. The member’s fees were 20% of the company’s annual profits. That was as good as daylight robbery.

Now Diane suddenly realized that Amelia was genuinely up to no good.

Amelia wanted to place Palmer Group in front of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to either become a slice of meat to chew on or wait for them to have a conflict!

This woman’s ultimate goal wasn’t Ethan. It was Palmer Group.

Diane’s words made Malcolm utterly infuriated.

“You think too highly of yourselves,” said Malcolm coldly. “Palmer Group won’t be able to operate without the support of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce when it’s abroad! But I can give you a chance if you apologize!”

Malcolm stared at Diane as he said coldly, “If you do your best to please me, I can forgive you for your ignorance…”

Ethan kicked Malcolm and sent him flying for several meters.

“How can you talk like that to my wife? Apologize? Please you?” sneered Ethan coldly. “Even I would think twice about talking to her like that!”


Malcolm retreated by several meters and knelt on the ground as he held his belly in agony.

His face was completely livid!

He let out a stifled cry and trembled for a while before he looked up and roared at the top of his lungs, “What the hell are you waiting for? Kill him!”

Ethan’s kick almost made his guts knot up!

Bartel rushed out and walked over from a distance when he heard the noise. Then he helped Malcolm up with a look of shock on his face.

No one had ever dared to touch Young Master Merlyn from the Merlyn family while they were on the Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s territory.

“Attack!” roared Bartel. “Break their legs!”

Dozens of men instantly charged over. The businessmen around them were terrified.

They didn’t think someone would dare to get into a fight here. Or that Palmer Group, which had just ventured abroad with plans to expand, would be the one picking a fight.

Were they insane?


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