Billionaire God of War Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294

Ethan looked at all of them.

“I’m really sorry but Palmer Group doesn’t do this sort of thing. We are a corporation, but we won’t earn using such underhanded methods, and we will definitely not leech off our fellow countrymen.”

“Mr. Hunt, we just…”

“I’m not done talking,” Ethan put up a hand to stop the other person from cutting in. “What I’m saying is that, as long as you want to expand overseas, I can’t guarantee the other cities because Palmer Group doesn’t have a branch there, but nobody in Las Vegas will ever make trouble for you again.”

All the merchants took a deep breath when they heard these words. They knew that Ethan was agreeable.

But he wasn’t going to take their money?

“You don’t have to be part of Palmer Group. You just have to tell others that you’re Chinese merchants from China, and that’s enough,” said Ethan calmly.

They just had to tell others that they were Chinese merchants from China?

That was it?

They felt that this sounded a little strange. Everyone could tell instantly that they were Chinese merchants.

But that was also how they had been targeted and allowed an organization like the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to bully them and extort them.

“We understand.”

These men weren’t stupid. They figured that something wasn’t quite right when they received the apology letters in the morning.

So besides coming to congratulate Palmer Group, they wanted to confirm this matter as well.

And now, they were very sure!

“Mr. Hunt, here are our name cards and we all have experience in these industries. If Palmer Group needs anything, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to assist you!”

Everyone placed their name cards before Ethan politely.

The things that Ethan said earlier made them very excited.

They just had to tell others that they were Chinese merchants from China, and nobody in Las Vegas would dare to bully them anymore!

“Sure, we welcome you to work with us. Palmer Group has just expanded overseas and would need help, so we won’t be polite with you guys.” Ethan nodded and smiled as he said, “Alright now, you can go talk to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

“Thank you, Mr. Hunt.”

They all got up and bowed slightly to show their respect to Ethan, even though they were all older than him.

After that, they left.

Ethan didn’t think so much.

Why should Chinese businesses be bullied when they opened overseas?

In the past, he didn’t know about this, so he didn’t bother about it. But now that he knew, he had to do something about it.

He wasn’t just going to do something about it, but he was also going to show the people here that Chinese merchants were not pushovers!

Everywhere that Palmer Group went meant that the people around them had to follow Palmer Group’s rules. If you refused to listen, then Ethan would first try to reason with you and set an example. But if you still refused to comply, then it was too bad.

Diane didn’t say a single word. This sort of thing was best left to Ethan.

“What about the Chinese Chamber of Commerce?” She looked at Ethan. “They’re going to lose so much of their membership fees at one shot, and they’re going to hunt us down for their loss.”

Ethan turned and glanced at Diane. He laughed and said, “Wifey, why do I sense a look of excitement in your eyes?”

In the past, Diane might have felt worried about this matter.

They were new in this place but they had offended such a formidable opponent. This might affect Palmer Group’s expansion adversely.

But after following Ethan for so long, Palmer Group had gone from a tiny company in tiny Greencliff to become a famous corporation in the country. They had become a huge conglomeration that spanned across several industries and now they had come overseas too.

Diane’s mind was slowly broadening as well.

“Of course. I have to mature too,” said Diane. “Don’t you know whose wife I am?”


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