Billionaire God of War Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314

“You can speak while I eat,” said Ethan before continuing to eat his food.

The last time Amelia looked for him, the entire Chinese Chamber of Commerce got into trouble.

Now that he had sent the Merlyn family to the Middle East, a lot of the Merlyn family businesses had been bought over at a low price by Amelia, so the one who stood to gain was Amelia. Of course Ethan knew about this.

But he didn’t say anything about it.

“I just wanted to eat with you. What else could it be,” grumbled Amelia.

She saw Ethan just nod and continue eating. She wished she could just splash a glass of red wine in his face.

She clenched her teeth and tried to hold it in.

Suddenly, a sly look flashed in Amelia’s eyes as she allowed her high heels to fall off her foot and stretched her leg out.

Her delicate black stockings gently brushed against Ethan’s calf and she rubbed his calf gently.

She looked at him and hoped to see a change in his expression, but she didn’t see anything.

This fellow had quite a high level of self-control.

This was a public place!

And there were a number of people around them too.

“Young lady,” Ethan suddenly looked up at Amelia. His eyes were clean and clear. “Please behave yourself.”

His expression was unusually stern and he didn’t look like he was joking or being teasing.

And Amelia couldn’t see any opportunity for her to strike at all.

She knew that if she did this again, Ethan would really get angry.

“It’s just for fun.” She took her leg back and scoffed quietly. “You really don’t understand how flirting works at all. You know, you’re the only man I’ve been interested in all these years.”

“Then you shouldn’t look for me. You should look for a doctor.”

Ethan put down his utensils. He was pretty much done with his food.

“Alright now, enough of this nonsense. If you want to say anything, just go straight to the point.”

Amelia ignored him and opened the bottle of wine to pour some out. She swirled it for a while before filling her own glass, then filling Ethan’s glass.

“What’s the hurry? Since you’re already out, then there’s plenty of time for us to spend together. Don’t tell me CEO Palmer has a curfew on you?”

Amelia picked up her glass, clinked it with Ethan’s and drank the whole glass down without caring if Ethan was going to drink or not.

She seemed to be in a bad mood. Or perhaps she was trying to vent the frustration she felt from Ethan’s attitude earlier.

Amelia then poured herself another glass.

“You can tell that the L’Oreal family is going through some internal fighting, right?”

She drank and looked at Ethan at the same time. “It’s too difficult for me to fight all of them as a woman, so I need your help.”

Ethan didn’t say anything.

“I need your help.” Amelia used a slim finger to point at Ethan before finishing the red wine in her glass and refilling it again. “Ethan, can’t you help me out?”

“I can provide Palmer Group with a lot of business channels internationally and help Palmer Group to gain a foothold outside of China. Isn’t that what you want?”

“I did purposely trap you guys with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, but you didn’t get angry because of the resources L’Oreal has, right? I can give it to you now, so can’t we work together?”

Ethan still didn’t say anything.

Amelia continued pouring herself more wine and she looked a little upset now. “Diane is a woman and you care so much for her. I’m a woman too, so why can’t you show me some concern too? Even just 1% of the care you have for Diane will do!”

She saw that Ethan still didn’t react, so she continued to finish drinking the entire bottle of red wine. Her face was beginning to turn red now.

She started to give off a faint fragrance of wine as well.

“Forget it. If I don’t get drunk then you’d have no chance. I’ll be the collateral, will that do?”


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