Billionaire God of War Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323

A surname!


This all became very interesting now.

This red cloud was the symbol that Hidden Sect used.

His Lordship was in control of the Hidden Sect, and he was backed by a reclusive clan. So was the surname of the clan ‘Drake’?

That Evan hanging around the Extreme Martial Arts Academy was a Drake.

Ethan and Butler Zed exchanged glances, and they exchanged many messages with that glance.

“Professor Aronnax, how sure are you of this?” asked Ethan with a smile.

“In the name of science, I can’t say 100%, but I’m at least 80 to 90% confident,” replied Enoch seriously.

If he wasn’t that confident, he wasn’t going to embarrass himself in front of Ethan.

Ethan had put in a lot of money and effort, and he held knowledge in such high regard too. He didn’t want to disappoint such a young person.

Ethan pretty much got it figured out after he heard this confirmation from Enoch.

“Professor Aronnax, this is truly a major discovery and it’s been hard on you. This is something very meaningful to me,” said Ethan. “Take the next two days to get a good rest, then you’ll have the energy to continue working on this.”

“I’m fine, I’m used to it.”

“You’re fine, but your two students are human too. They’re not made from steel!” said Ethan with a laugh. “It’s very tough on them to research alongside you like this too.”

Enoch laughed and looked a little helpless.

He didn’t take in many graduate students every year. Many of them decided to continue with grad school only because they had no other choice. But after doing this for years, they continued to feel lost because there was no clear or bright future ahead of them.

Not everybody was like him and was truly passionate about this subject.

“I have some arrangements that can help the two of them. I’ll get Zed to get you two assistants who are more professional.”


“Professor Aronnax, you’re getting on in age and so you have to spend your energies wisely. With more professional assistants to help you, it’ll help to ease your workload,” said Ethan with a smile. “You’re a treasure, so I can’t let you overwork yourself!”

Enoch’s mouth fell open and his face was filled with gratitude.

Ethan was going to help those two students settle their future path!

It was best that a big boss like Ethan made arrangements. Otherwise, those two students could only continue on the road of research with him, and there was no future to speak of.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Enoch held Ethan’s hand and continued to exclaim, “Our society needs more young people like yourself, then only will the country become stronger and more powerful!”

When it came to complimenting others, once Enoch started, he couldn’t stop.

But he really liked Ethan very much and admired him greatly. If Ethan wasn’t already married, he’d get his granddaughter to try.

After leaving the lab, Butler Zed followed Ethan out.

“Those two students will join your information network.” Ethan’s expression suddenly became very serious. “Watch them closely!”

“Yes, Mr. Hunt.”

Of course Butler Zed understood this.

From the moment Ethan stepped into the lab and saw those two students, he had discovered this problem.

Humans died for money and birds died for food. Ethan knew that there was nothing that money couldn’t fuel. If there was, it just meant that the money offered wasn’t enough.

Ethan left after that.

He had just returned to Greencliff and had to attend to many matters. Now that he was all done, it was time to go home.

April was waiting for him at home and had prepared a lot of delicious food for him.

“Geoff, the Legend of Fairbanks is in town, so aren’t you coming along?”

The call was from Jenny. Since there was good food in the house, of course the Legend was going to appear.

Brother Geoff was driving when she called and he laughed. “Since there’s good food, then of course, I’m going.”


On the way back to Greencliff.

Number Five looked rather upset and didn’t say anything at all.

The car continued to speed along the highway.

He had specially borrowed a Mercedes-Benz E300 from Tom Foster, so it wasn’t considered too bad, was it?

Jasmine was seated in the front passenger seat with bloodshot eyes. She had clearly just cried earlier.


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