Billionaire God of War Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333

“There’s a big difference,” said Ethan calmly. “To me, each movement can transform into a thousand others, but to you, it seems like there’s no difference.”

Ivan blinked and wasn’t sure what Ethan meant by that.

“These are all the basics of Chinese boxing techniques, and the foundation of its very nature,” explained Ethan. “You could also say that any other boxing technique can be derived from this manual, and any other formation or set of techniques can come from this same manual.”

Ivan took a deep breath.

He was beginning to understand what Ethan was saying.

Of course he knew that this Extreme Fist Technique Manual wasn’t simple at all. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people trying to hunt it down.

But after seeing it for himself, he felt that it didn’t seem all that special either.

“A lot of people are curious about the manual and I can put it up on display because there are very few who can truly understand it.” Ethan laughed. “Or at least there aren’t any among all those people who’ve tried to take it.”

“You’re so sure?” Ivan was hesitant. “Aren’t you afraid that someone can understand it? Then that would be a terrible loss.”

“Loss?” Ethan shook his head. “It’ll be great if someone could understand it. The martial arts circle has been in shambles for years now, so I actually hope that it can be revived.”

“Chinese martial arts is the essence of our country, and the spirit of Chinese martial arts really shouldn’t be just lost in the long river of history. Elder Tanner, isn’t that what you hoped for too?”

Ivan remained silent for a long time.

This was something that was easy to say, but too difficult to do.

He wasn’t talking about reviving the martial arts circle, but about how Ethan was willing to just put the manual pages up for others to see.

Nobody else would have been willing to share any of this.

So many people wanted a piece of this treasure and kept it close to themselves so that they could study it closely. Once they understood it, they would be able to gain great fame and fortune!

But Ethan was here saying that he didn’t mind letting others see it at all.

“Punk, I’m really beginning to admire you more and more,” sighed Ivan as he looked at Ethan. “I’m embarrassed to say that I really don’t have the same broadmindedness as you do.”

“Since you’re decided, then I’ll get this settled. This face of mine is still pretty useful.”

He folded the manual pages neatly and returned them to Ethan.

“I’m sure His Lordship and the rest would never have thought that you would react this way.”

Even he didn’t think Ethan would make such a decision despite being in close contact with Ethan, never mind His Lordship.

“They want to fish me out, and guess what, I’m going fishing too. It’s just that they’re hoping to catch me, while I’m hoping to fish out the greater and deeper secret behind all these people.”

Ethan didn’t have to worry about the details.

He had always been like this. He was already used to just being an overseer.

Ethan continued to make tea in the office while Ivan walked out.

Evan was still sitting in the middle of the academy and waited for the next person to come and attempt to take the manual pages.

“Elder Tanner!”

“Elder Tanner is here!”

“Greetings, Elder Tanner!”

All the students greeted Ivan respectfully when they saw him.

Evan didn’t budge at all.

He didn’t have any regard for anyone in all of Greencliff except for Ethan.

In fact, he didn’t have any regard for Ethan, except that he couldn’t defeat Ethan in a fight.

“I would like to make an announcement.” Ivan ignored Evan and continued speaking, “Recently, a lot of people have come here to challenge the academy. As such, Ethan has made the decision to hold our very first martial arts competition so that everyone can exchange pointers.”

After he said that, everyone started getting excited and rubbed their palms.

“Whoever lasts till the end and gets first place will win the right to see the pages of the Extreme Fist technique manual that Ethan has!”


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