Billionaire God of War Chapter 2376

Chapter 2376

Greedy Wolf tried to remain cold and aloof, but Kye seemed to emanate a strange aura that made him unable to do so.

The only thing he could do was to remain silent, and use his silence to express his aloofness.

But Kye wasn’t the least bothered.

She held onto Greedy Wolf’s neck and was having the time of her life.

“Uncle, do you have any more of those clouds? They’re so fun to play with! Princess likes them very much! Let me play with another one? Pleaaaaaseeee…pleaaaaaaseeee…”

Kye continued to whine adorably along the way and Greedy Wolf wasn’t sure what to do. He had never experienced anything like this before. He knew what to do with powerful fighters, but he really didn’t know what to do with a cutesy little girl.

She really wore his patience down, but every time he reached his limit and he turned to start yelling at her, he suddenly couldn’t get any of the angry words in his head out and just went, “Humph!”

“Time to eat.” Greedy Wolf got someone to prepare food that Kye would probably like to eat, then left her at the table and turned to leave.

“Uncle, aren’t you going to eat too?” asked Kye obediently.

“Don’t call me Uncle,” said Greedy Wolf frostily. “We are not on such familiar terms.”

After that, he turned to leave. He didn’t want to spend too much time with Kye, because she affected his mood.

“Uncle, you seem very lonely,” Kye’s voice rang out from behind Greedy Wolf just after he had taken a few steps out. “Doesn’t anybody play with you?”

“Princess will play with you, alright? I’ll call Master along too!”

Greedy Wolf shivered, but didn’t say anymore and walked even more quickly.

Kye tilted her head. She didn’t understand why Greedy Wolf didn’t want to eat with her.

She looked down at all the delicacies placed on the table. There were many that she had never even seen before.

She reached out for one of the cakes and bit down gently on it. Her eyes immediately lit up. “Ooh! This is yummy!”

“Mmm! This smells so good!”

“This one is yummy too!”


At the same time.

Ethan and Peter Pan had arrived at Ashburnham.

“We have to wait till midnight for a chance to enter the Underworld.” A murderous rage was boiling within Peter Pan and he was very worried. Kye had been gone for hours now. “If Greedy Wolf dares to hurt her, I’m going to thrash it out with him!”

He was so angry that his entire body was shaking.

They were all from the same era and he knew what sort of person Greedy Wolf was. He knew that Greedy Wolf was a cruel and domineering man, but he didn’t expect Greedy Wolf to target a little girl.

What an animal!

Peter Pan took a deep breath and glanced at Ethan. “Are you ready?”

Ethan didn’t say anything.

He didn’t need to prepare himself for anything.

As long as someone was out to harm his precious daughter, he was going to kill that person!

He was willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of his daughter, his wife and his family, including his own life.

But even under such circumstances, Ethan still felt that something was amiss.

Why would Greedy Wolf target Kye?

Greedy Wolf didn’t need to do anything to provoke him since the two of them had already crossed each other’s paths so many times before.

Ethan stood expressionlessly, but Peter Pan could feel the wild waves of energy surging through Ethan’s body. Once they got into the Underworld and found Greedy Wolf, Ethan was going to tear him to pieces!

The two of them consoled each other, but they both knew that they were equally worried.

She was a precious daughter to one, and a precious disciple to another. She was someone neither of them could bear to lose.

This was the first time they had felt like time was passing by too slowly.

The sky slowly darkened.

Peter Pan began to feel restless and started pacing the room anxiously. He wished he could dash into the Underworld right now and rescue Kye.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Ethan got up to open the door and saw that it was Celaine. He turned towards Peter Pan without saying anything and stood to one side.

“Why are you here?!”


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