Billionaire God of War Chapter 2450

Chapter 2450




Their battle cry shook the sky.

Eighteen of them turned into fighting maniacs in an instant. The entire Boulder Formation erupted with a terrifying aura.

The Demon King’s face changed slightly. He didn’t expect the Boulder Formation to have this kind of impact.

He also didn’t expect them to be unafraid of death and willing to use their bodies as the spearhead of the Boulder Formation.

Ethan wanted to stop them. However, it was already too late.

His eyes were red, and his lips were trembling. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t.


The ground shook violently with a loud bang.

Brother Geoff and the others made their move!

Like a gust of storm, they moved quickly and instantly surrounded the Demon King.

“Attack!” Their shout almost tore the sky apart.

Eighteen of them disappeared into a storm, tightly surrounding the Demon King, leaving their afterimages behind.

“Be careful!” Ethan yelled.

At that moment, it was already too late for him to say anything.

Combining the Battle Formation Spell with the Boulder Formation was their ultimate technique. Brother Geoff and the others had already abandoned the thought of surviving from their minds.

At that moment, a cyclone brewed, and the winds howled.

First wave!

Second wave!

Third wave!

Fourth wave!

A total of eighteen waves!

One wave after another, constantly rushing in, forming a cyclone of blades. At that moment, the Demon King was in the eye of the storm, and there was no chance for him to escape.

The Demon King was unfazed. He looked through his twin iris and could see that the cyclone was created by eighteen of them. Their speed was lightning fast, and they used the Boulder Formation’s Shadow Step technique to increase their speed even further to the extreme.

They were probably at their limit.

The Demon King could see Brother Geoff and the others waving their fists. Indeed, their fists were the most powerful way for them to attack.

They combined their lightning speed with their fists to attack. They would act as the boulder and crash into the Demon King, killing themselves in the process.

“Crazy! You’ve all gone crazy!”

The Demon King was bewildered. He never expected anyone to fight him by sacrificing their lives to perish with him. Plus, even if he couldn’t survive the attack, only a few among the eighteen of them might make it out alive.


Pure madness!

“Bring it on!” the Demon King roared. He stood his ground and took a deep breath. He knew he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes at that moment.

The cyclone got stronger and stronger!

The wind grazed his face violently like knives, causing a painful sensation!

It was simply too powerful!

That was the most powerful moment for Brother Geoff and the others.

“Demon King! Here I come!”

“I’ll show you that even a mortal can kill you!” Number Five shouted. He wanted the satisfaction of insulting the Demon King even before his death.

Their speed got faster and faster, and the wind blades became increasingly terrifying!

Suddenly, the storm seemed to shrink, revealing Brother Geoff’s face.

The Demon King suddenly felt a chill in his spine.

He’s coming!

Before he could react, the first impact arrived!


It was too fast!

The entire cyclone closed in fiercely, and Brother Geoff threw his fist toward the Demon King. The Demon King could only raise his arm, and both collided violently.


The impact caused a tremor in the earth.

The ground under the Demon King’s feet split open instantly, and his feet sank deep into the crevasse.

At the same time, there were bloodstains on the ground. It was Brother Geoff’s blood!

“Geoff!” Ethan’s eyes turned red. He shouted and rushed over.

Then, he saw a figure flying out of the cyclone. Brother Geoff landed his first impact, and his body was sent flying.

Ethan leaped and caught him in mid-air. By that moment, Brother Geoff’s arm was already shredded to pieces!

All he had left was the arm that was broken!


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