Billionaire God of War Chapter 2478

Chapter 2478

Despite her injuries, Celaine moved super-fast and managed to grab hold of the soul on Ethan’s back.


She then slammed her hands together, crushing the soul in between her palms.

The chilling aura disappeared along with the soul.

As using Guidance while injured took a huge toll on Celaine’s body, she went pale and began coughing violently immediately after.

“Are you okay? What was that thing?” Peter Pan asked.

He didn’t see anything, but he could feel that there was something there. Had Celaine not gotten rid of it, that soul would’ve possessed Ethan’s body.

Ethan, too, found it hard to believe that such a strange entity existed.

“It was a soul. You know, like those that linger around and haunt places? They can easily evoke and amplify negative emotions such as hatred and anger when they pass through your body,” Celaine replied after taking a moment to catch her breath.

I don’t know if this is purely coincidental, or if something really serious is going on. Regardless, I just can’t help but have a bad feeling about all this. Greedy Wolf can’t be that crazy, can he? Still, why did he bring me to that massive grave then? How did that place even come to be?

With that in mind, Celaine turned toward Ethan as she continued, “I can’t use Guidance for long at the moment. Please be careful, you guys. More of those souls could show up here.”

She had used up a huge amount of energy helping Greedy Wolf absorb those souls back then. That, combined with the severe injuries inflicted by Greedy Wolf, left her in such a weakened state that she could die from exhaustion if she used Guidance again.

Ethan and Peter Pan exchanged glances and went on high alert after hearing that.

The worst type of enemy is the type you can’t see nor feel. All we can do is try our best to defend against them by instinct alone.

“I’ll keep Geoff and the others safe,” Peter Pan said.

He then stood in front of Kye and scanned their surroundings for any sign of unusual activities.

Ethan followed suit, but he couldn’t see anything despite having incredibly strong senses.

Unfortunately, only those naturally gifted with abilities like Guidance or twin irises were capable of seeing souls.

“They’re here! There’s so many of them!” Celaine exclaimed with disbelief and shock written all over her face.

She could see a huge mass of souls surging toward them like a tidal wave.

How is this possible? Has Greedy Wolf completely lost his mind? How could he do such a thing?

“What do we do?” Ethan asked.

Although both he and Peter Pan were competent fighters, they would just be hitting at air if they tried to attack the souls.

“You have to remain conscious! Bite down on the tip of your tongue if you must!” Celaine shouted.

Those words had barely left her mouth when Peter Pan felt a sudden chill down his spine. It was like an ice cube had forced its way into his back.

The next thing he knew, his blood began boiling with anger and hatred toward Greedy Wolf.

He was so consumed by rage that his eyes looked like they would scorch anything in sight.

“I’ll kill you, Greedy Wolf! I’ll f*cking kill you!” he yelled maniacally while making a mad dash out of there, crushing everything in his path with his fists.

“He’s gone berserk!” Celaine shouted through clenched teeth.

She wanted to help get the soul out of Peter Pan, but she couldn’t stand up no matter how hard she tried.

“Ahhhh! Must kill! Must kill!”

“We have to protect Greencliff!”

“Kill them all!”


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