Billionaire God of War Chapter 3603

Chapter 3603

Chapter 3603 Inform Boss

Floyd was indeed mad. How can they accuse Gloria just because the organization’s name overlaps hers? There are countless people with similar names on this earth. Not to mention, the Glorian Order means the mysterious woman wishes her organization to attain eternal glory and rule forever. Why are they relating this matter to Gloria? This is outrageous!

“Floyd, we have your best interest at heart. Gloria is really not a good woman. You may bring harm to Boss if you don’t pull yourself together and continue with this obsession. You may even put Boss’ life in danger,” Phoenix said sincerely.

“I will repeat what I said. Unfounded assumptions are not constructive references. If you all are so capable, produce some solid evidence to prove me wrong. Otherwise, all of you should just shut up.” Floyd’s tone turned frosty.

In his opinion, no one was allowed to tarnish Gloria’s reputation.

Floyd would not permit even Levi to slander Gloria without basis, much less Phoenix.

“You’re hopeless! Are you only going to realize your error when everyone, including Boss, gets caught up in a crisis?” Azure Dragon could no longer contain his fury.

In fact, if it weren’t because of Levi, he would not have wasted his time and effort to persuade Floyd.

Azure Dragon would have directly given the latter a beating, and perhaps that would clear up Floyd’s mind more effectively.

“Azure Dragon, Phoenix, I warn you not to spread these baseless conjectures around. I will not let any of you go if you disrupt the base’s peace and sow discord between Master and me. Believe me. All of you cannot win against me even with your combined strength now.”

Floyd’s expression was grim as he suddenly released a frightening and malicious aura.

Azure Dragon and the rest of his party were astounded.

Firstly, they did not expect Floyd to be so uncompromising to the point where he was even acting slightly recklessly.

Secondly, they could not believe Floyd’s significant improvement in his abilities.

Most importantly, as Floyd had mentioned, Azure Dragon and the others did not possess solid evidence.

Although most of the clues hinted at Gloria, none of them had witnessed her as the Glorian Order’s leader.

If they acted rashly and informed Levi of their assumption, Floyd and Levi’s relationship, as well as the base’s peace, might be badly affected.

The situation at the base was already difficult.

If an internal conflict erupted, that would merely add to the existing trouble at the base.

Besides, the consequences would be dire if Gloria was indeed wrongly accused.

Sensing Phoenix and the others’ silence, Floyd pressed further.

“Be patient, all of you. I will bring Gloria to meet with Master very soon. At that time, all the suspicions about Gloria will be cleared, and you all can finally shut your mouths for good.”

Floyd was even feeling a little smug. If he had not confirmed Gloria’s innocence with her in advance, he might have been swayed after listening to Phoenix and the others’ words.

Floyd knew he would feel utterly remorseful if he misunderstood Gloria.

“Floyd, I hope you know what you’re doing!”

Azure Dragon left with the others after saying that.


Floyd snorted in disdain while watching Azure Dragon and the other four’s leaving figures from behind.

The truth will prevail when I bring Gloria to meet with Master. I’d like to see you all spouting such nonsense by then!

He scoffed inwardly.

That argument merely fueled Floyd’s passion to become stronger.

Only with extraordinary power could his words carry more weight in the base or in front of Levi.

By then, everyone else would take his opinion seriously or even outright accept his proposals.

“I should continue searching for more spiritual energy to consume.”

Floyd’s only desire at that moment was to devour all kinds of energy.

Meanwhile, Phoenix and the others’ determination wavered after parting with Floyd.

Although the latter’s attitude was horrible, they could not deny his statements made sense.

Matters related to the Glorian Order were not to be taken lightly. Their groundless accusation of Gloria as the leader of the Glorian Order might cause unnecessary misunderstandings and conflict.

“I think there is a need to inform Boss. It is better to make an error than to regret our negligence regarding a matter like this,” Phoenix expressed her thought before anyone else.


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