Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 240

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 240-Scarlett’s POV:

Charles pressed me under him, and took off his top in a hurry.He stared at me, his eyes bright and clear.I looked away in panic, but I couldn’t avoid his perfect jaw line and well-built figure.

Oh my god! My chest was burning, and my entire body felt hot.

“I have to show you how great I actually am in bed today.”

Charles’s hoarse voice rang in my ears, making me tremble all over.

Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query “Charles, I’m sorry.Please, put on your clothes…”

I tried my best to shrink away, regretting my words.

In the first place, I shouldn’t have provoked this man, whom I knew had a strong desire to win.


Charles lowered his head and kissed me on the lips.

At the same time, he hugged me tightly in his arms.

He quickly got the initiative in kiss, hooking my tongue and sucking it into his mouth, as if he was trying to take control of my everything.

His hands didn’t stop, either.He slid one into my nightgown and began to caress my breasts, with the other hand carefully protecting my head.

I couldn’t help but indulge myself in his foreplay.

His movements were so wonderful, my eyes blurred and my body went limp and numb.

I had no strength left in me, unable to resist anymore.

His overwhelming male hormones surged over me, lingering everywhere on my body.

After a moment of indulgence, Charles quickly took off my nightgown and unhooked bra, and then my panties.

He was enthusiastic and passionate.

My body softened, and I could not resist his advances.

His warm tongue made me limp and numb, and finally, I gave up all forms of resistance.I followed my heart and let my instincts guide me.

Soon, I groaned with pleasure and panted breathlessly.

“I have to satisfy my wife today.”

Charles pressed me against his chest, rubbed his erection against my wet privates, looking at me affectionately all the while.

He then went straight in, opened the private place that I had closed for a long time, and thrust into me enthusiastically.

“Hmm…” I let out a happy moan.

His hotness slid in me, and all the nerves and cells in my body felt like they were burning.

I was in pleasure, but my body was numb and 1 couldn’t move.I stretched out my hands and wrapped them around Charles’ neck, mo*ning happily under him..

After the sweet love-making, I closed my eyes and snuggled up in his arms.

For some reason, I wanted to cry.I never wanted to shed tears, but he could always “bully” me into crying.

It seemed I had become addicted to Charles again.

The next morning, after breakfast, I took James out to bask in the sun.

Janet and Tracy walked beside me, as per usual.

As soon as we exited the mansion, James began to swing his little fists excitedly, wriggling hard in my arms.He was so cute!

“Let’s take a walk at the park.”

Seeing that James was in high spirits, I proposed to go to the park across the road.

That park had many more entertainment facilities and plants, “Yes, Mr.Moore.”

Just as I just crossed the road… I heard someone a familiar voice calling me from behind.

“Scarlett!” I turned around, and saw that it was Vivian.

“Hi, Vivian.What a coincidence!” She was in a car while she waved at me.

Then, she got out and walked towards me.

“So, is this your son? He looks just like Charles.” Vivian looked at James in surprise, and stroked his round and adorable head.

“So cute!”

“Yes, his name is James.” I looked to the car she had been in.

The driver inside turned his head away at once, which was odd.What on earth was he hiding from?

“Where’s Spencer? Didn’t he come with you?”


I turned my attention back to Vivian, who was playing happily with James.I wanted to see if there was anything strange in her expression, but I found nothing.Then, she suddenly looked up at me, a bright smile on her face.

“I’ll treat you and Charles to dinner at Mint Bar tonight.See you there.”

Before I could say anything in reply, she lowered her head and looked at James in my arms.

Then she said hurriedly in a low voice, as if she didn’t want to be heard, “If you don’t see me at Mint Bar by then, tell Spencer to look for me at the Johnson residence.”

Wait, the Johnson residence…? I wasn’t sure why Vivian said so, but I still replied loudly, “Okay, see you tonight.”

“Right.See you tonight, Scarlett.”

Vivian pinched James’s face again before returning to the car.

When the car left, I turned to Tracy and Janet, and asked, “Did you see the driver in that car?”

“Yes.He looks like a hitman.I’ve memorized the license plate number.I’ll investigate it later,” Tracy said firmly.

“If he’s really a hitman, then Richard may know something about him.” Janet’s eyes brightened.

“Go ask him immediately.”

“Yes, Mr.Moore.”

I walked to a few pots of flowers, with James in my arms.I picked up a leaf and put it on his small palm.

James seemed liked it very much.He immediately cooed joyfully, and bubbles began to form in his mouth.

“Richard said that the driver might be Justin.He’s been working for the Johnsons,” Tracy replied after she finished looking up the information.

“But I can’t find any information about this person on the Internet.It’s as if everything’s deleted on purpose.” Janet’s words aroused my suspicion.

“Let’s send James back first.After that, you’ll follow me to Mint Bar to look for Spencer.”

When I found Spencer, he looked a little listless.

“Scarlett? Why are you here so early?”

I didn’t intend to beat around the bush, and told Janet to inform him of my encounter with Vivian earlier this morning.

“Are you sure Vivian’s referring to the notorious Johnson family?”

Spencer furrowed his brows as he listened the story.He couldn’t believe his ears.

“Vivian said that if she didn’t show up at Mint Bar at eight o’clock tonight, you need to go to the Johnson residence and save her right away.I think it’s a distress signal from her,” I said to Spencer, my tone grim.

At this, Spencer took out his phone in a hurry.

“Charles, I need to borrow Richard from you.Vivian might be in trouble.By the way, come to Mint Bar when you finish your work.Your wife’s also here.”

After Spencer hung up, I rolled my eyes at him.

“If I had known it earlier, I would’ve gone straight to Charles,”

“Of course.In terms of tactics, no one could beat your husband!”

“Are you still joking around?”

Spencer was as nervous as an ant on a hot brick, but still pretended to be calm.It was quite amusing, “I-I’m not worried about her!”

The stubborn expression on his face was ridiculous.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that he cared about Vivian very much.Perhaps he was the only one who didn’t know that.We waited at Mint Bar for about an hour.

Just then, Charles and Richard rushed over.Richard said quickly, “I’ve sent someone to investigate that man Tracy enquired.”

“So, what happened? Tell me!” Spencer rushed towards Richard, his agitation obvious.

“Justin did take Vivian to the Johnson residence.”


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