Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 244

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 244-Scarlett’s POV:

In the morning, I opened my drowsy eyes and reached out my arms to embrace Charles.But then, I realized that he wasn’t beside me.The cold touch of the bed sheet jolted me awake.I still remembered how sweet we were last night.I wondered if it was just a dream.

Still dazed, I went downstairs.There, I saw Christine and Alice sitting at the dining table and eating breakfast.

When they heard me go downstairs, they both turned to look at me.

“Good morning, Scarlett.Did you sleep well last night?” Christine asked, smiling at me.

“Sure did, Grandma,” I answered listlessly.

“Come and have breakfast with us, dear! I specially made your favorite apple pie today.Charles had to go out early because something urgent needed to be dealt with in the company.But before he left, he made this heart-shaped fried egg, and told us that nobody is allowed to touch it, because it’s for his beloved wife.” Alice grinned as she said that.

I felt ashamed and annoyed by how foolish I had been.It caught me off-guard that I didn’t know since when I had been so easily swayed by Charles’ every move.This dawning realization made me panic.

It worried me that this current happiness was but a fleeting dream.

But, there was a voice in my heart that said I wanted to be with Charles and that I wanted to have the happiness I once dreamed of.

There was a variety of breakfast food on the table, fresh milk, fruits, pastries, and an apple pie that Christine carefully prepared.

They all smelled so good, and mouth-watering.Compared to these delicious foods, the heart-shaped fried egg that Charles made wasn’t even worth a glance.

But even so, I still savored every bite of it.

While we were having breakfast, none of us mentioned the dispute yesterday about having a second child.But I knew that the issue wasn’t over.

And sure enough, after breakfast, Christine brought me to her room.

She then held my hand and said earnestly, “My dear Scarlett, I’m getting old.The future of the Moore family depends on your shoulders and Charles’ now.I don’t really care about his opinion that much, but I want you to give us an answer.Can I expect a great-granddaughter anytime soon?”

The sight of her expectant eyes made me reluctant to say no.

“Of course, Grandma.”

“Great! I knew that you’d share the same opinion as I do, my dear!” Christine nodded with relief, still holding my hand.

At this time, Alice also came in.

Apparently she had heard what I said just now.

“Scarlett, are you really willing to do that?” It sounded like she couldn’t believe it yet.

“Of course.”

As soon as I said that, Alice rushed towards me and hugged me with excitement on her face.

“Oh, Scarlett! You truly are the best.Once my granddaughter is born, I’m going to give you big gift!”

The promise I made to these two women made them very happy, and it might’ve dispelled an oncoming storm in the family.

However, I had no idea what might happen in the future.

Now that I had comforted them, I could finally go to work.Not long after I sat down, Nina rushed into my office.

“Scarlett, do you have a moment? I’ve pondered about this for a long time, and I figured that it’s necessary for me to tell you about this matter.” Her eyes lit up.

“Is something the matter, Nina?” I was really confused.

“It’s not really that big of a deal.Do you remember that poor girl we met at the bar last time? The one goes by the name Jasmine.”

Upon hearing the name, I remembered the girl’s tearful pretty face.

“You mean that girl who wanted to make money to pay for her mother’s medical fees, but was forced by Rita to please those rich guys?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly.Actually, she came to see you just now.She said that her mother was dying, and she’s pleading to you for help.However, Janet and Tracy drove her away,” said Nina.

After a moment of hesitation, she asked, “Scarlett, do you think you could help her out?”

In all honesty, I was surprised.I had only met Jasmine once, so how come she knew that she should go to the TV station in order to ask me for help? It all sounded so suspicious.After all, she had once been in contact with Rita.It worried me that this girl was just a way for Rita to lure me into one of her traps again.

But at the same time, I thought of how helpless and desperate Jasmine looked.

It was hard not to sympathize with her.I knew that only those who had fallen into the deepest pits of desperation would have such desolate eyes.

‘’Was my father like her in his moment of desperation? If someone had helped him back then, would his end be less tragic?’’

It was this thought that made me reconsider.I decided to help Jasmine out.I felt that this could make up for my regrets.

“Nina, you know that I don’t want to get involved with anything even remotely related to Rita.But this time, it’s a matter of life and death, so I’m willing to make an exception.But know this, I won’t do it again” I sighed.

“Sorry to have imposed this on you, Scarlett.I should’ve stayed out of it.I’m really sorry for bringing you this big trouble.” Nina apologize to me and then she promise that she wouldn’t do it again.

“It’s not your fault, Nina.” Though I had made up my mind to help Jasmine, I still felt uneasy about the whole thing.

Thus, I decided to tell Charles about it.

“Honey, why are you calling me at this time of the day? Do you miss me?” Charles’ mellow voice came from the other end of the line.

“I need your help on something, Charles.Are you free later?”

“Well, you’d never come to me unless you need a favor.Nevertheless, since you’ve asked me for help, I’m willing to free up my schedule.See you at my company later, my love.”

It was fortunate that Charles agreed so readily.

“Okay, see you then.”

With that, I hung up the phone.Upon my arrival at the Moore Group, Amy was waiting for me downstairs.It was then that she let me to Charles’ office.

When he saw me enter his office, Charles immediately approached me and held my hand.

“Honey, you’re here.”

The sound of his voice was so gentle and comforting.But as soon as he turned his head to Amy, his expression changed.

“You may leave now,” he said calmly.

“Yes, Mr.Moore.”

Without hesitation, Amy left the office.Charles led me to his desk, sat me on the chair, and kissed me.Blushing, I stood up and turned my face away from him.

“Stop it, Charles.I’m here for something serious.Don’t be such a flirt!” I noticed the disappointment on his face.

Charles leaned back again his desk, and held me in his arms.

“Alright, Scarlett.Let’s talk business.”

It was then that I told him what happened today.Charles raised an eyebrow at me, seemingly surprised.

“Scarlett, why do you want to help a complete stranger?”

“Just think of it as my better nature; a good deed, perhaps,” I answered.

“Scarlett, do you believe that it’s entirely a coincidence? What if Rita is just using Jasmine to hurt you?” he asked.

“That’s why I’m here to speak with you.With your resources, it’ll be easy for you run a complete background check on this girl, right?” I asked.

Charles planted a kiss on my lips and smiled.

“As long as you want my help, it’s a piece of cake.”


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