Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 247

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 247-Scarlett’s POV:

“Charles, do you even know what you’re talking about?”

I looked down to avert my gaze from his passionate eyes.

Charles pinched my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes.

“Scarlett, I swear on my family’s name. If there’s anyone in this world who could make me willingly hand over my life, it’s just you.”

“Without hesitations?” I asked.


Charles picked up the pen on the floor and handed it to me.

Then, he placed his arms around my waist, leaning closer towards me.

“You can try.”

His voice was like music to my ears, and it was bewitching.

I furrowed my brows and raised the pen high on purpose, pretending as though I was going to jab his arteries with the pen.

In response, Charles closed his eyes leisurely.

When it came to relationships, he was a bold risk taker who didn’t care that much about his own life.

But even so, Charles had won the bed.

I had lost against him, but that didn’t necessarily made me feel bad.

It was then that I threw the pen away, gently cupping Charles’ cheeks with both hands before I planted a kiss on his forehead.

“Scarlett, you believe me, don’t you?”

His wide-eyed gaze displayed his surprise.

I nodded in response to his question.

No woman wouldn’t swoon over a man’s promise that he would willingly lay down his life for her.

If I had jabbed the pen into Charles’ artery, he would’ve been dead moments ago.

I was so moved by his faithfulness and loyalty to me that I hugged him with every bit of affection I could muster.

“It may not be that difficult to lay down your life,” I told him, briefly pausing for suspense. “I’m gonna need you to do something even harder,” I continued.

“What is it?” asked Charles.

“I want you to keep living for me.”


Charles and I spent the whole day together. When night fell, I suggested that we should visit Vivian.

Upon our arrival at Mint Bar, Charles went to look for Spencer.

Meanwhile, I went to Vivian’s room alone.

“Scarlett, I’m so glad to see you here,” said Vivian.

“Yup! I’ve promised to come and see you,” I replied.

She looked a lot better than the last time I saw her. On her desk, there were several small bottles of liquid medicine of varying colors.

To sate my curiosity, I went to pick up one of the bottles. The one I had picked up was as clear as water. Its contents rippled gently as I swiveled the bottle around.

“You picked a good one, Scarlett. You should take that one home and give it a try. It’ll be fun. Trust me.” Vivian giggled. “I’m sure you’ll spend a wonderful night with Charles after taking that.”

The way she was looking at me made me blush. And as I held the medicine bottle in my hand, I felt a little embarrassed.

“Charles doesn’t need it,” I remarked, putting the bottle down. They were all neatly arranged on the desk.

If Charles were to take this drug, I probably wouldn’t be able to get a wink of sleep at night, and he’d probably pester me even during the daytime.

Vivian burst into laughter. “Is Charles that great in bed?”

“He restrains himself sometimes,” I responded, my face blushing even more.

It was true that Charles would go crazy on me whenever we had s*x, sometimes because I would let him f*ck me as much as he wanted.

But if I were to refuse him firmly, he would just respect me and my feelings. However, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t complain like a child. And then, he’d use it as an excuse to ask me to make it up to him the next time we could have s*x again.

“Thanks for your help the other day. If it weren’t for you and Spencer, I would’ve been in dire straits.” I noticed that Vivian’s shoulders were trembling as she spoke. It looked like she was still terrified of that horrible experience she had that


Attempting to comfort her, I held her shoulders and said, “You don’t have to thank me. Thank Spencer instead. He really cares about you.”

That day, Spencer let all hell break loose. He must really care about Vivian. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so furious.

“Does he really care about me?” A bitter smile appeared on Vivian’s lips.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Spencer hasn’t spoken to me the whole day,” she said, still wearing a wry smile.

“If he really cared about me, then why is he ignoring me when I’m by his side? Why did he have to be a hero only in my time of need?”

I could understand why Vivian was feeling insecure and worried.

At times, people could be by your side, and yet they would feel so out of touch.

“Maybe it’s still hard for him to process. Just give him some more time, Vivian.” I patted her hand and added, “Spencer can be stupid sometimes, but he does care.”

“I agree with you on that one.” A sly smile appeared on Vivian’s pretty face. “But, don’t worry! I have an idea,” she continued.

I followed her gaze and saw the bottles on the table.

‘Wait… is she going to use those on Spencer?

My, my. He’s really met his greatest match in love, hasn’t he?’

I raised my glass towards Vivian, and grinned. Her plan was indeed wonderful.

“Then, here’s to your success.”

We clinked our glasses together with a tacit understanding.

Charles’ POV:

I regretted leaving Scarlett.

Ever since I met up with Spencer, he had been complaining nonstop.

“Charles, are you even listening, dude?” He was wearing a pitiful expression. “I think Vivian might’ve cast a curse on me. I’m feeling dizzy today, and I feel really feeble.”

“You were really strong when you beat the crap out of Ethan that day,” I remarked with a chuckle.

Out of boredom, I sat on the sofa. I felt as though my ears would explode if I kept on listening to Spencer’s nagging.

“That cunt deserved it. He should count himself lucky that I didn’t beat him to death,” Spencer said proudly.

“Killing him would do you no good, bro. Think about this. Why do you think Emily was willing to marry Vivian off to someone like that?” I asked.

Sometimes, Spencer could be too simple-minded. He would always allow his emotions to cloud his rationality.

‘What an optimistic fool,’ I remarked inwardly.

“Why else? It’s because Emily is a heartless piece of shit! She basically sold Vivian. She doesn’t care about Vivian’s happiness. She only cares about what benefits she can get out of her own daughter!”

Spencer sprang to his feet, visibly enraged. He was riled up at this point. Each time that he mentioned anyone that wanted to hurt Vivian, his face would display just how badly he desired to murder that person.

“What about Ethan? Both of them must’ve had a purpose to reach that sort of agreement. There are only two possibilities why Ethan would want to get Vivian through perverse methods. One is that he

could benefit a lot if she became his wife. The other is that he just sees her as a piece of meat that he could f*ck whenever he wanted.”

Now that Spencer had brought that up, I dribbled my fingers on the table.

“Whatever his purpose may be, do you think Vivian would give in so easily?” I asked.

“Of course not,” Spencer answered decisively. “She won’t, if she’s still the Vivian I know.”

The decisiveness of his voice gradually faded.

“But do I really know her that well?” Spencer wore a conflicted expression. “Damn it! Sometimes, I really can’t figure out what Vivian wants.”

This matter was probably not as simple as it seemed.

I let out a sigh and attempted to comfort my friend. “It’s too early to give up now.”

No matter how bad a situation might be, I believed that it could be overturned soon


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