Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 296

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 296-Charles‘s POV:

In the private room, I picked up my glass and smiled at William sardonically.

“Just say it.”

“Relax.Why are you in such a hurry? Anyway, I have something to show you.”

William unhurriedly fished out his phone from his pocket with his slender fingers and added, “It‘s time to put an end to your delusion.”

An end? What did he mean by that? Perplexed, I looked into William‘s eyes for a moment and then grabbed his phone.

A photo of two newborn babies was displayed on the screen.

They were sleeping peacefully, and their tiny bodies were snuggling up to each other.

Because of the camera angle, their red lips and rosy cheeks looked a hundred times more charming.

“These twins are my children with Scarlett.They‘re adorable, aren‘t they?”

William‘s words struck me like thunder.

“What did you say?” I asked, flabbergasted.

“Scarlett lost her memory and is regarding me as her husband.And as you can see, we have children now, so…”

William looked straight into my eyes and continued, “Divorce her.”

My mind went blank.

When William said the last sentence, I felt as though a thousand arrows pierced through my heart all at once.

Truth be told, I had mentally prepared myself when I entered the room and saw the ring on William‘s finger.

However, I did not expect that the reality was far crueler than I had imagined.

“I want to see her,” I replied.

That was all I wanted right now and the only thought I had in mind.

William frowned in disapproval.

“Again, Scarlett lost her memory.She can‘t even remember her name.What‘s the point of seeing her?”

“William, do you know the saying ‘seeing is believing‘?” I asked with a sneer.

What a joke! How could I believe this bastard? Scarlett loved me with all her heart.

How could she forget about me and have children with another man just like that?

“I‘m afraid you can‘t see her.She has just given birth, so she‘s still very weak.I will take her out once she recovers, but I want you out of her sight.”

William spoke so resolutely as if there was no way his words could be bent.

I clenched the glass in my hand in anger and frustration.

“The doctor said that Scarlett has selective amnesia because of a traumatic event that happened to her.She didn‘t want to remember the past.Needless to say, she doesn‘t remember you, the whole

Moore family, and even James‘s death.Charles, don‘t you understand? You will only bring her pain and despair.”

William‘s words brought an excruciating pain all over my body.

“Charles, that‘s all I want to say.I hope you keep your promise.Don‘t disturb her life.Please set her free.That will be a relief for the three of us.”

William drank up the wine in his glass and then stood up to bid farewell.

“I‘ve gotta go.Scarlett doesn‘t know I‘ve gone to meet you.She thinks that it‘s just an ordinary dinner party, and she advised me not to drink too much.”

After saying that, he took out his phone and showed me her message.

After William left, a deafening silence fell in the room.

The message I had just seen kept flashing through my mind.

I was heartbroken that I could hardly breathe.

Scarlett used to tell me not to drink too much.

Sadly, her tenderness and concern now belonged to another man.

All of a sudden, I tasted blood in my throat.

I clenched my glass tighter and tried hard to suppress the discomfort in my stomach.I wanted to drown myself in alcohol to ease the pain.

But when I raised my glass to my mouth, I suddenly collapsed.

My stomach churned as guilt and regret swept over me.I put down the glass and ran out of the private room.

But just after taking a few steps, my vision began to blur, and I coughed up blood.

The next thing I knew, I had fallen to the cold, hard floor.

For a moment, I felt as if I had traveled through time.I saw two helpless figures in front of me.

One was covered in blood, and I could only watch as the other fell into the sea.

They were my wife and son.

If only I did not hold back and killed Rita, would things end up differently? Would my Scarlett and James be saved? With that, everything turned black.


I awoke the next day.I looked around to see where I was and realized that I was lying in the hospital.

A storm was brewing, and the strong wind was blowing violently outside the window.

A few moments later, heavy rain poured down.

Seeing that I was finally awake, Spencer leaned against the window and asked, “Charles, why don‘t we take Scarlett back by force?”

“Take her back? For what? To hurt her more?” I retorted.

“But Scarlett doesn‘t remember anything, does she? You can just take her back and make it up to her for the rest of your life.”

I struggled to sit up.

Suddenly, the memory of when I held Scarlett in my arms crossed my mind.

I could never forget the look of disappointment on her face when she looked me in the eye.I closed my eyes and said with all my might, “I don‘t deserve her anymore.”

Scarlett must have hated me so much to the point that she had chosen to forget all of us.

I had lost the right to be with her.

Spencer opened his mouth to refute my words, but it seemed that words stuck in his throat.

He was silent for a while, before he finally found the words to say “Charles, Vivian said that William might be lying.Scarlett having amnesia might not be true, and the children you‘ve seen might not exist.”

A sneer tugged at the corners of my mouth, but I said nothing.

I could tell that William loved Scarlett.

A man would do anything to make his beloved woman his.

I knew it very well because I was like that.

If Scarlett really lost her memory, William would take advantage of the opportunity to make love with her.

Because, if she gave birth to his child, she would belong to William forever.

“Charles, think about it.It‘s just been a year since…well, William said Scarlett had just given birth.You do the math.She was badly injured at that time.How could William have s*x with her? If he did, wouldn‘t

he be worse than a beast? The way I look at it, William is just deceiving you so that you‘d divorce Scarlett.”

The word “divorce” brought a pang to my heart again.


Spencer might be right.

What if what William had said was only a lie? At this realization, I finally got the courage to fight.

“Spencer, I want you to find a person for me.”

Spencer‘s POV:

I drove to William‘s villa and parked my car in an inconspicuous location.

After a long while, a black SUV drove out.I followed it at once.

The SUV arrived at the underground parking lot of the hospital where Charles was.

Tracy got out, followed by a thin woman in a beige windbreaker and a beret.

Wait a minute.

Was that Scarlett? Didn‘t William say that she was very weak? If that was the case, what was she doing here? The woman said something to Tracy, and then the two entered the elevator.

After staring at the woman for a moment, I was certain that it was Scarlett.

I could not be wrong.

The way the woman walked was exactly like hers.

With that, I got out of the car and followed the two women.

But before I got close, my phone rang.

The sound alerted the women.

They looked in my direction warily, so I immediately hid behind a pillar before they could see me.

My heart almost leaped out of my throat.

“Fuck! Why did you have to call me right now?!”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Vivian asked lazily.

“I saw Scarlett just now.”


“Yes.I‘m sure it‘s her.”

“Where are you now?”

“I‘m at the hospital where Charles is admitted.”

The call ended as soon as I finished speaking, but I remained in a daze.

Could it be that Scarlett had found out that Charles was ill, so she came to visit him? Yes.

That woman must be Scarlett.

She loved Charles so much.

It was impossible that she would not care about him.

So when she found out that he fainted, she went to the hospital as fast as she could.

This just proved that she still loved him.

I had to call Charles right now and tell him about the good news.


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