Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 298

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 298-Spencer’s POV:

I leaned against the wall of the corridor and took a drag on my cigarette.

When I was done smoking, I saw Tracy walk out of the room.

“Finished?” I asked, straightening up.

“Yes,” Tracy muttered and went downstairs in a hurry.

She seemed a bit flustered.

I didn’t stop her.I just took a peek inside and saw Charles standing quietly by the window.

He probably didn’t get what he wanted to know from Tracy.

I was about to go inside to comfort him, but I heard a noise behind me.I turned around and found Vivian staring at me.

She was wearing a crop top and a short skirt, which were enough to derail my train of thought.She looked so s*xy that I had to shake my head to keep the naughty images away.

“I saw Tracy on my way here.She seemed upset and in a rush.What happened?” she asked.

I pointed at Charles, hinting at Vivian to keep her voice down.She immediately stopped talking and looked inside.

Then, she whispered, “What did Charles find out? Anything game-changing?”

“Game-changing? What do you mean?” I asked curiously.

“Someone’s lie is about to be ripped apart .Want to bet?”

Vivian muttered with a wild glint in her eye.She really knew how to keep me on the edge.

“Bet on what? I need more context.Stop teasing,” I backfired.

She said firmly, “I bet Scarlett didn’t lose her memory at all.”

“Then you already lost the bet before it even started.She’d already given birth to the twins, remember?”

I countered and folded my arms over my chest.

“Then let’s bet who the father of the babies is,” Vivian insisted.

“Do you even understand how a bet works, Vivian? We already know that William is the father,”

I scoffed, getting a little tired of the pointless charade.

Though I didn’t want to believe it either, I just couldn’t prove that William was lying about it.

“Spencer, you’ve known me for a long time.How can you still think I’m being silly about something serious?”

Vivian groaned and hit me hard on the head.

I winced in pain and then rolled my eyes at her.

“Fine.Context, please.”

“Like I said, Scarlett didn’t really lose her memory, and if she still remembers everything from her past life, then there’s no way she’d have slept with William.We both know she’s only in love with one man.Therefore, the twins are really Charles’s.”

As Vivian spoke, her eyes shone with the kind of passion and excitement that drew me to her.

She looked even more attractive when she was pumped up, and I was obsessed.

“You’re right.That’s entirely possible.She must’ve been pregnant already when they split up,”

I conceded.

All of a sudden, I was filled with joy and hope.

If Vivian was right about Scarlett not losing her memories to begin with, then Charles could get back together with her and be happy again.

That was great.

I was prepared to give anything to chase away that cloud of depression that had been following Charles around since Scarlett left.

“But even if the twins are Charles’s, it’s still going to be hard for them to get back together,”

Vivian sighed heavily and added, “Scarlett may still be grieving James’s loss.Even if she makes up with Charles, it’ll still take a lot of time and work to get over the untimely demise of their firstborn.We better not celebrate too early.We have a long way to go.”

Vivian’s words sobered me up.

The spirit of joy and hope that had just engulfed me vanished into thin air, leaving me with a feeling of dread and exhaustion.

Vivian gently patted me on the shoulder and said, “Life is full of surprises.Maybe we just need to let fate run its course for now and hope for the best.Maybe the tides will turn in our favor.”

“You’re right.Life is indeed full of surprises.With that being said, do you think we should seize the day today?” I thought out loud.

I looked at Vivian affectionately and waited for her response.

“Is that a weird sort of proposal, Spencer?” Vivian chuckled, but her little laugh wasn’t able to conceal the nervousness in her voice.

I walked over to her and whispered in her ear, “Let’s get married.How about that?”

“Are you serious?”

Vivian beamed, stood on tiptoe, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I have never been more serious about anything in my entire life,” I replied, wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her close.

“Okay.I’m in.Let’s get hitched,” she said with an excited and determined look in her eyes.

“About time,” someone interjected.

I turned and saw Charles behind us.

“How long have you been standing there?” I asked, a bit embarrassed.

I let go of Vivian and lowered my head, refusing to meet Charles’s gaze.

“A while.You two should really learn to keep your voices down,” Charles replied and then went downstairs.

I felt my face turn red hot as he left.

William’s POV:

I was reading the paper in the living room.

Tracy returned alone, her eyes darting everywhere and her face white as bone.

Did she have something to hide from me? I waved at her and asked her to go upstairs with me.

In my study, I eyed her carefully and asked, “Are you just coming home from somewhere?”


“Did you meet with Charles?”

“Yes, sir, I did,” Tracy said directly, which told me that she was being honest.

“What did he want?” I asked.

I wanted to understand Charles’s motivations.

“He…He wanted to know something about Scarlett,”

Tracy answered, glanced at me, and then lowered her head immediately afterward.

“What did he want to know?” I pressed.

“He asked about Scarlett’s memory loss and her new babies.I told him everything you taught me to say,”

Tracy explained with a hint of impatience in her tone.

As usual, although it was obvious that she didn’t like me, she wasn’t hostile toward me.

“If you told him what I told you to tell him, then why are you acting all guilty?”

“I…I’m not acting all guilty,” she began to stammer.

“You must have revealed something else to Charles.”

“No, I didn’t,” Tracy said defensively and took two steps back.

She shook her head and stubbornly stood her ground.

“Go downstairs and practice the story I told you to tell in front of the mirror.I want you to be careful not to let out the truth in front of anyone.”

“Yes, sir.”

With that, Tracy turned around and left the study.I came to the nursery to see the twins.I found them awake in their cribs and quietly sucking on their thumbs.

It had been two months since they were born.

Their little faces were soft, pink, and dimpled.

Sometimes, I couldn’t believe how cute they were.

I walked to their cribs, looked at them dotingly, and said, “Hello, Jerry and Jason.That man has come to Kitsap.Do you think I should tell your mother?”

The twins looked at me, put their thumbs out of their mouths, and cooed.

I returned their adorable smiles.

“It seems that it’s unnecessary to tell Scarlett about Charles’s arrival,” I mused.

The babies didn’t seem to disagree.

Later, I took Scarlett shopping.

After hopping from store to store for a while, we entered a shoe shop.

Scarlett picked up a pair of pink baby shoes and beamed, “Look at these, William.

Don’t you think they’re so cute?”

“Yes, they’re cute, but you have two sons,” I reminded her.

“But I really like this pair of shoes.Can I buy it?”

Scarlett insisted, staring dotingly at the baby shoes.She obviously liked them very much.

“All right.Go ahead,” I folded.

I found it extremely difficult to say no to her.I looked at her affectionately, but she turned her head and avoided my gaze.I supposed she still couldn’t accept me.I sighed and looked away, only to see a familiar figure.

“Take your time.Buy whatever you want, okay? I’ll just step outside for a minute,” I told Scarlett.


I walked out of the store quickly and looked around, but I didn’t see the familiar figure again.

Did I make a mistake?


I suddenly heard Scarlett’s voice from behind.

She sounded affectionate, which was unusual for me, but it still stirred up ripples in my heart.Was she calling me?


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