Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 362

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 362-Scarlett’s POV:

“What if the kids miss their dad?”

I was at a loss for words as I looked at William.

“They are young, and once they see that I am good to them, they will soon forget their biological father,”

William comforted me softly.

I smiled bitterly and shook my head, tears streaming down my face.

“Let’s go.” William walked up to me and held my hand.

Although I should have left, I did not want to move.

Ever since my dad passed away, I had been dreaming about him, and I would even cry in my sleep sometimes.Was I really going to let my children also suffer like I did?

“William, I’m sorry but I don‘t want to leave.” I looked at him apologetically.

I could never let my children experience the same pain.

All of a sudden, we heard the sound of footsteps.I turned around and found a dozen men in black suits, surrounding the area.

Charles and Richard walked out of the elevator.

When I looked into Charles‘ cold eyes, I could not help but panic.

“Take the kids away,” he ordered coldly.

Within a moment, all the bodyguards stepped forward, and took my children away.

My legs began to tremble.

A great sense of panic struck me, leaving me short of breath.

William held me right before I collapsed to the ground and comforted me in a low voice, “Never mind.I‘ll take you away and start a new life.”

‘A new life? Feeling desperate, I burst into tears.

I could never live a life without my kids.

“Scarlett, you can leave if you want, but you must remember that if you leave, then you will never be able to see the kids again,” Charles said coldly.

Under the dim light, I could not see his face clearly, but I could feel his anger like the blazing hot air from a campfire.

“I can even allow you the freedom of finding a man you like, but not with my sons,” he added.

“Scarlett, let‘s go.”

William put his arm around my shoulder and continued, “We can have our own children in the future!”

He was trying to take me away by force convenientes However, I stood still as I looked at Charles pleadingly.I couldn‘t lose my children.

They were all I had! William was so anxious that he carried me with all his strength.I finally came to my senses.

“William, put me down!” With a helpless look, he complied.

“I don‘t want to leave.”

I couldn‘t leave my children behind, and I could not be separated from them!

“You won‘t live a good life if you stay.Charles won‘t let go of you easily!” William reminded me coldly.

“But if I leave without my children, I will still not live a good life.”

There was no one who knew better than me that it was painful to be separated from my kids.

I couldn‘t bear to lose them again.

“Scarlett, why are you being so silly? Charles is not the only man in the world!” William hissed.

“It‘s not because of him!”

I retorted with a bitter smile.

Couldn‘t he see that I was doing it for my kids and not Charles?

“Then you come with me, and I will find a chance later to bring the kids to you, okay?”

William pleaded, holding my hand.

“You can‘t!” I retorted feebly.

The moment Charles appeared, I knew that I had no other choice.

William was about to continue his persuasion when he was suddenly interrupted by a cold voice.

“At least, I let her decide her own fate, William.Can‘t you even let her make her own choices?” William remained silent.

He looked at me for a while before he finally gave up and got on the helicopter alone.

After he left, Charles and I looked at each other in silence.I lowered my head, clenched my fists nervously as I walked towards Charles.

“Since you chose to stay, no matter what happens in the future, you have to bear it,” he reminded me coldly. I lowered my head in silence.

As long as I was with my children, I was willing to bear anything.

Charles gave me a sneer and turned around.I followed him desperately as I prepared for the worst.

After going downstairs, I searched every room, but I couldn‘t find the kids.

There were no maids or bodyguards in the suite either.

“Charles, where are the kids? Where did you take them?” I questioned him in despair as I stood before him.

With a cold gaze, Charles was sitting on the sofa, smoking.

Seeing him like that, my heart sank.

Charles‘ POV:

“Charles, where on earth did you hide the kids?” Scarlett asked in tears.

She was still wearing the wedding ring that I put on her while she was trying to elope with another man, taking my sons with her.

‘How cruel!‘ After a long time, she squatted down before me, grabbed my arm, and pleaded, “Where are our kids? Please, I want to know, okay?”

My heart softened for a second when I saw her pleading so humbly.

But the moment I remembered the stupid things that she had done, I could not help but get angry.

Sneering, I pushed her arm away as I looked at her disgustedly.I had long known that she would try to leave, but I thought that she would stay for the sake of our kids, as long as I begged her not to.

However, I had forgotten that her heart was as cold as a stone on a winter night.

She would not hesitate to kick me out of her life and run away with the kid the first chance she got.I lit another cigarette.

“Scarlett, why didn‘t you go with William?”

“I will be wherever my kids are.” Scarlett lowered her head feebly.

“Scarlett, do you really think that you are even qualified to see them now?”

I sneered with mockery.I‘m their mother.How can I not be qualified?

Scarlett raised her head and glared at me.

“Well, you did try to elope with William, right? You have no right to see them ever again!”

I reminded her coldly

“No, …”

“You are free now, Scarlett.Just like you always wanted.Go and pursue your happiness.I truly wish you a happy life.”

With that, I put out the cigarette.


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