Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 367

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 367-Scarlett’s POV:

“What the hell do you want, then?” I asked Charles in a shaky voice. “What do you think I want?” He approached me with a sullen look in his eyes..

My heart sank, but i knew how furious he would be once he found out about the waiver of custody when I had prepared it.

Tearing the document into pieces was not enough to satisfy him, so I could only appease his anger by making love to him. After all, he would only let me see my kids if I pleased him well. And I was already prepared to sacrifice anything for their sakes. I closed my eyes for a moment to pull myself together before I put my arms around his neck, gazing into his eyes. However, Charles said coldly, “What? Is that all you got?”

“I can obviously do a lot more, but will you let me sleep with the kids after you’re satisfied?” Gritting my teeth, I tried to negotiate with him.

I was missing my kids a lot, and if it was possible, I would do anything to spend time with them.

“Do you still want to sleep with the kids? Do you really think that you will have the strength to get out of bed after I am done with you?” Charles asked in an ambiguous tone, looking at me with his hungry eyes. He then began to kiss me without any warning, and I could only smell his sandalwood perfume. I felt so nervous as though I was waiting for a beast to devour me, and I subconsciously dodged.

“Why do you look so humiliated?” Charles stopped kissing me all of a sudden, and ordered, “Smile.”

“What does he think of me? Do I seem like a prostitute from a nightclub?’ Thinking of that, I glared at him, not willing to compromise at all.

“What? You got a problem with that?” Charles raised his eyebrows at me. I shrunk like a deflated ball under the pressure of his domineering question. I knew that I had no choice but to compromise for the sake of my children.

“Okay. As long as you allow me to accompany the children,” I said, clenching my teeth.

“Do you really think that you’re qualified to negotiate with me?” There was a contemptuous look in his eyes, which made me feel like a plaything that he was going to use to satisfy his desires. It was true that I was not qualified to negotiate with him about it, but what else was I supposed to do? I couldn’t help but smile bitterly, thinking about it. “Scarlett, you’d better not be demanding. I’ve already been very kind to you by letting you see the kids, so don’t try to push you luck.” I was their mother, but I was forbidden to see them, which made my heart sink deep into the abyss. How pathetic my life was!

Charles’ POV: Scarlett loosened her arms around my neck, looking ghostly pale. It seemed as though she had lost all hopes. Seeing her like that, I felt a little uncomfortable. “Scarlett, how are you going to please me with that long face?” . Without saying anything, she turned away. ‘She doesn’t even want to please me, does she?’ I looked away, and my gaze fell upon her s*xy cleavage and I felt my breath getting heavier.

“Scarlett, if you put on a long face again, I will…” Before I could even finish my words, I felt her soft lips on mine. Scarlett closed her eyes as she kissed me. Her face was so close to mine that I could see her eyelids quivering. However, she boldly used her tongue to pry into my mouth and twirled it. But it did not feel like a passionate kiss at all. It felt more like a baby beast learning to chew with new teeth. Although I was complaining in my heart, I couldn’t help but indulge myself in her unskillful kiss, which was making my heart race

“How can this be counted as a kiss?’

We had kissed countless times before. How could she still be a novice?

‘Silly girl!’ I had no choice but to take control. I pushed Scarlett onto the bed, wrapping one hand around her waist while holding her head with the other. I instantly took charge, sucked her tongue, trapping it between my lips and teeth. I then bit her tender lips, sucking her saliva until I felt her gasping for breath and pushing me away I was holding back my desire a lot as I leaned backwards a little and saw that her face was red as a sun-kissed tornato. She quickly put her arms around my neck shyly, trying to kiss me again, but I dodged delibețately. “Did I allow you to kiss me! You are not allowed to kiss me. Do you understand?” Scarlett pursed her lips and put down her arms.

“Okay.” Her lips were red and swollen by my kiss, like a ripe cherry. The moment she gently pressed her lips together, my mind went crazy for more, and I could not wait to turn off the lights.

“What a temptress.’

Holding her in my arms, I kissed and sucked on every part of her body, except for her lips while indulging myself in her soft moans.

The intense s*x made me temporarily forget the love-hate relationship between us, and it felt like we were the only two people in the universe.

After the s*x, I lay on bed, holding Scarlett in my arms, enjoying the aftertaste. I sensed that she was trying to escape while I was half-asleep. ‘Isn’t she exhausted? Where is she trying to go now?’ I pulled her back into my arms, displeased.

“Where are you going? Sleep here tonight.” “I want to see Jerry and Jason.” Her voice was weak and sore. “The nanny will take care of them. You don’t have to worry.” “But I want to be with them,” Scarlett insisted.

Was she really that eager to be rid of me?

I wrapped my arms around her waist tightly and said firmly, “Sleep now.” After that, Scarlett finally gave up. The next morning when I woke up, I felt the bed, and saw that she was not there. Where did she go? I immediately felt awake and sat up. I could tell that she was not in the room.

‘Where has that woman gone now?’ ..

I quickly got out of the bed and walked out at once, without even putting on my clothes. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Scarlett walking out of the kids’ room, holding Jerry in her arms. “Why are you here?”

“Why don’t you go and put some clothes on?” We spoke at the same time, but I forgot to lower my voice, which frightened Jerry. Pouting his lips, it seemed like he was about to cry, so Scarlett coaxed him, “Honey, it was Mom and Dad’s fault. We’re sorry for scaring you.”

Seeing how gentle she was with the kids, I could not help but get furious.

She did not care about me at all, and only valued her kids. She would not hesitate to abandon me at any time

Holding back my anger, I walked to the master bedroom, but just before I closed the door, I shouted at her, “Give Jerry to the nanny, and come with me!”

Scarlett reluctantly handed the baby to the nanny and slowly walked into the bedroom.”

“Who allowed you to see the baby?” Scarlett’s face turned deathly pale. She leaned against the door, afraid to even step forward.. “Charles, what more do you want?”


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