Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 370

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 370-Scarlett’s POV

A few days had passed, and there was still no news about Charles.

Sitting on the sofa dejectedly, I turned around, hugged Tracy, and cried bitterly “There, there. Don’t cry.”

Holding me softly, she comforted me.

“Okay ”

After a while, I sniffled, and wiped away my tears I couldn’t cry now I should cheer up and wait for Charles to come back

While I was talking to her, I heard my phone ringI glanced at the caller ID and saw that it was from William

After hesitating for a while, I answered the phone. “Scarlett, are you okay?” I heard his deep voice from the other end of the line, and he seemed to be a bit worried.

“I’m fine,” I replied with a faint smile.

“You still have not heard any news about Charles?”

At the mention of Charles’ name, I began to cry again

It had been a long time since the accident, and there was still no news of him

But for some reason, I firmly believed that he was still alive.

“No news is good news, right? He‘ll be fine,” William comforted me in a low voice.

“He can’t die yet! We still have a lot to solve!” I said in a firm voice, gripping my phone in my hand tightly.

“Charles and I also have a lot to sort out,” William echoed in a low voice.

Lowering my head, I fell silent.

After all, William had offended Charles many times because of me. Thinking of the past, I felt pain engulfing my heart.

“Anyway, I am glad to hear that you‘re doing okay. I was worried that you might become depressed like the last time when Rita hurt James,” William said in a low voice after a long moment of silence. “Thank you for your concern. I can take care of myself.”

With a grateful smile, I hung up. That moment, the doorbell rang, and I immediately stood up to open the door. Janet and Richard were outside the door, holding my kids. They both seemed to be concerned.

My eyes turned red with excitement the moment I saw the kids.

“Janet, Richard! How do you bring the kids back?” “Scarlett, we brought them over to keep you company. They miss you very much.” Janet smiled gently as she handed me the baby

I was moved when I saw how worried they wereI smiled with satisfaction that night when I saw the kids sound asleep on the bed.

After kissing them on their foreheads gently, I walked out of the room, and locked myself in the study Curling up on the sofa, I read the last text that Charles had sent me before the accident. He had mentioned that he wanted to talk to me about something after he returned.

Looking at it, tears streamed down my cheeks,

Hours later, I fell asleep. I saw Charles motionlessly lying on an iceberg in my dream. The ice cold wind, and the snow kept raging over his skin, but he did not wake up. “Charles, wake up! Please wake up…” I rushed to him and kept calling out to him, but it did nothing at all.

I had dreamed that dream for many nights. | The next day was family gathering day. Michael sent a car to pick us up.

So I took the kids to the Moore mansion. However, when we arrived there, Chloe blocked me outside. “You don’t have to come in. Just leave the kids.” She raised her head, looking at me arrogantly. . “Fine, then. Please tell them that I will pick up the kids tomorrow.”

Her contemptuousness was indeed annoying me.

But since I was not in the mood to argue with her, I had no choice but to compromise. By the time I got home, I saw Janet and Tracy preparing dinner, and Richard was helping them. An indescribable sense of bitterness filled my heart when I looked at the table that was filled with a variety of delicious food. That moment, my phone in my coat pocket rang. Wiping away my tears, I took it out.

A hint of surprise flashed through my eyes when I saw William‘s name on the screen.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Scarlett, were you driven out of the Moore mansion?” His voice was full of anger.

“How do you know about that?” I asked in surprise.

“Do you mind if I join you? I‘m right outside your door.”

Although I was a little startled to hear that, I quickly walked across the living room to open the door. William was indeed standing outside the door. He was well-dressed, but there was

a hint of dejection in his eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Do I look like a stray dog to you?” He looked down at himself with a smile of self-mockery.

“Why are you here?” I asked in confusion. William followed me with a helpless sigh and said, “I‘m a stranger to this city, so there’s no difference for me no matter where I spend the night. I took the liberty to come here because I believe we’re friends, and I hope you don’t mind it.”

He then sat down beside us and watched us prepare dinner. After a long time, he looked at me seriously, and said, “Scarlett, if the Moore family doesn’t want you, then let me have you.” Janet and Tracy suddenly looked up and stared at him vigilantly.

“Don’t make things worse.” Shaking my head helplessly, I refused politely.

“Scarlett, I’m being serious. We still don‘t know if Charles is dead or alive, and the Moore family is already trying to kick you out. What would be your stand in his family if he already died?” William frowned with concern. “Miss Moore was the only one who was cold to Scarlett. The others did not hurt her in any way,” Tracy explained anxiously.

“Scarlett is Charles’s wife and the mother of his children. Why is she at home on family gathering day with her bodyguards instead of with her family at the Moore mansion?” William asked coldly. The bodyguards lowered their heads in silence. Looking at them, William could not help but sneer.

“Can’t defend the Moores anymore, right?

Scarlett, now is the best time for you to leave. And I will help you with that if you want,” he said in a sincere tone, looking at me.

“Mr. Moore has not been found yet, and it is not wise to be making hasty decisions now,” Richard said coldly as he walked out of the kitchen with a dish in his hand, “And what if you’re never able to find him?”

“William, if you’re going to keep talking nonsense, then I suggest you get out!” I scolded him seriously, His words were like a sharp knife, stabbing my heart, making me burst into tears, He opened his mouth and was about to defend himself, but after a moment, he remained silent. There was an awkward silence in the room. A long time later, he stood up from the sofa. “Where are you going?” I asked hurriedly.

“I am going where I should have been. Take care, Scarlett. See you.” With a faint smile, he picked up his coat and was about to eave.

“William.” I stopped him. Hearing that, he turned to look at me. “I wish you a happy life.” William looked down in disappointment, smiling bitterly. He waved to me and left without turning back. After he left, I looked around the house. It was a place filled with sweet memories of me and Charles.

We used to snuggle up to each other in the living room, whispering in each other’s ears… As I curled up on the couch, tears began to stream down my cheeks again.


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