Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 382

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 382-Charles’s Pov:

The sky was overcast, and a thunderstorm was brewing I stood in front of the window and lit a cigarette.

The smell of nicotine calmed my nerves and alleviated my searing headache.

All of a sudden, my phone rang.I immediately picked it up and answered the call.

“How is it going? Have you found anything?” I asked Richard without beating around the bush.

“Sir, Miss Wilson’s identity is indeed suspicious,” Richard answered at once.

My heart skipped a beat upon hearing this.

“Send me the information.I’ll read it myself.Then, I want you to look into what happened to Scarlett when she ‘died’.Examine her medical records if you must,” I ordered sternly.

As soon as I finished speaking, I hung up the call without waiting for Richard’s reply.

I put my phone aside and then checked my email to carefully read the file Richard had sent.

According to his investigation, Caroline was Edward Wilson’s only child.

She was arrogant and domineering, the exact opposite of Scarlett Apparently, Caroline had lived with Edward since she was a child.

The more I read, the more depressed I felt.

For a moment, I suppressed my anger and frustration and sent Richard a message.

“Is this all?”

“Wilson‘s family is too mysterious.Aside from that, I‘ve only found out that Mr.Wilson has a secret affair with a rising star named Olivia.It is said that she and Miss Wilson don‘t get along,” Richard quickly replied.

I tried my best to remain calm.But deep inside, I was on the verge of breaking down.I was dying to know everything about what happened to Scarlett.I wanted to know why she suddenly disappeared a year ago and why she did not even deal with the divorce procedures herself.I wondered where she had been the past year.

Was she living a good life? A few moments later, Richard sent another message in which he asked, “Sir, I‘m curious about Miss Wilson and Mrs.Moore’s relationship.Are they twins?”

“No.They’re the same person.You’ve known Scarlett for years.Don’t you feel a sense of familiarity with Miss Wilson?”

“Then why is she pretending that she doesn’t know us? Does she have an unspeakable reason for doing that?”

Annoyed, I turned the phone off and closed my eyes.

My headache once again.

It was excruciating as if something was desperately tearing my nerves over and over again.

The corners of my mouth twitched at Richard’s question.

How could Scarlett have any unspeakable reason? I bet she just did not want to have anything to do with me anymore.

Perhaps she had come back to take revenge on me.I could live with that.

That would mean she had come for me.

As long as I could see her, I was happy no matter what price I had to pay.

While I was in deep thought, my phone rang yet again.


“Sir, there’s news from the hospital.Dr.Neame has asked someone to pick up your grandmother’s case.”

I stood up from the sofa excitedly.

“Has Hugo finally agreed to save my Grandma?”

“Yes, but it comes with a price.”

“I don’t care how much he wants.I’ll give him the money.”

It did not matter to me how much he wanted as long as he could save Grandma

“He wants three hundred million dollars,” Amy said in a hushed voice.

“I don‘t care how much i‘ll have to pay as long as Grandma can be cured.”

“By the way, I forgot to tell you that I saw your wife in the hospital the other day.”

“Where?” I asked at once.

“At the end of the corridor of the Department of Neurosurgery.You were sitting by the door of the ward when she passed by. But at that time, you had a terrible headache, so I was unable to tell you,” Amy replied in a low voice, I was astonished.

When I heard that Scarlett was in the area, my heart pounded wildly in my chest.

“Not long after Mrs.Moore left the hospital, they informed me that Dr.Neame is interested in your grandmother’s case.” I frowned.

It was too coincidental to be a coincidence.

“Mrs.Moore was in France for several years.Does she happen to know Dr.Neame? If so, what a coincidence!”

“Maybe,” I replied in a low voice.

I agreed with Amy’s speculation.

It seemed that Scarlett still cared about my family.She had not changed.She was still softhearted, just like before.

For the first time, a glimmer of hope lit up my heart.

“Scarlett, I will find you, and I will get you back.”

Scarlett’s POV:

It was raining heavily outside the window.

I stayed in the room and looked through Christine’s medical records.While I was busy reading, Nina suddenly called.I picked up the phone and answered the call.


“Caroline, how is everything going?”

Nina asked with a chuckle.I smiled mysteriously.

“Guess what.”

“Are you sure that your ex-husband will give you three hundred million dollars?” Nina asked in disbelief.

“If he doesn’t, I won’t save his Grandma.” I chuckled with feigned indifference.

Truth be told, I had carefully studied Christine’s case.

Hugo had written detailed notes on the files, which could be easily read and understood, even if a person had little medical knowledge.

After a moment’s silence, I reminded her, “Nina, don’t tell anyone that I‘m back,”

“Don’t worry.I won‘t,”

Nina sincerely promised.

After hanging up the phone, I put the records on the desk and turned around to leave.

But then, I accidentally knocked over a picture frame.

It was a family photo.I was with Charles and was holding my children with a bright and innocent smile.

My gaze shifted to Charles‘s face, which I had crossed out in anger.

All of a sudden, my mood darkened as I recalled the past.

At this moment, a knock came at the door, interrupting my thoughts.

“Come in.” I put the picture frame back to its place and turned to look at the door.

Elena came in with a tray in her hand.

“Caroline, would you like some sandwiches?” she asked with a smile.

I stood up and walked over to her.My irritable mood disappeared in an instant when I saw what she was holding.

“They look so delicious.Thank you, Elena.”

Elena scratched her head shyly and handed me a sandwich.I immediately took a bite of it, and the taste of its filling burst in my mouth.

“Hmm! This is so delicious.Elena, your cooking skills are getting better.”

“Mr.Edward has just called and said that he has something important to tell you.It’s urgent.”

“I returned for the ecological park project on the west coast.I’ll check it out in a few days.Tell him to rest assured.Since I’m the one who proposed that project, I‘ll be responsible for it until the end.”

“Actually, he‘s not really concerned about that.But what he said has something to do with the project.”

I looked at Elena in confusion.

“Mr Edward is happy that you‘ve taken over this project.But Mr.Adam…” Elena continued.

“Adam doesn’t want me to take charge of this project, does he?” Elena sighed heavily.

“He got into a heated argument with Mr.Edward this morning.He said that you were too young to shoulder such a heavy responsibility.”

“Adam has been throwing into a fit recently.Just reassure my dad for the time being.I‘ll deal with Adam myself.” I leaned against the chair, and my lips curled into a sly smile.


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