Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 399

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 399-Scarlett’s POV:

During the afternoon, I sat in my office reading some documents when Elena knocked on the door and came in. Caroline, someone is willing to invest in our project on the west coast. Here’s all the related information regarding said company. She handed me a stack of documents. I read through each document carefully.

The company was going to invest in the project was named KD Group, and its CEO was someone called Corey Stanton.

‘Corey Stanton? I’ve never heard this name before. Why did a stranger from a lesser known company suddenly want to invest in one of the Wilson Group’s projects?’

After a moment of contemplation, I looked at Elena and said, “Can you set up an appointment with Mr. Stanton for me?”

“Actually, he’s also asking to meet with you. He’s trying to schedule an appointment with you at May Cafe at ten tomorrow morning,” she replied.

Surprised, I raised my eyebrows. ‘It seems that he’s well prepared,’ I thought. I nodded in response and said, “I see. Help me set up the appointment. I’ll meet with him personally.”

Around seven in the evening, I finally finished all my work and got off duty. The second I walked out of the building, I noticed a limited edition black Maybach parked by the entrance. Charles got out of the car dressed in casual clothes, followed by Janet.

Upon seeing me, Janet’s eyes lit up. She waved at me, visibly excited. It had been a year since we last saw each other, but she hadn’t changed at all. She was still as childlike as ever. It was hard to resist the urge to smile when seeing her. But when I looked at Charles standing beside her, the smile on my

face disappeared. He had been haunting me this whole time. Calmly, I turned around and walked towards my red Bentley

The following second, someone blocked my way. “What? Are you seriously going to pretend like you didn’t see me?” asked Charles.

I looked up at him, flashed him a smile, and distanced myself from me.

“How could that be? Who would ignore the famous, infallible Mr. Charles Moore?”

“Miss Wilson, will you then do me the honor of allowing me to participate for the auction with you?” said Charle

“Sorry, but I’ve already accepted someone else’s invitation. If you have nothing else to say, I’ll be on my way,” I replied, ready to leave. However, Charles reached out his arm to stop me.

“Have you received the dress I sent you?” Annoyed and restless, I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth. Each time that I ran into him, I’d become impatient and I’d easily get affected by him.

“Oh, that cheap dress you bought me? No offense, but it’s not even worth a second look.”

I pushed Charles’ hand away and strode towards my car without hesitation.

“James, Jerry, and Jason are all waiting for you at home. Scarlett, are you really not coming back?” Janet shouted from behind me.

Upon hearing her say that, I stopped in my tracks. The bottled up emotions in my heart were about to burst. Because of how much I longed for my children, I couldn’t walk on.

“It’s time to go, Caroline.” Elena got out of the car, gesturing at me. I closed my eyes, holding back my tears. Someday, I would get my children back. But that day was not today. With every bit of willpower 1

had, i forced myself to move forward and get in the car. This time, nobody stopped Once I was in my car, I was left dazed.

“Caroline, Charles’ car has been following ours. What do you want us to do?” Elena asked, turning her head towards me.

In the rearview mirror, I saw the black Maybach following us like a silent, loyal knight. Everything that happened in the past suddenly flashed through my mind like scenes out of the movie.

Back then, that same black Maybach would be parked by the entrance of the TV station countless of times just to drive me back to our once warm home each night. Those were the good times Charles and I shared. This sudden moment of weakness made me panic,

‘Scarlett, you’re Caroline now. You can’t be soft hearted anymore!

While closing my eyes, I urged myself to calm down. “Ignore it. Let’s just get home as soon as we can.” The Maybach followed our car all the way to my villa. During the evening, I had a video chat with my dad. We discussed the project on the west coast.

“Dad, do you know anything about the KD Group? Why did they want to invest in our project? Something’s fishy about this.”

There were too many factors that made me doubt them, and they’d been clouding my mind ever since I heard their proposal to invest.

“I’m not sure about the specifics, but in my opinion, it’s always good to bring in new investors. Still, you should remain cautious. Do not let others entrap you,” Dad responded. It didn’t seem like he took it seriously. I fell silent after what he said. My only option now was to err on the side of caution.

“Dad, there’s one more thing I need to tell you,” I said, firmly looking at him.

“I want to speed up the process of getting custody of my kids.”

Charles’ POV:

Once Scarlett had arrived home safely, I drove back to the Moore mansion. The second I opened the door, a pleasant little guy threw himself into my arms. James looked into my eyes with his sunny expression. He complained, “Dad, a bad woman came to our house this afternoon to make trouble. She bullied me and wanted to hug my brother. She…”

‘A bad woman?’

“Was Raina here?” I asked, looking at Tracy. She nodded in response, seemingly feeling guilty.

‘Is that woman insane? How dare she lay a hand on my kids?’

“Tracy, what the hell were you doing? Why did you let that maniac in and get close to the kids?” I growled at Tracy.

Ashamed and afraid, Tracy lowered her head. Unexpectedly, James took a step in front of her and spread out his arms.

“Dad, don’t get mad at Tracy! It’s that bad woman’s fault. You shouldn’t blame Tracy for it.” James raised his chin, looking at me with contempt.

This time, I was taken aback. I looked around, staring daggers at everyone around me. All the servants lowered their heads. “From now on, no strangers are allowed to enter the house. Do you all understand?”

“Charles, you’re taking things too far. Am I not allowed to bring my best friend home for some fun? Besides, Raina is no stranger to us anymore!” Chloe complained as her eyes widened. I must admit that she could be spoiled.

At times, she was naive, and sometimes even stupid. “Chloe, you need to be more vigilant than that. Some people don’t deserve to be your friend,” I argued.

“Charles, you’ve gone too far!” She was so angry that her face turned red.

“What are you two arguing about? Just come over here and have dinner.” Mom intervened on our a tried to smooth things over. The whole family sat at the dinner table one after another.

There, Dad was staring at me as he asked, “News about this Caroline Wilson is spreading like wildfire. Is she really Scarlett?”

I paused from cutting my steak, for I had no idea how to respond to that. At this time, James was sitting next to me, staring at me and visibly confused. I touched his head and said nothing. Dad let out a sigh.

“I see. Well, this is between you two. We won’t do anything to interfere.”

Having said that, he shot Mom and Chloe a knowing glance. My mother turned her face away, while my sister pouted with displeasure.

“I’ll handle it.” Once dinner was finished, I picked James up as he yawned and carried him upstairs. The boy leaned his head on my shoulder, seemingly distressed about something.

“Dad, I don’t like that bad woman,” he whispered.

I patted him on the back to comfort him. “Fear not, my darling. Dad doesn’t like her, either.”

James’ eyes lit up as he looked at me. “Can you promise me that you’ll never let other women come to our house again?”

I planted a kiss on his forehead and replied, “Sure. I promise. ”

“Pinky swear, Daddy? Remember, men should never go back on their words!” James and I locked our pinky fingers and swore on it. After that, he blushed with excitement and embraced my neck tightly. At this time, my phone rang. It was from Richard.

“Mr. Moore, I’ve spoken to Corey about his meeting with Mrs. Moore tomorrow. He already knows what to do.” I felt relieved to hear that.

Since Scarlett wasn’t interested in my help, it was best to ask someone else to help her.

“Okay. Got it.” Once I ended the phone call, James seemed really excited.

“Dad, is Mom back?”

“She is.” I nodded and smiled.

“Oh, that’s great! I can’t wait to see her,” James cheered while raising his hands.

All of a sudden, I thought of a brilliant idea. I poked my son’s nose and said, “James, if you can behave well tonight, I’ll let you see your mom tomorrow.”

His eyes lit up with excitement yet again. “Dad, you’re the best!”


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