Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 466

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 466-Olivia’s POV:

I sat on the sofa, watching the clock tick.

Up until Caroline’s birthday party last night until now, Edward hadn’t shown up in front of me, nor had he called me.

Just as I picked up the goblet on the table and was about to drink, the door flung open with a bang.I was taken by surprise.

Edward approached me and took the glass from my hand.

He then threw it to the ground and it shattered into pieces.

Panicking, I covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming.

‘Who could’ve infuriated Edward? Could it be Caroline?’ I thought Just the mere thought of that possibility left me ecstatic.

I immediately held Edward’s hand to comfort me.

“Edward, what’s the matter? Don’t be so mad.Would you like to have something to drink?”

Edward stared at me with an intense gaze.I was too scared to utter a word.


He pulled me to the sofa and pinned me down.

Soon, he tore off all my clothes.

“Edward, it’s me.What’s the matter with you?” I said in a trembling voice.

Even then, Edward didn’t say a word.He just kept on kissing me and biting my lips.His suffocating kiss gradually made me lose strength.

Soon, I realized that something was wrong. Edward had lost control of himself!

“Edward, I don’t want to do this right now,”

I muttered, “Shut up!”

Edward grunted.

Having said that, he grabbed my hair, pressed the back of my head, and sucked on the tip of my tongue like a madman.

“It hurts!” I murmured as tears flowed from my eyes.

Edward turned me over and began f*cking me with reckless abandon.

He didn’t even take off his pants.

The cold zipper of his trousers was rubbing against my skin.I didn’t have any strength to break free.

“Edward, stop! Please… it hurts!” I screamed.

“You don’t wanna do it? You f*cking slut! Do you have any idea just how wet your pussy is right now?”

The sound of Edward’s voice was rough to hear.He pinched my chin, forcing me to look him in the eye.

“Don’t you feel good? Look at all that fluid.It’s all from your vagina.”

Edward was gasping for air.

He fingered my vagina and then he put his wet fingers into my mouth.

“No!” I shook my head desperately.

Edward f*cked me like a madman until he finally came all over me.

Once it was over, I took a deep breath.

At this time, he wouldn’t say a word.He just picked me up and threw me onto the bed.

And before I could react, he got on top of me again.

“Edward, I can’t anymore.Please!” I pleaded, pushing him away.

Edward just snorted at me, pried my legs open, and went straight in.He was thrusting his cock in and out of me eagerly.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

I was practically screaming in pain over and over.

“Edward, slow down,” I remarked.

“If your pussy hurts, then you can use your mouth instead!”

Edward’s face turned grim.

Right after he said that, he grabbed the back of my head and stuffed his cock into my mouth.I knew just how to please him, but I didn’t want to do that right now.

Feeling powerless, I started whimpering.

“Why are you whining? Shut up! That’s f*cking annoying.”

Edward pulled out his penis from my mouth, held me up, slapped my ass twice and commanded, “Get on your knees.”

He then went inside my vagina again.

As he fondled my breasts, he whispered in my ear, “Olivia, you’re born to be a slut.Stop playing chaste and resisting me.Your duty is to serve me well.”

As tears fell from my eyes, I bit my lower lip to stop myself from mo*ning.

Every word that came out of his mouth was like a needle, piercing into my heart.It turned out that I was just a piece of meat to him; a tool to satisfy his carnal needs.He trampled my dignity underfoot.

At the last second, I held onto the bed sheet tightly.

But all of a sudden, I was turned over.I couldn’t even react when Edward leaned in and rubbed his dick against my lips.

His cum splattered across my face several times.

My eyes widened in shock, and the smell of semen pervaded in my nose.I felt only despair and fear at this moment.

“Lick it clean,” Edward commanded.

I opened my mouth, horrified at the thought.

But in the end, I still closed my eyes and began licking his cock.

“Once a slut, always a slut,”

Edward remarked indifferently.

When I heard the sound of running water from inside the bathroom, I opened my heavy eyelids.I saw my naked body and struggled to pull up the bed sheet.


When I looked down, I saw that my nipples were swollen.

‘It seems that I won’t be recovering anytime soon”

I clenched my fists, feeling resentful.

The feeling of my nails digging into my palms sobered me up a little.

Caroline is the apple of Edward’s eye, and yet he treats me like an animal! He cares so little for my dignity”

I took out my phone, searched for a number in my contact list, and sent a message.

“Take me away.I can’t stand him anymore.”

Caroline’s POV:

My phone started buzzing.

Upon seeing Alice’s name, I frowned and turned down the volume on TV before answering the call.


“James? Why are you calling me?” I asked in surprise.

“Mommy, I really miss you.Can you please come to visit me tomorrow?” James asked in a hopeful voice.

I pursed my lips and replied, “I really miss you too, darling, but My father didn’t want me to have too much contact with the Moore family.

If I were to go there, I would not only meet the elders, but also Charles.

Caught in a predicament, I wondered how I would refuse James.

“Mommy, please.Jason, Jerry, and I want to celebrate your birthday with you.If you don’t come, we will be very sad,” James remarked.

“Mommy, you don’t have to worry about Daddy.He’s not going to be home tomorrow,” he added before I could respond.

I chuckled and said, “Okay, I’ll go see you tomorrow.”

James chuckled with delight.

Just hearing his sweet laughter made me feel happy.

“Caroline, can we meet at the amusement park tomorrow?”

It was Alice’s voice.I didn’t know what to say to her.

“Don’t get me wrong.James said that he wanted to take the twins to the amusement park to see you,” Alice explained.

“During lunchtime, you can go to the bakery near the Moore mansion to get the cake we ordered.”

After pondering on it for a moment, I eventually agreed.

“By the way, for the safety of the kids, make sure to bring Janet and Tracy along,” I said.

Lately, I’d been feeling really uneasy about things.

“Got it.”

After the phone call, Elena knocked on the door and came in.

“You look chipper, ma’am.Did something good happen?” she asked while putting down the cup of herbal tea for me.

“I’m going to see the kids tomorrow,” I answered with glee.

The next morning arrived.I went to the entrance of the amusement park ahead of the appointed time.

Ten minutes later, I saw them.


James exclaimed while running towards me.I bent down and embraced him.

“Slow down and be careful.You might fall.”

Upon seeing Alice behind him, I stood up, held James’ hand, and nodded at her.

“Good morning, Alice.”

Alice looked back at me and replied, “Good morning.Did you wait long?”

Stunned by how casual she was, I shook my head.

“Not really.I just got here a few minutes ago.”

James was so excited for the day.

“Mommy, can you build the amusement park as an adventure island with dinosaurs? That way, I can take Jason and Jerry to play in it when they grow up!”

James suggested, looking ahead as though he was in thought.I couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Of course, honey.Mommy will also build a dream world in the amusement park later on.I’ll even add all of your favorite cartoon characters here!”

“That’s great, Mommy! I love you so much.You’re the best!”

A smile appeared on my lips.

Just then, I saw Alice looking at us with a smile on her face.

Around noon, we left the amusement park along with the kids.

Along the way, I played with the twins and they giggled at everything I did.

“Mommy,” Jason mumbled.

Tears began to well up in my eyes.

“Jason, what did you just call me?”

“Mommy!” said Jerry.

I embraced the twins and started sobbing.

“Jason, Jerry, I love you both so much.”


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