Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 469

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 469-Samantha’s POV:

“Samantha, it’s so late.Why are you still working?” Caroline walked in.

Based on how red her eyes were, she had obviously just cried.

“Many of my patients usually come at night.” I tried my best to maintain my smile, despite how much I ached to slap her across the face.

“Charles got hit by a car to save me.He just got out of the operating room.”

Caroline began to shed tears.

“What happened to him? How did the car accident even happen?” I pretended as though I knew nothing.

“Raina was intending to hit me, but Charles pushed me out of the way and took the hit for me.When I saw him lying on the ground in his own pool of blood, I almost broke down.”

Caroline lowered her head as tears ran down her cheeks.

After listening to her story, it broke my own heart.

Even though I didn’t see how it went down with my own eyes, it still hurt to think that the man I loved went through that.

It made me wonder if Charles truly loved Caroline so much that he even willingly sacrificed his life for her.

While suppressing my anger, I took out a piece of tissue from the box on the table and handed it to Caroline.

Despite how angry I was, I kept my composure.

“Thank you.” She accepted the tissue and began wiping her tears.

“How’s Charles doing?” I asked.

“He’s out of danger now, but he still hasn’t woken up.If it weren’t for him, I’d be the one lying unconscious in the hospital at this moment.” It seemed that Caroline’s guilt made her blame herself.

“I’m glad to hear that he’s okay.Don’t worry.I’m sure he’s going to be fine,” I said in an act of comforting her.

“You’re right.He will be fine.He promised me that he’ll survive!” Caroline said firmly while clenching her fists.

I couldn’t help but think, ‘’The one who made Charles suffer doesn’t deserve his promise and comfort! You don’t deserve her, Caroline!’’

I suppressed my hatred and asked, “How have you been doing lately, Caroline? Are you still having nightmares as frequently as before?”

“I’m feeling a lot better.The nightmares are getting less frequent,” she replied.

I nodded at her and smiled.

“Sounds like our therapy sessions are working.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Samantha.If not for you, it would’ve been difficult for me to move on,” said Caroline.

Once more, I nodded along and asked, “Caroline, have you ever thought about getting back together with Charles?”

“I still haven’t decided on that.Charles said that he wants to get back together, and he even wants to give up custody of our kids to show me how sincere he is.Samantha, I want your opinion.Do you think I should sign it?”

While she was handing me a document, I saw her confused gaze.

The moment I saw the contents of the document, I was stupefied.

‘‘How could Charles do all of this for Caroline?’’ Jealousy and anger overcame my heart.

How I wished I could burn Caroline to ashes, I did my best to maintain my composure and put on a straight face.

“That’s your private affair.I shouldn’t give my opinion on it.”

“Do you have any wine here? I want to drink,” Caroline asked after a long silence.

“You drove here, right? You shouldn’t drink.I’ll go grab you a beverage instead.”

The moment I stepped out of the consultation room, my face turned grim.

“Doris, rig Caroline’s car,” I commanded.

“Got it, ma’am,” Doris nodded knowingly.

“Proceed with caution, and make sure nobody sees you,” I warned her.

“Not to worry. I never make mistakes.”

Doris put on a confident smile.She was my most capable assistant, and she had always been reliable.

I smiled with satisfaction and returned to the consultation room with a few bottles of juice in hand.

After taking a sip of her drink, Caroline spoke her mind.

“Actually, Samantha, i had a miscarriage a year ago because of Charles.”

“What? How did that happen?”

My mouth was left agape because of how surprised I was.Though my mind was in shambles, I still felt no sympathy for her.I just felt lucky.I felt so fortunate that the baby was gone.

If that hadn’t happened, Caroline never would’ve insisted on divorcing Charles.I could see in her eyes just how much she was struggling about this issue.

“At the time, I was in poor health, and I thought Charles had cheated on me.Every single day, I cried my eyes out and I regarded him and Raina as my enemies! Only hatred kept me alive.But now, Charles has proven to me that he has nothing to do with that woman.I’m starting to hesitate yet again,” Caroline explained.

“Wait a minute… Charles and Raina were never a couple? But I’ve seen the photo that she took,” I remarked.

“Photo? What photo?” Caroline asked tentatively.

I waved my hand in dismissal.

“Oh, never mind.You misheard me.”

“Samantha, are you keeping secrets from me?” Caroline asked unhappily.

“I never meant to hide anything from you.I just don’t want to ruin your relationship with Charles,” I stammered.

“Just tell me.I can take it,” she insisted.

“It’s a nude photo of Raina and Charles.”

Just as I had expected, Caroline’s face turned ghastly pale.She then shook her head, refusing to believe me.

I felt so damned happy that I almost failed to hide my joy from her.

‘What? Can’t she bear something so trivial? If so, how will she ever make up for the pain and suffering that she wrought upon Charles? Charles is a man favored by God.He’s a man among men.Caroline had the fortune of being loved by someone like him.She should be grateful he even treated her with kindness and respect.But what did she do? She took him for granted! How awful! I’m the only woman who can truly understand Charles!’ I thought.

Caroline’s POV:

Samantha seemed surprised.

“I thought Charles has told you about it, but I guess I was mistaken…” I was just as shocked as her.

“Raina took a nude photo with Charles? But he said he had nothing to do with her! If there really was nothing between them, where did the nude photo come from? Did he lie to me again?’

Just thinking of the possibility made my heart ache.

I had only just started warming up to him, but my heart was once more jabbed by thousands of swords,”l with holes.It was so painful that I could hardly breathe.

“Look, Caroline, maybe this is all just a misunderstanding.Charles, isn’t that kind of person,” said Samantha.

“I want to be alone.I’ll drop by again next time.”

I tried to force a smile, but I felt so damn miserable.

“Try not to overthink, or else it will aggravate your condition,” she kindly reminded me.

I nodded in a trance and said, “Samantha, thank you for listening to me and telling me about the photo.”

“It’s my job.Caroline, I really like you.Do you think we can be friends?” Samantha asked expectantly.

“Really? Of course! It would be my honor!”


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