Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 476

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 476-Samantha‘s POV:

In Mint Bar, when I walked into the room, the two men in the corner caught my eye.

With a bright smile, I walked over to one of them and exclaimed, “Charles? Is that you? What a coincidence!”

Charles raised his head and glanced at me.

“Why are you here?”

“Well, my friend asked me out for a drink.But when I arrived here, she told me that something had come up.A bummer, right? Anyway, I didn‘t expect that i‘d meet you here.Do you mind if I share the table with you?” I asked while looking at Charles expectantly.

He rubbed his forehead with his thumb and index finger and indifferently replied, “Whatever.”

I was overjoyed, but I restrained myself from showing my emotions.I sat beside Charles and looked at his companion.

“Who‘s this friend of yours? Aren‘t you gonna introduce him to me?”

“This is Spencer Patel.This is Samantha Hoffman,” Charles briefly said.

He did not seem to be in the mood for a chat.Spencer put his arm around Charles‘s shoulder and smiled at me.

“So you‘re Doctor Hoffman.I know you.I‘ve heard that you‘ve been helping my friend Charles get back together with Caroline.”

I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and shyly replied, “Oh, just call me Samantha.

And it‘s not a big deal.

It‘s just that I wanted Charles and Caroline be together as soon as possible.”

I stole a glance at Charles, who was busy drinking.I could not help but notice that he was in low spirits.I snorted inwardly.

Charles was an excellent man.He belonged to me.

Caroline did not deserve him.

Suddenly, Spencer grabbed the bottle of alcohol from Charles.

“Hey, don‘t just drink.You should talk to our friend here.” I waved my hand dismissively.

“It‘s okay.Don‘t worry about me Charles cast a cold glance at me.His gaze made my heart jolt.I quickly recalled what I said to see if I had said anything wrong.

“Samantha, you can drink as much as you want tonight.It‘s my treat,”

Spencer offered with a smile.

I nodded.

“Thank you.”

About an hour later, Charles still had not finished drinking.

Just as he was about to pour himself another glass of wine, I reached out and grabbed his glass from his hand.

“Give it to me,” Charles ordered in a low and deep voice.

I got startled, but I forced myself to calm down.

“Charles, if something‘s bothering you, you can tell us.Drinking won‘t solve any problems.”

That was not all.

The truth was, i could not bear to see him so dejected.

Not to mention, he was morose because of that bitch Caroline.

“She‘s right.Why don‘t you tell us what‘s going on between you and Caroline? We might give you some advice,” Spencer echoed.

Charles sighed.

“No matter what I say, she doesn‘t believe me, of course, I‘ve tried explaining myself, but it‘s futile.”

“How could that be? When you were hospitalized, Caroline took care of you day and night!” Spencer exclaimed.

Charles Smiled bitterly.

“Yes.But when I woke up, she changed into a different person.She told me that she wants to take custody of the children, even if she has to take it to court.”

Sitting beside him, I was beaming with happiness, It seemed that the nude photo worked.

“Don‘t worry, Charles.I‘ll find a way to clear up the misunderstanding between you and Caroline,” I reassured in a gentle voice.

Then, I moved closer to him and added, “Don‘t forget that I‘m Caroline‘s doctor as well.”

Charles nodded and handed me a glass of wine.

“Thank you! I took the glass from him and took a sip.

“Just wait for my good news.”

“See? With Samantha here, there‘s nothing to worry about.The misunderstanding between you and Caroline will be resolved in minutes.When the two of you are okay, don‘t forget to thank Saman,”

“Wait a minute.”

Charles interrupted Spencer and looked at me with sharp eyes.

“How did Caroline know about the photo?”

“What? I… I don‘t know,” I replied defensively.

“What photo?”

Spencer looked at me and then at Charles in confusion

“Maybe it was Raina?” I calmly asked while staring into Charles‘s eyes.

Charles looked at me with a scrutinizing gaze, which, I must admit, was terrifying.

“I swear, I didn‘t tell Caroline,” I anxiously explained.

“So Raina showed Caroline some scandalous photo? That sounds exactly like what a cunning woman like Raina would do.I‘ve heard that she has found a lawyer and is going to sue,” Spencer chimed in Charles finally looked away.

Now that he was no longer looking at me, 1 secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“I won‘t let any lawyer help her,” Charles said through gritted teeth.

“There, there.Let‘s not talk about that wretched woman anymore. Let‘s have fun!”

Spencer turned around and asked the waiter to bring us another round of drinks.

At this moment, I turned to Charles and changed the topic.

“Charles, do you know that Caroline burned the waiver of custody you gave her?”

Charles‘s hand froze, and his face darkened.

“What did you say?” I lowered my head and paused for a moment as if contemplating whether or not I should tell him the story.

But, of course, I did.

“Well, I happened to overhear her conversation with her bodyguard. I might be wrong, though.”

“Why would Caroline choose the hard way to get the custody when Charles is willing to just give it to her?” Spencer chimed in, perplexed.

“I don‘t know either.Maybe Caroline has her own plans.”

I glanced at Charles but did not see any change in his expression.I then took a sip of wine and reassured him, “Charles, don‘t worry too much.I think you should give Caroline some time.Maybe she‘ll eventually feel your sincerity, and then she‘ll give you a chance to save your relationship.”

Charles‘s expression softened upon hearing my advice.

Although I said those words, that was the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen.

Suddenly, Spencer‘s phone rang, breaking the silence between Charles and me.

Spencer walked aside and answered the call.

A few moments later, he returned to our seats with an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, Vivian is waiting for me.I have to go now.”

Spencer sighed embarrassingly and asked, “Samantha, could you please contact Richard and ask him to pick Charles up later?”

“No problem.I‘ll make sure to send Charles back home safely.”

I pretended to be reserved when, in reality, I was ecstatic.

I had never felt so happy before, I could not believe that I would have the opportunity to be alone with Charles, After Spencer left, Charles drank shots after shots without saying a word, I could not fathom what he was thinking, and I was worried that my tongue would slip if I talked too much.So, I decided to drink with him in silence.

PSS Just as I had expected, Charles got completely drunk after a while.

He bent over the table in extreme drunkenness.I could hear that he was mumbling something.

Out of curiosity, I leaned over to hear to what he was saying.

My smile froze, and I clenched my fists in anger when I heard him call Caroline‘s name over and over.


I tried my best to get a hold of myself.I called his name lightly, but he did not respond.I gently gave him a nudge.

Since he did not move, I figured that he was already fast asleep.

“Charles, do you have any idea how much I missed you since you left?” I tried every means to get close to you, but that bitch is the only woman you think about.

Why can‘t you look at me for once? I‘m right here.I won‘t leave you.”

I leaned on Charles‘s shoulder and stroked his cheek as I spoke.

This stolen time was one of the few moments that I would cherish for the rest of my life.

Richard‘s POV:

In a bar, I found the son of the man who attacked Caroline at the construction site.

His name was Alan Eliot.

“Take him to the room,” I went first to the said room on the second floor.

The bodyguards, along with Alan, followed suit.

“Who are you?” Alan asked warily.

I casually played with the Swiss Army knife in my hand and, suddenly, stuck it on the table.

“Who told you to do it? Was it Adam Wilson?” I slowly asked.

“Nobody instructed me to do anything.This is all your fault.That devil Charles Moore forced us into a corner!”

I pulled out the knife from the table and threw it at him.

Alan tried to avoid the knife, but it still grazed his cheek.

“I‘ll give you one more chance.Are you gonna tell the truth or not?” I warned.

Alan calmed down a little.

However, the wound on his face made him look like a rascal.

“Nothing will change even if you kill me. Time will come, and everyone will know what kind of person the president of Moore Group is.”

I frowned. Now was not the good time to make a scene.I looked Alan in the eye.

Then, I stood up and ordered the two bodyguards to leave.

A few moments later, I went out of the private room, walked over to the bar counter, and handed the bartender a thick wad of cash and a small pouch.

“Put the contents of this pouch into the bottle of wine and send it to Room 2037.”

The bartender nodded and took the money with a smile.

I turned around and ordered the bodyguards, “I want one of you to go upstairs and guard the door.The other one then goes to find Alan a woman.Remember to record their video later.”

Once I had made the order, I sat in the booth and waited.

An hour later, the two bodyguards sent me a video.

I watched on the screen as Alan held the woman‘s waist and f*cked her hard.

The woman‘s moans, along with Alan‘s gasps, were getting louder by the second.I smiled with satisfaction.I turned the video off and said to the two in a low voice, “Keep an eye on that woman. She‘s still useful to us.”


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