Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 485

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 485-Caroline’s POV:

Thanks to the game, the atmosphere suddenly became cheerful.

Soon, several men and women lost the day they all accepted their punishment cheerfully.

Two men even kissed each other.

Charles and Samantha lost in the first round, and everyone began to cheer.

“Kiss! Kiss!”

Samantha seemed both shy and surprised.

But Charles picked up the shot glass and just drank.

Samantha looked disappointed.

In the last round, someone exerted too much force when rotating the bottle.

The bottle spun a little too fast and fell from the table before its rotation was complete.

And it happened to land at my feet.

“How is it? How is it now? Who is it pointing at?”

Everyone was curious about the result.

My lips thinned as I stared at the unmoving bottle.

“Since it has fallen from the table, then the result of this round doesn’t count.”

What a coincidence! The mouth of the bottle was pointing at me and the bottom of it was pointing at Charles’ foot.

“Of course, it counts.How can it not count? It’s you two’s turn!”

Everyone cheered and applauded.

“Do you want to drink or kiss?” Someone asked.

My eyes drifted to Charles of their own volition.

Surprisingly, Charles appeared not to care one way or the other.He stared at me calmly, as if the decision lay with me and he was nothing but a bystander.

Everyone’s attention was on me, especially the women.

Most of whom couldn’t disguise their envy.I ducked my head, my face heating up with embarrassment.I coughed a little to hide my discomfort before pouring three shots of liquor.

“I accept the punishment.”

“Really? Why did you let such a good chance go?”

“It’s now or never!”

I turned a deaf ear to their words, took the glass, and drank it decisively.

When I was about to drink the third glass, Samantha said to Charles with a smile, “Charles, you have to drink too.”

Someone passed a bottle of liquor to him.

Charles casually covered his glass with one hand.

“I didn’t say that I accepted the punishment.”

What was that supposed to mean? Everyone stared at him in confusion.I had just poured the third shot into my mouth when I felt a sudden heat behind my neck.

Surprised, I stared up at the face looming over me and found Charles staring at me as he gripped my neck.

Then the face that had so many women swooning inched closer to mine.

My mouth hung open in shock and Charles took advantage of it.

Before I could fully comprehend the situation, Charles was kissing me.

This kiss was not a simple peck like the other participants had shared.

He stuck his tongue into my mouth.I closed my eyes as our tongues dueled with each other.

The liquor, most of which I hadn’t swallowed before Charles’ surprise kiss, spread across both our tongues and Charles emitted a soft groan at the taste.It was all I could do to hold my breath as his lips devoured me.

“They are kissing like a real couple!”

“Isn’t Charles Samantha’s new boyfriend? Why is he kissing Caroline instead of Samantha?” Someone whispered.

I didn’t know how long we kissed.

This kiss was so great that I felt drunk and I forgot to struggle.

As if he was not satisfied yet, Charles pressed his lips to mine for a long time, but eventually, the kiss came to an end.

Even though the kiss was over, I could still feel Charles’ heavy breathing.

My gaze remained glued to the floor and I didn’t dare to look at anyone.

Charles’ eyes were filled with lust.

Even if I didn’t look at them, I could feel it.

I whispered, “I’m leaving.”

After this incident, I really didn’t want to stay any longer.

Charles grabbed my hand and said, “Let me drive you home.”

It didn’t occur to me to reject his offer as a wave of dizziness struck me.


We both ignored Samantha’s voice as we walked out.

Once we were in the car, Charles promptly fell asleep, and I spent the entire drive back to Moore mansion staring at his face.

Even though Charles had fallen asleep, his face was drawn, indicating that he must have been very tired.

He shouldn’t have drunk so much today.

My phone chose this moment to ring.

In the silent car, the phone’s ringtone was harsh.

Charles frowned and muttered a few delirious words as he turned to his other side.

Obviously, the sudden blare from the phone had disrupted his sleep.

I muted the phone immediately before sneaking a glance at the caller ID.

The call was from Simon.I rejected Simon’s call and chose not to delve too deep into my decision.

The car stopped at the gate of the Moore mansion.

For a while, I debated on whether I should wake Charles up or not.

While I was still struck with indecision, the man opened his eyes.

With a small groan, he sat up and asked, “Did I fall asleep?”


Sighing, Charles massaged his temple.

He flicked a glance over at me before murmuring wearily, “Mom and dad are in the hospital with Grandma and Grandpa is too old to take care of the children all by himself.You will have to take care of James today.He has a fever and keeps asking for you.”

“You should have told me earlier.” I reprimanded him in a sharp tone.

Without another word, I opened the door and tried to alight from the car.

But then I noticed that Charles was making no such move.

“Are you not going to stay with the children?”

“I still have another social engagement.”

The statement had my brows furrowing in displeasure.

“If I could, I would spend the rest of the day with you and our children.But business is not that simple.Thousands of employees, both at the head office and our branches are all counting on me.”

He didn’t have to explain further for me to understand his point.

Once, for the sake of work, I had to drink even though I had a fever and had to spend the entire night throwing up.

And my responsibilities weren’t as enormous as that of Charles who happened to be the CEO of an international group

“Don’t worry.I will take good care of James.When I entered the gate, James ran out to greet me, “Mommy!”

My face split in a wide smile as I bent to a knee and opened my arms to accept the hug.

Once I had him in my arms, I checked his temperature with my fingers.

“Let me see if you’re still having a fever.”

The little boy wrapped his arms around my neck and asked, “Didn’t Dad come back with you?”

“No.He is very busy.”

James snorted, “I’ve made up my mind.I don’t want to talk to him.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s all his fault.He made you angry so that I didn’t get to see you for so long.”

The statement had my mind flashing back to Charles’ tired and drawn face.I put James on my lap and took the soup from the servant, Zoey.

While feeding him, I tried to explain the situation to James.

“Even if you are angry with Dad, you can’t ignore him.It’s not only Dad’s fault if Mom and Dad fight.”

“Does Mom make mistakes too? But Dad said it was all his fault and Mom was always right.”

James tilted his head, confused Did Charles say that to the kids? I was surprised.

When did Charles become so… reasonable?

“Mommy is not always right.”

James was more confused, “Mom, you seem to be defending Dad.You don’t like him, do you? Why do you put in a good word for him now?”

What? Did I? I was stunned for a moment.

The thought left me speechless for a moment.

Looking at the innocent look in James ‘eyes, I shook my head quickly.

“No, I don’t like him, and I’m not defending him.”

It felt like I was trying to convince myself.

After taking the medicine, James was much better.

But when I was about to leave, he started crying.

Seeing how upset he was and knowing he was still ill, I didn’t have the heart to leave him alone in such condition.I was able to stop his flow of tears by promising to spend the night.

James was young but smart.

“Mom, go to take a shower! You must sleep with me tonight!”

Was he afraid that I would break my promise? I was in a dilemma.

But I had to comfort him first.I could leave after he fell asleep.

After taking a shower, James said at once, “Mom, come and sleep.”

With a small nod, I obliged James.

I just wanted to wait for him to fall asleep before leaving but when I held the little boy in my arms and rested my head in the pillow, my eyes closed for a second and before I knew it, I was sound asleep.


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