Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 489

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 489-Caroline’s POV:

Charles leaned over, put a hand on my waist, and stared into my eyes.He combed back the strands of hair on the corner of my lips, gently brushing his fingers on my cheek.

His fingertips warmed not just my skin, but also my heart.

By now, my eyelashes were quivering.

But the more I indulged in this feeling, the sadder I felt.

“You seem like you’re perfectly fine.You don’t seem like there’s anything wrong with you,” I said in a trembling voice.

“So if I’m fine, you’re just going to listen to Edward and never see me again, is that it?” he argued.

I turned my face away and said nothing.

It was then that Charles forced me to look at him and kissed me.I could feel that his body temperature was much higher than mine.

He was really warm.

I was shocked by this.

Then, I put my hands on his shoulders, intending to push him away.

But the next second, I found myself putting my hand down his shirt.

He chuckled; his breath, becoming unsteady.

“Do you wanna do it?”

The sound of his voice was simply tempting.

‘He’s so tempting!’ I thought as I ran my hands along his chest.

And just as I had expected, it was very warm.

His body temperature was higher than normal.

Needless to say, he still had a fever.

“If you want to do it now, I’m afraid we’ll have to go someplace else.”

Charles heaved a heavy breath, easily lifting me from the bed.

He held my buttocks and wrapped my legs around his waist.

While kissing my lips, he said, “Shall we go to the balcony?”


I was practically gasping for breath because of how good he was at kissing.

Aside from that, his penis was rubbing against my vagina.I couldn’t help but think of what happened on the deck of the cruise ship that night.

“Charles,” I moaned as my voice trailed off.

My hands had become wet with his hot sweat.

His muscular pecs were heaving along with his irregular breathing.

“Would you rather do it in bed?”

Charles’ eyes was just like mine, filled with lust and affection.He grazed his palms on my body, caressing me fondly.

“Is that the only thing you ever think of?” I said, managing to finish my sentence.

“This is my first reaction whenever I see you.Besides, you’re the one who made the first move,” he countered.

My throat was parched and my tongue felt scorched.

My body was much too sensitive to his every move.

Beads of sweat slid down from my forehead to the tip of my nose.

Just before it could fall off my nose, he licked it away.

It was so erotic, Unable to stand the temptation any longer, I pulled my hand out of his clothes.

“You misunderstood me,” I said in a shaky voice.

“Misunderstood what?” Charles replied, putting his hand into my clothes.

Hurriedly, I grabbed his hand through my clothes and said, “You are burning up.”

“I am burning up for you, you know,” he bantered.

The way he smiled made me feel like I was melting. He fondled my breasts over and over.

The sensation was so incredible that my toes instinctively curled up. I barely had any strength left to support myself.

All I could do now was to hold his arms to prevent muse slipping down.

“Stop it, Charles.You’re burning up.We should call the doctor in.”

He chuckled at my response and said, “You know what? You seem like you’re also burning up.Your face is red and your body is hot.”

‘He’s making fun of me! I’m just worried about him and he’s teasing me!’ I thought.

Annoyed by his behavior, 1 gritted my teeth and bit his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me! Put me down!”

“Don’t you want me to recover as soon as possible?”

Instead of letting me go, Charles sat down on the sofa while still carrying me.He held my waist with one hand, and his other hand was on my breast.

I wanted to deny it, but the thought of his frail appearance in the elevator, my heart softened.

“Of course, I do! I want you to stay strong.I hope you won’t get sick, that you won’t fall down, and that nobody hurts you.”

Charles’ eyes were filled with affection.

He held the back of my neck and replied, “Caroline, you still love me, don’t you?”

My heart was practically melting, but I didn’t respond.

Just then, the door of the room was pushed open.

When the nurse came in and saw what we were doing, she was taken by surprise.She was frozen for a moment and went out right away.

I hurriedly removed Charles’ hands from me and got up from his lap.

He, on the other hand, seemed to be in a chipper mood.He just sat there, smiling at me.

Because of his fever, he easily grew tired and weak.

The way his eyes lit up when he laughed made me less worried about him.

“Stop laughing, you idiot.You’re sick, remember? What on earth are you laughing at?”

I was starting to get pissed.

Despite my warning, he laughed even harder.

“Jeez, you’re so bossy that you won’t even allow me to laugh.”

I wasn’t in the mood to flirt with him anymore, so I just got up and opened the door.

Even though I had mentally prepared myself for this, the nurse’s knowing stare still made me feel ashamed of myself.

“He has a fever.It looks serious,” I told her.

“I’ll have a look at him,” she answered.

The nurse checked Charles’ temperature and told him to lie on the bed.

After putting an intravenous drip on him, she left the ward.

I pulled out a chair and sat down next to the bed.

While intently looking at him, I asked, “Do you know what Samantha is thinking of you?”

“I’m not interested in other people’s thoughts,” Charles answered.

He turned around and looked back at me.

“I’d rather know your thoughts.Yours is the only opinion I care about.”

His gaze was deep; almost soul-piercing.

The way he was looking at me made me feel like he could see right through me.

My heart began racing.

“Since you’ve already read my mind, I guess there’s no need to talk about it.” Charles chuckled.

“Is that so?”

I didn’t answer.

“Are you sure about that?” he asked again; his eyes, lighting up with glee.

Still, I just looked at him in silence.

Finally, Charles stopped teasing me.

“Fine.Let’s talk about Samantha.”

“Can’t you see that she likes you?” I asked directly.

“For real?”

Charles shook his head.

“I never noticed that.”

“She left her panties in your car, for God’s sake! Isn’t that enough for you to notice it?” I responded.

Charles pointed at the dining table and said, “There are way too many women who show their affection to me on a daily basis.Look over there.All those soups on the table.They’re all sent here by the female employees in my company.If I have to pay attention to every woman trying to please me, I’m going to have migraines all day long.”

I followed his gaze and saw rows of thermos bottles, rendering me completely speechless.

‘God, he really is a prince charming, isn’t he?’ I exclaimed inwardly.

“You’re quite popular to women, aren’t you?” I sighed.

“Well, I gotta say, you’re worse than them in this kind of stuff.You should learn from them,” he countered.

I pouted.

“There are so many women who care about you. Seems like it’s not necessary for me to be here.”

Charles gave me a knowing glance and replied, “That’s not what I meant.You can give me something that others can’t, such as…”

“Stop it.I’m being serious.”

I interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

“Since you don’t like Samantha, don’t give her any false hopes, lest she misunderstands you and fantasizes more about you.”

I paused for a moment and thought of how intoxicated Samantha was of him.

It made me worried.

“From what I could see, she’s deeply in love with you.I’m afraid that she’s going to end up getting hurt.”

Feeling helpless, Charles asked, “What sort of signal have I given her?”

“I don’t know, but Samantha thinks you like her back,” I answered.

“That’s an easy problem to solve.”

Charles looked at me solemnly.

“Let’s remarry.It’s the easiest way to make her stop her fantasies.”


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