Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 494

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 494-Caroline’s POV:

Just as I was about to get off work, Dad came to the company.

A faint smile was tugging at his lips.He must be in a good mood.

“Caroline, I’m here to pick you up,” he said lightly.

“I envy you, Dad. You don’t even have to go to work,” I complained while rubbing my stiff and sore shoulders.

Dad chuckled.

“Well, I’ve been busy most of my life.I deserve to rest now.I’ll soon hand over the entire company to you and enjoy my retirement.” I sighed helplessly.

With that, I packed my things up and left the company with my father.

“You know that I’m not as competent as you are.”

“I beg to disagree.You’ve been great.Well, at least you’re better than Adam.”

Dad shook his head disapprovingly as he spoke.

The smile on my face disappeared at the mention of Adam’s name.

Annoyed, I gritted my teeth and muttered, “That man would do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.”

“Yes.He’s a sucker for overnight success.Just recently, he invested a large sum of money in a project.The profit of that project is high, and so is the risk.”

Dad sighed heavily.

From the look on his face, he doubted that what Adam had done would be a success.I sneered.

“He’s so full of himself.Don’t worry.I’m sure he’ll get the taste of his own medicine one day.”

All of a sudden, my phone rang.It was Hugo.

Apparently, Christine had woken up.

“Dad, Hugo just called.He said that Christine is now awake.I want to see her,” I said to my father with an apologetic smile.

“Is it really Christine you want to see and not someone else? since she’s fine, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to see Charles again.”

“Charles is my kids’ father.Even if I don’t want to, we’ll have to see each other one way or another,” I reasoned out.

“I think you should let the kids spend more time with Simon.Maybe they’ll eventually see him as their father.”

“Dad, we were apart for years, but you’re still my dad.Nobody can replace you in my heart.Can’t you see that?”

“What am I gonna do with you, Caroline? You always have plenty of excuses in mind.”

Dad did not say anything more, which made me feel quite uncertain that he was convinced by my excuse.

But it did not matter.

When we arrived at the gate of the hospital, I asked Elena and Carlos to wait for me in the car.

In all honesty, even I was not convinced by my words.My father was right.

It was Charles I wanted to see.

God, I missed him so much.

How I wish I could see, hug, and kiss him.

If only I could stay by his side all the time… With these thoughts in mind, I excitedly pushed the door of the ward open.

However, what I saw next wiped the smile off my face.

Charles and Samantha were sitting on the edge of the bed, holding hands.

Samantha’s face was flushed, and her bright eyes were full of love and adoration.

Lying on the bed, Christine was smiling as she gazed at them.

They looked like a family.

I, however, seemed like an outsider who came to ruin their moment for no reason.

The scene in front of me was so nice and warm, but I felt a bitter taste in my mouth as I looked at it .I was too stunned to say a word.

The silence in the ward was deafening that I could almost hear the sound of my heart breaking “Caroline?”

Charles was the first to react.

He withdrew his hand and stood up from the bed.It was then that I came to my senses.

I wiped the tears on my face, which I did not realize were falling, and coldly said, “Sorry to interrupt.”

Just as I was about to leave, Christine spoke.

“Don’t leave.”

Charles’s POV

Caroline stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around.

Her eyes were slightly red.

Even though she was trying all her might to conceal her disappointment, I could still see it.

My heart ached to see her like that.

Not wanting her to misunderstand what she had seen, I opened my mouth to explain myself.But before I could utter a word, Grandma interrupted me.

“It’s been a while since I woke up, and you just came now.You’re so irresponsible.Do you have no professionalism? Why are you still standing there? Come in,” Grandma grumbled discontentedly.

I looked at her, at a loss for words.

How could she talk to Caroline like that? At the thought of this, I suddenly remembered that she had also mistaken Samantha for her granddaughter-in-law.

At this moment, Caroline walked over to the bed and confusedly asked, “Do you still remember me?”

“Of course.Aren’t you my nurse? Come and massage my shoulders.I’ve been on this bed for so long.My back hurts,” Grandma complained.

I rubbed my eyebrows and corrected her, “Grandma, she’s not a nurse.She’s Caroline.”

“No, she’s a nurse! I’m not senile.How could I not recognize Caroline?” Grandma insisted.

As soon as she said those words, her chest tightened, and she began wheezing.

As I stared at her frail face, I decided not to push her further.

Instead, I agreed with her to get this over with.

“You’re right, Grandma.Anyway, you just woke up.You shouldn’t let your emotions run high.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and gently patted her on the back to calm her down.

Grandma let out a sort and turned to look at Samantha.

“By the way, when are you and Charles going to get married?”

“We’ll do our best to get married as soon as we can.So, Grandma, you should get better soon.I want you to be there,” Samantha replied with a beaming smile.

She then walked up to me with the brightest smile she could muster.

As if that was not enough, she even held my arm like we were close.

I shook off her hand in disgust.

Meanwhile, Grandma looked at Samantha and continued, “That is my dear granddaughter-in-law.I want to have the soup you’ve made for me before.”

“Sure, Grandma.I’ll prepare it for you right away.”

Once Samantha was gone, I walked up to Caroline and whispered, “Caroline, Grandma isn’t fully conscious yet.”

Caroline stared daggers at me and walked out.


I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest as I stared at her receding figure.

Without thinking, I ran after Caroline.I eventually caught up with her.

And when I did, I grabbed her wrist and pinned her against the wall.

“Caroline, Grandma isn’t fully conscious yet.I apologize to you on her behalf.”

Garnline sneered and tried to break free of my grasp.

“What are you apologizing for? You looked like you were enjoying yourself a while ago.Also, I didn’t expect that you and Samantha are getting married.You should’ve told me that sooner.”

“Caroline, you’ll always be my wife.Don’t you believe my love for you?”

Caroline turned her face away and burst into tears.

“I don’t want to listen to any of your bullshit!”

Her eyes were brimming with tears.It did not take a genius to know that she was very upset by what she had seen.

Yet here she was, stubbornly forcing back her tears.I felt a pang in my heart.I reached out and wiped the tears off her face with my thumb.

“Caroline, you’re beautiful even when you’re jealous.”

Unable to contain my feelings any longer, I cupped her face and kissed her lips.

Caroline put her hand against my chest and pushed me as hard as she could.

Discontented, I slipped my tongue into her mouth while gently stroking the back of her neck.

“You bastard, how could you flirt with some random nurse?!”

An angry rebuke suddenly came from behind.I turned around in surprise.

A few meters away from us, Grandma was leaning against the wall and brandishing her crutch at me.

Before I could regain my senses, Caroline stood between Grandma and me.

Then, suddenly, I saw the crutch flying in our direction.

Thankfully, Grandma missed, and the crutch hit the wall instead I put my arm around Caroline’s shoulder and worriedly asked, “Are you hurt?”

Caroline waved her hand, “I’m fine.”

I was appalled by what Grandma had just done.

With a deep frown, I turned to her and shouted, “Grandma, what are you doing?!”

“You’re dating two girls at the same time.That’s unacceptable! You may be my grandson, but I have to teach you a lesson!”

“Grandma, I’m not! Caroline is the only woman I love!”

“Oh? Is it? Still, even if you love this girl, you can’t force her to be with you.She didn’t even say that she loves you back!”

I turned to look at Caroline, who, for some reason, was biting her lip with her head lowered to the ground.

“See? She’s not saying anything.You forced her, didn’t you?!”

Grandma raised her crutch and acted as if she was going to hit me again.

“No! Grandma, I love him!”

To my surprise, Caroline stood in front of me with her arms outstretched.

Grandma looked at her incredulously.

“You love him?”

Caroline did not respond, but her blushing face was enough to tell me everything.

What she had just done warmed my heart.

Without a word, I strode forward and held her in my arms.

“You young people just can’t see who’s really in your heart.”

Grandma looked back and forth between the two of us with a meaningful smile.Then, she walked back to the ward with her crutch.

“Grandma is gone.Can you let me go now?” Caroline asked while staring at me with narrowed eyes.

Seeing that I remained unmoved, she stepped on my foot.

Her sharp heel left a mark on my shoe, but I was too stoked to care about it.I just snorted and laughed at her behavior.

“Caroline, are you trying to murder your husband?” I jokingly asked.

“Who? I haven’t agreed to marry you again!”

Caroline retorted, her face red in embarrassment.

With a smile, I stroked her long hair and said, “Caroline, I think you should go home now.It’s getting late.Don’t worry, I’ll stay here and take care of Grandma.”

You should also take care of yourself,”

Caroline replied.

It warmed my heart that she was concerned about me nodded at her in response, Once Caroline was far away, I limped towards the ward and went to see Grandma sat on the chair by the bed and asked, “Grandma, can you tell me why you pretended that you didn’t know Caroline? She adores and respects you.Didn’t it occur to you that she might be sad because of what you’ve done?”

Grandma had behaved strangely ever since she woke up.She was not one who would make trouble out of nothing.

There must be a reason why she had put on an act.

“If I didn’t do that, how could she admit that she still loves you?”

It was then that everything made sense.

Just like they said, “veterans are wiser than novices”.

“Oh, Grandma, how kind of you to do that for Caroline and me.”

“Of course.I saw with my own eyes how much you and Caroline love each other.I feel sorry for you two, so I’ll do everything I can to help you get back together.I only have one wish, though.It’s to see you so sweet to each other like you used to.”

“You’ll see that soon, Grandma.”

“By the way, I heard Samantha on the phone earlier today.She said that Caroline had a miscarriage over a year ago How could that happen? And, why didn’t she tell us about it? Not only that, I think that Samantha was involved in Caroline’s car accident before.”

“Really?” I asked in utter shock.

“Even I find it hard to believe as well.Samantha has been sweet and lovely.But I’m telling you, when she was talking over the phone, she was like a different person.You should watch out for her.”


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