Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 497

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 497-Caroline’s POV:

My hands were tied up again.

But this time, it was a lot more snug. I think Boris was trying to cut off my blood circulation or something. Unfortunately, I had little strength left to resist him.

Once again, I was blindfolded by a black cloth, “Stop pretending, bitch! Even though you are not a virgin, you have a hot figure.I don’t mind sleeping with you.”

Boris drawled, a malevolent smile in his voice.

Suddenly, Boris picked me up and threw me on the bed.

I landed with a terrified shout and bounced twice before I felt another presence on the bed. The pervert began groping me, his hands caressing my body roughly.

Terror, unlike anything I ever felt before gripped me

“Let go of me! Don’t touch me!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, horror choking me even as I tried to fight off his repulsive touch.

Boris leaned over and kissed my face, ears, and neck.

With terror still surging through my veins, I sought him off in the only way I could think of.

Turning my head, I bit any part of him I could reach with every strength I had.

“Ah!” Bons screamed.

But my joy at his cry of agony was short lived.

Before I could take in a breath, my head snapped to the side, my ears ringing from pain.

With a vicious thud, my head smacked against the wall and my vision swam behind the blindfold, the pain snatching my breath away. The pain radiated from my head down to every part of my body and I trembled, frozen to the spot.

It felt like my life force was seeping out with the blood dripping down my forehead.

Soon, I began fading, my limbs getting heavier.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud crash as something heavy fell to the ground.

Even though my consciousness was fading away, I began to struggle when someone grabbed my wrists.

Blinded by the cloth as I was, my other senses were heightened and so was my fear.I fought with everything I had in me, kicking and clawing at whatever body part I could make contact with.

The rope tightened on my wrists, blood circulation now surely cut off and soon, the rope was sure to cut through my skin as well, but I didn’t stop fighting “Caroline, stop struggling.It’s me.I’m here to save you.”

That was Charles’ voice! Was I hallucinating? My heart beat thunderously as I froze.The black cloth covering my eyes was untied and I raised my head up to see my rescuer.It was Charles.It was Charles!

Shrieking, I threw myself into his arms.

Even though I was so relieved and happy to see him, I couldn’t help hitting his chest with my fists over and over.

“Why are you so late? Couldn’t you have made a sound or said something? I thought you were that pervert!”

Now that I was safe, it hit me just how close to being assaulted I was.

The fear and terror all coalesced into loud, ugly tears as I clung to Charles.

Minutes ago, I had been scared to death, and that terror was not showing any signs of receding even though I have been saved from my captor.

Charles hugged me tightly.

“I’m sorry.I’m so sorry…”

Maybe it was shock or perhaps relief, but I became paralysed.

I leaned against Charles’ chest and couldn’t move a muscle. His shoulders were wide, his embrace was warm, and his arms were strong. I felt inexplicably safe when I was leaning against him. Eventually, Charles disengaged our embrace long enough to help me untie the rope on my wrists.

When I was free of the ropes, I found that my wrists were scraped raw and swollen, but thankfully I wasn’t seriously injured. I struggled to get up, but Charles didn’t let go of me.

Instead, he held me more tightly.

Snug in his warm embrace and surrounded by his unique musk, I found that the urgency to get up had disappeared. Charles crushed me to him so tightly that there wasn’t a wisp of space between us.

It felt like Charles was trying to tell me with his body language that he would never let me go.

The small measure of control I had on my emotions crumpled.

Turning my face into his shoulder, I held on to him and cried my eyes out.


“Don’t be afraid I’m here.”

His voice was soft, but somehow I got courage from it.

A figure ran into the room and I saw light reflecting against the metal in her hand.

Instinctively, I pushed Charles away even as I shouted, “Charles, watch out!”

Samantha was going to stab me with a knife in her hand.

Just as fast as I had pushed him, Charles turned on his heel and got in Samantha’s way.

She tried to stab him but he got hold of her hand.

He twisted it viciously and I heard something snap


Samantha shrieked, her face painted with agony.

She let go of the knife and Charles caught it before the knife fell to the floor. Judging by the pain on her face, I was guessing that Charles just broke her wrist.

Several bodyguards rushed into the room and Charles pushed Samantha to the ground, not far from the bodyguards who immediately detained her.

“Dispose of her.”

Charles ordered menacingly.

After giving the chilling order, Charles turned around and came to me.He pulled me to my feet and kissed my forehead.

“Caroline, let’s go home.” I nodded.

Charles’ POV:

After Caroline’s injuries had been treated in the hospital, I drove her home. The day’s events must have worn her out because she fell asleep in the car. She was still fast asleep when we arrived at the villa.

I alighted the car before walking to her side and carried her out of the car. Even when I tucked her into bed, Caroline was still asleep.

Unfortunately, her sleep wasn’t a very peaceful one.She kept turning and muttering under her breath, a frown on her face.

A strand of hair fell on her nose and lush lips.

She was as beautiful as an angel.I just couldn’t help myself.

Slowly, I reached out and tucked the strands of hair behind her ear.Then I moved my attention to her lips.

They were so soft and delicate that I couldn’t help but lower my head to kiss her. Caroline suddenly woke up and shouted in panic.

“My child! They killed my child!”

“Don’t be afraid.I will make them pay for what they’ve done.” I assured her firmly as I used my body to stop her frantic struggle.

As gently as I could, I comforted her and rubbed her back in soothing circles.

Over and over again, I murmured tender words into her hair, using a tone I never knew I was capable of Soon, Caroline was lulled to sleep again.

I laid her back on the bed and pulled the duvet up to her neck before leaving


Take good care of her.If anything happens to her again, then I won’t let you see the next sunrise And it won’t matter to me that you work for Edward,”

I threatened Elena, staring her down.

“I’m sorry It’s my fault.”

Elena muttered dejectedly and lowered her head.

I didn’t feel an ounce of sympathy for her Certain that my threat was well understood, I stalked out of the villa and drove to the police station, Bons and Samantha had been detained for questioning. I wouldn’t let go of anyone who hurt Caroline! Richard was waiting for me at the gate of the police station.

“Mr Moore, Boris refused to say anything when we first questioned him. I asked our people to do something to make him talk.

But the only thing he has said is that it was Samantha who planned it all.”

“Make him confess by all means!” I snapped.

“What about the other one?” I asked once I was able to calm down.

“Samantha is insane.”

Insane? What a coincidence! Samantha was locked up in a separate detention room.

When we entered her cell, I saw her sitting on the ground with a dull look, staring into space.

“Samantha, don’t you have anything you want to say to me?”

She turned her face in my direction only after I had spoken.It would seem that Samantha hadn’t noticed our presence until I spoke.

Once she saw me, she began laughing and then crying.

Samantha appeared to be really insane, but I was far from convinced.

“Do you think you can be acquitted as long as you pretend to be insane? I am afraid you don’t know me well.Maybe I should show you what I can do.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t!”

Samantha waved her arms excitedly at me.

Then she suddenly quieted down and gave me a creepy smile.I was not interested in her acting anymore.

“Richard, go and find all her family members.Bring them all to me!”

“No! You are a devil! You are a devil!”

Samantha’s face suddenly turned pale as she screamed at me.

All at once, her cries stopped and she rushed at me, But Richard intercepted her before she ever got close to me.

He held her arm behind her back as a doctor and some nurses rushed into the room.

They were able to hold her still long enough for the doctor to inject her with the tranquilizer

“I’ll kill you! Caroline! Caroline!”

Samantha screamed hysterically.

The doctor ordered the nurse to give her one more injection to calm her down once it became obvious that the first dose of tranquilizer wasn’t having any effect on her.

Without any hesitation, the nurse injected Samantha with another lethal dose.

In less than thirty seconds, Samantha went limp and became completely quiet.

Before leaving.I told Richard, “Since she is insane, send her to a psychiatric hospital.Don’t let her out again.”


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