Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 586

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 586-Lucy’s POV:

“Aren’t you gonna explain what I’ve just seen” I pointed at George and looked at Helen with eyes wide in shock.

What I had just witnessed was making me angry.I was mad not because Helen had slept with someone, but because that someone was George Affleck.

The three of us had hung out several times before, but I did not notice anything unusual between the two.

As a professional relationship blogger, it was an insult not being able to see through them.

Helen Looked the other way, her face as red as a tomato.She probably could not handle my intense gaze that she sighed and admitted the truth.

“It’s exactly what you saw.” I gasped in disbelief.

“So your so-called friend with benefits is him?”

“Yes,” Helen replied with her head lowered to the ground.

Her face turned even redder now that the truth was out.I pulled her to the sofa, sat next to her and whispered, “Are you out of your mind?! Why are you settling for ‘friends with benefits’? You should make him your boyfriend.He’s an excellent man! What were you thinking?”

Helen opened her mouth to defend herself.But before she could utter a word, I interrupted her.

“Don’t.I swear if you say anything now, you’ll just piss me off.”

I was not interested in her explanation.

What was the point anyway? When the truth finally sank in, I looked around the room for George.

And there he was, busy in the kitchen.I rubbed my eyes, unable to believe what I was seeing.

“What… what is he doing?” I asked confusedly.

“Oh, he’s making breakfast.He’s good at cooking,” Helen answered nonchalantly.

Obviously, this was not the first time that George had cooked for her.I wanted to scream and say bad words.

However, I hold myself back as George came out of the kitchen and walked over to us with a tray in his hand.

“Breakfast is ready.”

Just as we were about to eat, George poured Helen a glass of milk and handed her a sandwich.

The scene looked familiar, so I racked my brain to recall where I had seen it.

Suddenly, my face lit up.

In the cafeteria of Zhester Technology, as well as at that restaurant, George poured Helen a glass of water, but then, she handed it to me.I did not think much of it, not until now.

It turned out that something was already going on between them.I was just too blind to see it! While we were having breakfast, I gazed back and forth at George and Helen and, all of a sudden, burst into laughter.I had a good eye.

As I had said before, nobody could ever resist Helen’s charm.

Not long after I said that, she and George slept with each other.

“George, can you give me a ride to Zhester Technology later?” I asked once we were done eating.

George did not answer, but I took it as a yos.

The three of us changed into our work clothes and went out.

George first drove to the law firm.

When we arrived there, he parked the car across the road and patiently waited for Helen to get out of the car.He did not close the window until he saw Helen’s figure disappear through the revolving door of the building.

“George, do you like Helen?” I curiously asked.

He ignored my question and just drove off.I cleared my throat and asked again, “Helen Listens to me the most.Do you need my help in pursuing her?”

My questions merely fell on George’s deaf ear.

Annoyed, I quickly assessed the characteristics of the kind of man he was.He came from a rich and prominent family.

What was more, he had a successful career, educational background, and social status.

This kind of person was often snobbish and upfront.

Men like him must want a girlfriend on the same level as he was.

Come to think of it, he must be playing with Helen’s feelings and treating her as a plaything because of her beauty and innocence.

What an asshole! I cussed George out inwardly.

Of course, I did not show it on my face.I was in his car, after all.

But with a man like him, it was not Helen’s loss to sleep with him.

It was the rushed hour when we arrived at Zhester Technology, so there happened to be more employees in the lobby.

When I got out of George’s car, everyone eyed us with suspicion.I had a bad feeling about this.It did not take long before I confirmed my hunch.I overheard from one of the employees that she believed I got into the company because of George.

They must be thinking he and I were in a relationship now that they saw I came to work riding his car.

It was in the past, I would not have cared if I heard gossips about myself.I would even try to use it to my advantage.

But this time was different.

George was Helen’s.She and I were best friends.

There was no way I would have anything to do with her man.

Not wanting to cause drama, I requested to be transferred back to my original company.

Unfortunately, my superior refused it and even advised me earnestly.

“The task of entering the intelligence industry has been handed over to you.Since it appears that your current position is inadequate for you, I will promote you to the partner of the intelligence department, What the hell?! That was not what I asked for.The whole day, I sat in my desk and did not go anywhere.I thought the rumor would die down by now, but I was wrong.

In the afternoon, ‘someone told me that there was a new rumor going around the company that George and I were living together and would be married soon.

It became far worse than I had imagined.I was helpless.

Yes, I was thick-skinned, but there was no way I could endure the tittle-tattles of the employees of Zhester Technology forever.

Everyone now thought that I was George’s girlfriend.

This was a huge problem.

Helen’s POV:

I officially registered at Zhester Technology in the afternoon.

Soren was nice enough to warmly welcome me and arranged a desk and everything else for me.

Once I had settled down, he handed over all the work to me.

While I was arranging my things, my phone suddenly kept buzzing.I looked at the screen and saw that Lucy had sent me several messages.

However, I was too busy to read them.

“Hey.Lucy.I’m a little busy right now.Let’s talk when we get off work later,” I said in the voice message.

“Lucy seems to have something important to tell you.Why not talk to her first?The paperwork can wait.Besides, we’re not in a hurry,” Soron said considerately.

“It’s probably nothing.Let’s continue, shall we?”

I was here to work, and not to hang out with my friend.So, even though my phone had been buzzing relentlessly, I just let it be.

After work, I saw Lucy waiting for me in the lobby of the building.

Just as we were about to exit, George’s car passed by in front of us.

He rolled down the window and said, “Get in.”

My instincts told me to say no.

But before I could say anything.

Lucy held my hand and pulled me into the car in front of everyone.

Although I was reluctant, I had no choice but to follow her.It was time to get off work.

Because of this, all the employees who were about to walk out of the building saw us.I was discomfited by their curious gazes, 30 I hurriedly closed the door of the car, blocking their sight.

Just like we usually did, after dinner, George and I watched the boring legal program in the living room.

All of sudden, my phone rang.I picked it up, perplexed as to who might be calling at this hour.It turned out that it was call from the hospital.

“Miss Dewar, I would like to remind you that the bill for this month has been sent to your email last week.Tomorrow is the deadline.I called as I was worried you didn’t see the notice.I hope you haven’t forgotten about it.”

“I see.I’ll check it out right away.Thank you.”

I was so busy these past few days that I had forgotten to check my personal e-mail.I clicked on the bill, and a sinking feeling emerged in the pit of my stomach.

All the medicine used, as well as the hospital fees, were itemized in the bill.

My eyes then fell on the total amount at the bottom.

After sorting out the hospital bills and monthly expenses, only a few dollars were left in my bank account.

It seemed that I would have to tighten my belt as I still had to wait for twenty days for my next pay, I looked at the meager balance on my account and got lost in thought.

Truth be told, the hospital had advised me to transfer my mother to a public hospital.

If I did that, my monthly expenses would be cut in half, and I would have more money for myself.But I refused to do so.I had sworn to myself that I would give my mother the best treatment for as long as I could.

“Do you need help?” George suddenly asked, startling me.I quickly exited the tab and shook my head in refusal.

“You’ve done a lot for me.”

That night, George just hugged me from behind and did not do more.

Except during my period, this was the first night he stayed over but didn’t have s*x with me.I tossed and turned all night long.I could not sleep, worried about the single digit balance in my bank account, the pressure on my work, and my mother’s illness.I could feel the pressure literally, making me feel suffocated.

Unable to take it any longer, I tried to break free from George’s arms to get some fresh air, but he held me tighter.

“Helen, tell me what happened after you graduated from high school,” he whispered in my ear.

His words were like a bolt from the blue, shocking me to the bones.

My whole body stiffened upon hearing his question.

When I regained my composure, I shook my head and said nothing.

Well, I had nothing to say in the first place.

Every time I recalled my past, I would feel pain all over my body.

It was as if my scars were torn open and rubbed with salt.It was bloody and excruciating.

“George, let’s not forget our place.Don’t ask personal questions or do anything more,” I firmly said.

I did not want my family affairs to be known to the world, nor did I want to shatter the peaceful life I had worked so hard to achieve.

George did not say anything more and just let me go.

I knew he was mad.

Even I would be upset it someone reminded me of my place, Anyway, sooner or later, George would get tired of my body and lose his patience with me anyway.

If we were to break up.I just hoped the cooperation between the two companies would not be affected.

But then again, George was not one to let his personal affairs affect his work life.

He would not do something like that, would he?


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