Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 591

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 591-Helen’s POV:

Ten minutes later, the police chief strode toward the room and opened the door for “I am so sorry for what happened, Mr.Affleck.It seems that there has been a misunderstanding.You’re free to go,” he apologized respectfully.

“A misunderstanding?”

There was a murderous look in George’s eyes.

Stunned by his reaction, the police chief corrected himself at once.

“No, sir, that’s not what I meant.This is a case of attempted rape, and we intend to enforce the law impartially.”

George’s face became less tense.He grabbed my hand and walked out.

When he passed by the police chief, he gave him a nod.

“Thanks,” he said.

Now that the police chief was here, the situation changed in an instant.When Breck and his lackeys were handcuffed, a look of astonishment appeared on their faces.

“Do you have any idea who I am? Let me go, you pigs!”

Suddenly, Breck sprang to his feet and struggled violently.

Sadly for him, one of the policemen pressed his head against the table and said, “Don’t move!”

Breck was charged with attempted rape and battery.He gritted his teeth, glaring at me and George.

One could see the hate and anger in his eyes.It looked like he wanted to swallow me alive.

George stopped in front of me to block Breck’s line of sight.

Then, he led me out of the police station.

There was a car waiting at the gate of the station.

The driver bowed and gestured George to go in.

“This way, please, Mr.Affleck.”

George opened the door for me, and stood beside it.

“Get in the car,” he said.

I was actually surprised that we managed to leave the police station so easily.


I responded flatly as I got into the car.

Once we were inside, George told the driver the address of the hotel he had booked.

“I’m flying back to New York this evening.Can you drop me off at my hotel? I want to take my luggage and go to the airport directly.”

Now that I was fine, I just wanted to leave Philly as soon as possible.I really didn’t like the place I grow up in.

After a long silence, George replied, “Tomorrow’s a Saturday.Just refund your flight ticket and stay with me in Philly for the weekend.”

Even though I was already away from the police station, fear still lingered in my heart.

The longer I delayed here, the more hitches I might run into.

Thus, I wanted to escape from this place the soonest that I could.

George, on the other hand, appeared to be very calm.He looked at me, frowning slightly.

It seemed as though he was disappointed.

“Helen, I just saved you.”

When I met his gaze, I understood what he meant.He wanted me to show some gratitude and not burn the bridge after crossing it.

I wanted to leave Breck’s sphere of influence as soon as possible, but when I remembered how the police chief acted earlier, I was less worried.

This “Mr.Miller” must be a big shot in the city.

At the very least, we’d be safe in Philly for the next two days.

After thinking it through, I agreed with George’s proposal.


His room was a luxurious presidential suite.

After walking out of the exclusive elevator and stepping on the soft carpet, I was finally able to relax.

George who walked ahead of me, suddenly stopped in his tracks, and looked back at me.

“Helen, you knew that it could be dangerous, so why did you still go to that stupid appointment? If it weren’t for the fact that I came to Philly today and happened to see your post on INS, what would you have done?”

I nodded in response.

“I know, but this is my duty.Besides, I had no idea that Breck would be there.”

George was right.If he hadn’t showed up in time, my life would’ve been ruined.

Breck would’ve raped me, and I would have no way of getting justice.

Suddenly, his face turned sullen.

While suppressing his anger, he shouted, “How could you ignore the danger just for work? What if something had happened to you? Do you think Hesmor Law Firm would have awarded you for your dedication? You think Anya would compensate you? You’re not being dutiful here, Helen! You’re just being stupid! You are so dumb to ignore your own safety!”

I had never seen George act like this.

Even though he wasn’t the sweetest lover in the world, he was still always gentle and considerate of my feelings.

But this time, he seemed like he had lost control.His face was distorted by anger.

Sadness overcame my heart.

I looked down as my eyes welled up with tears.

Pretty soon, the tears in my eyes fell to the floor.

George stopped abruptly and clammed up.

Moments later, he said, “Come in.”

He opened the door and went straight into the bathroom.He filled the tub with hot water and then came back to me, saying, “Go and take a bath.”

When I walked into the bathroom and closed the door, all the tense emotions and lingering fear bubbled up to the surface.

I stood beneath the shower head, letting the water wash over my body continuously.

My skin, especially the part that had been touched by Breck, had turned red because I rubbed it hard over and over.

Tears and water streamed down me at the same time, I leaned against the-well, curled up in the corner, and sobbed my heart Thereafter, I soaked in the bathtub for a long time.

When I came out of the water, I felt normal again.

Since my clothes weren’t here, I had to put on George’s.His clothes were big, loosely wrapped around my body.I could smell his familiar scent on the clothes.

George was currently speaking to someone over the phone on the balcony.

When he heard the bathroom door open, he turned around to look at me.He creased his brows and then he looked away.

I had no idea who he was talking to.His voice was lowered, and he looked sullen.

Moments later, he ended the phone call and turned around.His once fiery eyes gradually softened.He opened the door of the balcony and strode toward me.

“What happened?” I asked nervously.

It worried me that Breck was already causing trouble for us.

“It’s nothing.”

George led me to the sofa, sat down, and then he picked up the blow dryer to help me dry my hair.

Every move he made was so gentle.

The way he stroked my hair so affectionately made me feel so cherished and loved.

“Thank you for everything, George,” I told him.

“No problem,” he answered.

Then, he turned off the blow dryer and put it on the table beside us.

A waiter knocked on the door and pushed a dining cart in.He put wine, candles, and delicious dishes on the table.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became romantic.

While wearing a straight face, George took my steak, and cut it into bite-size pieces before putting it back in front of me.

He was so considerate.

Now that I thought about it, aside from his stern and impartial style at work, he had been taking great care of me this whole time.

He prepared breakfast and dinner for me every time he stayed for the night.

He cleaned my house, and even did my Laundry.he had done was way beyond what friends with benefits would do for each other.

Like that wasn’t enough, he saved my life today, regardless of his own safety.

I couldn’t keep Lying to myself anymore.I now believed that George really had feelings for me.

But, how long would it last until he liked another person? One day, his initial attraction and passion toward me would disappear.

Research stated that the dopamine brought forth by love would last for only three months at most.I pondered on this question a lot, but I still couldn’t come to a conclusion.I looked into George’s eyes and let out a sdgh.

Perhaps it was better not to dwell on the question.

Maybe I shouldn’t think too much.Since this relationship didn’t seem like it would pan out, it was probably just best to enjoy the moment.


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