Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 593

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 593-Helen’s POV:

When I woke up the next morning, George had dressed up and was ready to go out.Today was the new product launch event of Zhester Technology, and he would attend as the keynote speaker.He wore a tailored suit, a white dress shirt under it, and a pair of sharp pants.His hair was carefully combed, giving him the air of a business elite and unique nobility.

I looked at his face, feeling entranced and beamed at him.

“I thought you would wear a T-shirt and jeans.Isn’t that the dress code for the new product launch event to show your approachable personality?”

George adjusted his suit.

“It’s tacky to follow the herd.Besides, I don’t want to look populist.”

He smiled and winked at me.

Indeed, he was always in a suit and tie, holding himself aloft and standing aside.

There was no sign of him staying close to the populace.

Instead of heading out, George suddenly walked over to me.

“If you plan on attending the launch, let me know so I can save you a seat.”

“Okay,” I replied easily.

It was hard to get the tickets of the new product launch event.

Counterparts of Zhester Technology, agents at all levels and various media would be present.

But the truth was that I’d already got three tickets from Lucy.

And I was going to attend the event with Anya and Phil.

However, I didn’t expect that the inter-company tickets Lucy gave me were in the middle of the first row.

“The man in charge thought I was George’s girlfriend, so he gave me the best seats,”

Lucy, who was sitting beside me, explained in a whisper.

Anya and Phil were sitting on my other side.

Suddenly, Phil leaned towards me.

“Is George with Lucy?” he asked me in a low voice.

“No. It’s just a rumor,” I explained in the same tone of voice.

“Really?” Phil looked at me suspiciously.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Does that mean that George is trying to make her his girlfriend?”

Phil asked in disbelief “I don’t think so.” He was making a reasonable assumption, despite being ridiculous.

Yet I couldn’t say anything because I wasn’t supposed to know the truth.

“Helen, sometimes you can be too simple.”

Phil shook his head and smiled mysteriously.

Since we were sharing gossip, we kept our voices very low.

In order to be able to hear each other, we leaned towards one another and ended up being so close that I could feel Phil’s hot breath on my face.

The second I realized this, I inched back from him.

At this moment, the light on the podium went on.

There was thunderous applause as George gracefully walked onstage.He cast a glance at the audience.

Somehow, I got the feeling that his eyes turned slightly cold when he saw me with Phil.

That wasn’t how he had looked at me this morning.

Perhaps he was miffed that we had taken the important seats that should have been reserved for other important clients? Since the seats in the middle of the first row offered a great view of the stage, they should have been occupied by important clients or VIPs; but instead, Phil, Anya and I were the ones sitting here now.

That had to have up set him, right?

“We’d better move to the back,” I murmured to Lucy, feeling a prickle of disquiet.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to sit in the middle.” I tacked on before she could ask me why I made the suggestion.

“Why not? These seat numbers are on our tickets. We have a right to be here, not someone else,” Lucy huffed.

I felt a boost of confidence at her words.

Our tickets were for the seats.

So why should we leave simply because he was unhappy? George drew everyone’s attention as he stood on the stage confidently and began his speech.He was tall and straight, and the exquisite suit he wore made him look even better.

The speech flowed from his lips seamlessly and he had the audience eating up his every word within seconds.It was easy to see from his eyes how much passion and love he had for the project.I’d never seen him like this before.

Now, he was neither the man who did chores for me in the house nor the man who took me like a beast in bed.

At this moment, he was more like a God, the ruler of the high-tech world.

“Damn it! What a heartthrob.He’s killing it!”

Lucy cried, with one hand on her chest.

“If you’re not with him, I promise I will chase him until he falls in love with me, no matter what it takes.”

Lucy’s frank assertion had my face burning as my heart missed a beat.

Resolutely, I stared straight ahead, watching George as he continued to dazzle everyone with his prowess.

Even though I wasn’t looking in her direction, I couldn’t help but wonder what Lucy had meant by the statement.He was… not with me.

We were just friends with benefits! .

There was so many people in here that I couldn’t just argued with her.

Two girls in the back row were talking about George.

“Wow, he is so handsome.He is a real Prince Charming!”

“What you see is just the surface.Have you ever heard about George Affleck’s background?”

“What do you mean?”

Their conversation continued for some time, but I couldn’t keep up with them anymore.

All my senses were drawn to George.

Whether he was dressed or naked, he looked very s*xy.

When George’s speech was over, a swarm of the press encircled the stage to interview him.

There was no impatience on his face.

He answered the reporters questions about the new product one after the other.His answers were detailed and professional.

After that, there was an exclusive interview.George was accompanied by Boswell who answered most of the technical questions.

Just as I was about to leave, my phone dinged with an incoming message.It was from George.

“The interview will be over in fifteen minutes, and then we can go back to the office together.” I thought for a while before typing my reply.

“Sorry, I need to go back to the law firm with Miss Pierce.Everyone responsible for the due diligence on the M&A case are heading back for a meeting later today.”

Almost immediately, I received another message from George.It was short and to the point, just like him.

“Okay.See you tonight then,”

Lucy looked over my shoulder to see who I was chatting with.

When she realized that it was George, she snatched the phone from my hands.Before I could protest, she quickly typed out a message to him.

“Hi, George, this is Lucy.Could you please give me a lift to Zhester Technology? I’ll meet you by your car.”

When she had sent the text, she returned my phone to me and declared, “You go back with your colleagues.I’ll wait for George.”.

Swiftly, she turned on her heel and marched off before I could say a word.


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