I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1737

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1737–Archimedes was the one who called out 5 trillion.

This price was almost at the limit of the funds he could use.

The Lightfoot Family controlled Splendor, one of the top five trading companies, so it was one of the richest forces in Star Kingdom.

However, it would not give so much funds to its direct descendants to have fun.

There were rules concerning how much money a direct descendant could use.

This was related to their status, ability, and how much they contributed to the family.

Archimedes was the first–in–line heir of the family, so he had the highest status among his generation.

At the same time, he was a partial Sovereign Ranker, which was also the highest among his generation. Therefore, Archimedes could use more funds compared to the other direct descendants.

However, he had spent a part of it over the years, so he did not have much left.

This was unless he could go from partial Sovereign Rank to Sovereign Rank, or make a huge contribution to the family. If not, his funds would not increase.

The God of Thunder Hammer had been raised to 5 trillion, so David was very excited.

Even if Archimedes wanted to stop, this price had already exceeded David’s purpose for coming to this auction.

He could already upgrade to partial Saint Realm.

It all depended on if Archimedes could give him another push.

If he could increase the price to 10 trillion and above, David would become a Saint directly.

If that were the case, David would have to thank Archimedes and all of his ancestors.

David pretended to stay silent for a while for the sake of his grand plan of breaking through to Saint Realm.

He had a troubled look on his face to make Archimedes think he might not continue anymore.

That way, he could lure Archimedes to continue bidding.

“David, what’s wrong? You can’t continue anymore? Weren’t you very arrogant and bad*ss just now? Say something! Continue bidding! It’s just 5 trillion! It’s barely enough! You can’t handle it anymore, huh? You look so constipated, how embarrassing,” Archimedes said happily when he saw David’s troubled look.

Even though he was about to exceed his limit and was like an arrow at the end of its flight, Archimedes could not show any weakness.

He had to turn things around before considering other things.

Furthermore, aside from the people from the top five trading companies, who would dare to compete for wealth with him? If they did, they would be courting death.

David took a deep breath and said through gritted teeth, “Archimedes, don’t be too proud of yourself. I won’t allow you to act so arrogantly in front of me even if I go bankrupt.”

David roared, “5.5 trillion!”

He increased another 500 billion on top of Archimedes‘ price. Once again, shocking everyone into dropping their jaws.

Everyone had only one thought in their heads.

‘These two have gone f*cking crazy.

‘They’ve been blinded by rage and have lost their minds!

‘He added 500 billion at one go!

‘This is not how you compete!

‘They’re completely disrespecting money!

‘I wonder if they’ll feel remorse when they come back to their senses.‘

Even though Archimedes looked calm on the surface, he had started to curse on the inside.

‘Where did this kid come from?

‘Why haven’t I heard about him before?

‘Not only is he a Sovereign Ranker, but he can also spend as much money as me.

‘I am the first–in–line heir of the Lightfoot family.

‘Who else is richer than me aside from the six top forces in Star Kingdom and the other direct descendants of the other four trading companies?

‘I don’t think there’s a Lidell among these forces.

‘What the actual hell?

‘Nothing is going to my plan after I came out this time.” Archimedes started to feel remorse


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