I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1738

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1738–If he known this would happen, he would stay there and only come out after he broke through to Sovereign Rank.

He would have avoided all of this if he did.

However, at this moment, Archimedes was put on the spot.

So many people were watching. If he admitted defeat now, he would be so embarrassed.

When he was about to continue the bidding, Bernard whispered in his ear next to him, “Master, calm down. You don’t have a lot of funds left. Also, it won’t increase before you break through to Sovereign Rank. If you spend everything in one go, it will be difficult.”

Bernard knew his master wanted to beat David, so he did not say anything back then.

However, as things got out of hand, he had to say something.

If he allowed his master to continue, this might not end well.

A mid–level Soulbound Weapon had been raised to a sky–high price of 5 trillion. This was too much.

It was not worth it at all.

Furthermore, they did not have enough funds.

“Uncle Bernard, you’ve been with me for so many years. Do you think I can calm down in this situation? I promised I won’t attack David at the auction. If you stop me again, I will request a new protector once we go back,” Archimedes said without any expression on his face.

“Master, I’m only telling you the facts, I’m not planning to stop you. If you still decide to bid after weighing the pros and cons, I will surely respect your decision. Plus, so what if David gets the Hammer of Thunder? It will still go to us at the end of the day. We won’t need to spend a single cent that way,” Bernard said, neither obsequious nor supercilious.

“Bernard, I don’t think you know me at all. Do you think I’m doing this for the hammer? I am doing this for the face of the first–in–line heir of the Lightfoot family. If I admit defeat, how will people view me? Do you think I can still show my face out there?”

“Since you’ve decided, I won’t say more.”

“Uncle Bernard, I have to win him no matter what. If not, I won’t be able to concentrate and it’ll be harder for me to have a breakthrough. As long as I beat him once, I will feel better. If I spend all of my money, I will go back into seclusion again and not come out until I become a Sovereign Ranker.”

While the two were speaking, David started to hoot again.

He was worried that Archimedes would stop bidding.

That would be such a letdown.

“Hey, Archimedes, are you backing out now? Weren’t you such a bad*ss just now?”

After he said that, Archimedes roared, “6 trillion!”

David was ecstatic.

Then, he followed. “6.5 trillion!”

7 trillion!”

Archimedes‘ tone started to change.

7 trillion Star Dollars was his limit.

He could only think of another solution if he increased the price.

However, Archimedes did not plan to stop.

If he did not defeat David once and avenge himself, he might be traumatized and unable to have a breakthrough in the future.

As the first–in–line heir of the Lightfoot family, it would be pretty easy for him to get money.

“7.5 trillion!” David pretended to yell through gritted teeth.

“8 trillion!”

‘My gosh! These two have gone mad!‘

The people around them were so numb they did not know what to say.

This would never have happened in a million years.

How much was 8 trillion Star Dollars?

80% of the guests of this auction could not take out so much money even if they went bankrupt.

One had to know that these people at the auction were the most elite among Treasure Trove’s clients.

In the end, two young people threw in 8 trillion just because they were competitive and acted in a fit of anger.

This changed everyone’s worldview.


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