I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1740

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1740–If not, his Saint Realm dream would go down the drain.

“Haha, time’s up. Miss Fellowes, tell everyone who the Hammer of Thunder will go to now! Archimedes is a coward. He doesn’t dare to bid anymore. I was right just now. He’s just an heir, how could he have so much money? The Lightfoot family is rich, but it’s their money. Archimedes can’t represent his family. I guess I’ve won. Archimedes Lightfoot, admit your defeat! You will only live in my shadow for the rest of your life. You will never walk out of it, haha!”

After David said that, he chortled.

He seemed to feel joyful beating Archimedes.

Archimedes was still hesitating, but when he heard what David said and his ear–piercing chortle, it felt as if he had been smashed across the head.

Archimedes was seeing stars.

‘No! I can’t let that punk step all over me!

‘I can’t lose no matter how big the price is!‘

Before he could think clearly, Archimedes yelled out another price.

“10 trillion!”

Just like David, he added another 1 trillion.

At this moment, David wanted to cry.

He finally felt at ease.

Archimedes was such a good boy.

If he did not come to this auction, David would only get enough lavish points to break through to partial Saint Realm.

Now, he had enough to be a Saint.

At this moment, David wanted to yell, ‘Saint Realm, here I come!‘

However, it was not the time.

After all, this was not over and he still had not obtained the lavish points.

“Archimedes, you’re too inexperienced if you want to defeat me. 11 trillion!” David wiped the grin off his face and said seriously.

“12 tri-…” Archimedes did not even think before calling out.

However, Bernard stopped him.

“Master Archi, enough!”

He could not allow this to continue anymore.

Clearly, the other party could still go on.

If they continued, the final price would be at least above 15 trillion or even 20 trillion.

Only a fool would spend a sky–high price like 15 trillion to buy a 1 or 2 trillion–valuation mid–level Soulbound Weapon.

It was not worth it even if it was for retaliation.

Besides, they could not afford it.

If the Fellowes family came to ask for money, they would have to ask the family for help.

This behavior would also make the seniors upset with Master Archimedes.

Whenever a direct descendant caused trouble outside and could not solve it, it would make them look bad if they asked their family to clean up their mess for them.

This would also affect who would get the position of the future head of the family.

There were three other heirs aside from Archimedes and Cornelius.

Aside from that, there were also more than ten potential heirs eying that spot.

Thus, any mistakes or dirt would be maximized.

Usually, the head of a family would not be the strongest person.

Instead, it would be the one who could coordinate and focus on the overall situation and led the family to glory.

Of course, their strength also played a part, but it was not the most important aspect.

Back then, Archimedes excelled in all aspects, and he was also the most cunning.

However, he went mad after what he encountered today.

That was why he kept trying to ignore the overall situation.

“Uncle Bernard, leave me alone. I want to let that kid know that there is no way in hell that he’ll beat me!”

“Master, you’ve been blinded by rage. Let’s go.”

“No, I won’t…”

Before he could finish, Bernard chopped down on the nape of Archimedes‘ neck, causing him to pass out.


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