I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1744

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1744–Instead, he was wondering what grievances the two of them had. 

Bernard was Archimedes’ protector, so they two were always together 

Moreover, he was also a late Sovereign Ranker. 

David could leave unscathed after offending Archimedes, so there might be something going on behind 


Valerio had been paying attention to David ever since he entered the room. 

However, the result surprised him. 

He could not see through David at all. 

David seemed to have a layer of mist surrounding him, and it was covering him tightly, preventing anyone from looking into him. 

Since he dared to go head-on with a Lightfoot family member, he was not a simple young man. 

“You speak too highly of me, Mr. Valerio. I don’t deserve such praise. May I know why you asked me to come here? I should have completed the transaction with Treasure Trove first,” David said. 

He was not in the mood to chat with Valerio. 

Wouldn’t it be better to complete the transaction, get the lavish points, and progress to Saint Realm? 

“Calm down. Let’s have a chat They will bring over the treasures you bid on in a while. You can just finish the transaction here.” 

“Well, alright! Since you want to chat, I’ll chat with you.” 

David could not say anything more 

He only hoped they would send the treasures over so he could complete the transaction soon. 

David would not be free from anxiety until he got the lavish points. 

It was like not getting paid after finishing a sale. 

“David, may I know how you know Alba? Can you tell me?” Valerio asked. 

He instinctively thought David might be the person Alba mentioned who could help the Fellowes family out of their current predicament. 

As for how, Valerio did not know, so he needed to understand. 

To be honest, when Valerio was making his speech before the auction, David could tell he had a special relationship with Alba. 

Both were surnamed Fellowes. 

One was the head of Treasure Trove while the other one was the third young mistress of Treasure Trove. 

Therefore, even fools could tell they had an extraordinary relationship. 

They might even be relatives. 

Since Valerio asked, David briefly told him about how he met Alba 

He told Valerio everything that he could, but at the same time, he also never spoke a word of what he 

should not, for example, their cooperation. 

Valerio also knew it was impossible to find out anything from David, so he did not continue prodding. 

He soon changed the topic. 

“David, you’re not from the Central Sacred Continent, right?” Valerio asked. 

“No. I just got here I heard this is the most prosperous place in Star Kingdom, so I came to experience it myself,” David answered 

“I see! I was wondering why I never heard about you in the Central Sacred Continent before. You must know that there aren’t a lot of young people who can take out more than ten trillion Star Dollars in one go.” 

“My master gave me the money I trained with him back then and I was only recently let out.” David contemplated for a while and decided to mention his master. 

Valerio was obviously an important core of the Fellowes family 

If David wanted the crazy plan in his heart to work, he needed help from someone like him. 

“Oh? Who’s your master?” Valerio’s interest was piqued 

I’m sorry, Mr. Valerio. My teacher doesn’t allow me to mention his name.” 

“1 see! Where do you live then?” 

David shook his head and said apologetically. “I can’t say either. 

I’m sorry 

1 can’t disobey my master’s orders. I hope you understand, Mr. Valerio.” 


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